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Does NYX Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does NYX Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

NYX Professional Makeup, famous for its colorful and affordable products, is now part of the complex Israel-Palestine conflict. 

Though NYX hasn't spoken up, its ties to parent company L'Oréal and business moves have people talking. 

Let's explain the details to understand NYX's role in this situation.

Does NYX Support Israel or Palestine?

NYX has yet to say if it supports Israel or Palestine clearly, but there are things we should notice. 

Being with L'Oréal, a big company in Israel, and doing business there, NYX's position is being questioned. People are speculating and the answer to does NYX Support Israel is still unclear.

NYX Official Statements on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

NYX, like L'Oréal, has chosen to keep quiet about the conflict. 

Because they haven't officially spoken, people see this differently—some think it's agreeing with the situation, while others see it as staying out of trouble.

Boycott Movement against NYX

Online, more and more people are saying, “Don't buy NYX and other L'Oréal stuff” because they think these brands might be helping Israel indirectly. 

This online movement shows that people want companies to do the right thing.

NYX and Israel

NYX is Part of L'Oréal: NYX belongs to L'Oréal, which does a lot of business in Israel. This makes people wonder where NYX stands.

Working with Israeli Companies: NYX has joined companies like Carmit, making its mark in Israel and helping their economy.

Selling in Israel: NYX is involved in the market by selling products in Israel, making us think about its position in the Israel-Palestine issue.

NYX and Palestine

NYX Works Everywhere: Operating in more than 70 countries, NYX might play it safe by not taking sides in a big political problem.

Focusing on Makeup, Not Politics: NYX makes affordable, trendy makeup and avoids political issues.

Not Saying Much: Like L'Oréal, NYX hasn't talked much about the conflict, leaving us guessing its honest thoughts.

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Final Words

NYX is facing challenges in the Israel-Palestine matter without clearly stating its position. 

With ties to L'Oréal, business in Israel, and questions about ethics, people are asking for answers. As more people speak up, NYX might need to talk openly to clear things up.


Is NYX pro-Israel?

NYX hasn't said, but being part of L'Oréal, suspicions arise about its support for Israel.

Is NYX Pro-Palestine?

NYX officially stays neutral, avoiding taking sides in the conflict. So, the guesses to does NYX Support Palestine are still going on.