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Does New Balance Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does New Balance Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

New Balance, a well-known sportswear brand with a global presence, is facing scrutiny regarding its involvement in the Jerusalem marathon. 

Let's explore whether New Balance aligns with Israel or Palestine in the complex socio-political landscape.

Does New Balance Support Israel or Palestine?

New Balance has sponsored the Jerusalem marathon, raising questions about its stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict. But, they haven’t given any official support on this matter,

New Balance Official Statements on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

New Balance has not publicly disclosed a clear stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

The company has sponsored the Jerusalem marathon, an event criticized for its associations with Israel's controversial policies. However, specific official statements regarding the conflict remain elusive.

The controversy surrounding New Balance's sponsorship has led to public outcry, with individuals and organizations expressing disappointment and concern over the perceived alignment with Israel's policies.

Boycott Movement against New Balance

The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions National Committee (BNC) and other Palestinian organizations have called for a boycott against New Balance. 

The aim is to pressure the company into discontinuing its sponsorship of events linked to Israel’s controversial policies.

New Balance and Israel

Understanding the potential support for Israel by New Balance involves considering various factors.

  • Marathon Endorsement: New Balance's endorsement of the Jerusalem marathon, organized by the Israeli-controlled Jerusalem Municipality, suggests a level of support for events associated with Israel.
  • Lack of Official Statement: The absence of a clear official statement from New Balance regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict adds to the ambiguity surrounding the company's position.
  • Complicity Allegations: Critics argue that by supporting the marathon, New Balance might be inadvertently contributing to Israel's attempt to present a positive image while overlooking human rights concerns.
  • Public Perception: New Balance's image and reputation have come under scrutiny due to its involvement in an event linked to a politically charged region.

The answer to does New Balance Support Israel is unclear.

New Balance and Palestine

  • Boycott Advocacy: The BNC's call for a boycott indicates a perception that New Balance's involvement in the marathon indirectly supports Israel's policies in the region.
  • Concerns Over Whitewashing: Critics argue that events like the Jerusalem marathon might contribute to whitewashing Israel’s control of the city, leading to tensions and criticisms.
  • Global Attention: The situation has garnered international attention, emphasizing the global impact of corporate affiliations with events situated in politically sensitive areas.
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Final Words

Determining New Balance's stance requires careful consideration of available information, emphasizing the company's responsibility to address concerns raised by the public and advocacy groups.


Is New Balance Pro-Israel?

New Balance's sponsorship of the Jerusalem marathon has raised concerns, but the company's current stance on the boycott calls is not publicly confirmed.

Is New Balance Pro-Palestine?

Similar to its pro-Israel stance, New Balance's position on supporting Palestine remains undisclosed. The answer to does New Balance Support Palestine is inconclusive.