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Does Lucozade Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Lucozade Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Lucozade, the popular drink owned by Suntory, is under the spotlight due to its connection with Israeli innovations. 

This article aims to make clear what Lucozade thinks about the Israel-Palestine issue.

Get straight into the details with us.

Does Lucozade Support Israel or Palestine?

Let's get straight to the point: Lucozade has not officially said it supports Israel or Palestine. There are lots of debates and confusion going on over multiple social media platforms.

But, there's more to explore about its connections and what people think.

Lucozade's Official Statements on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Lucozade has not given any official statements about the Israel-Palestine conflict. They prefer to stay neutral, like many other big companies avoiding tricky political stuff.

Boycott Movement against Lucozade

Even though Lucozade hasn't taken a side, some people want to boycott it. Those supporting the Palestinian cause, especially the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, say, “Don't drink Lucozade!” because of its link to Suntory.

Lucozade and Israel

Lucozade doesn't shout its support for Israel, but some things make people wonder about its connection.

  • Praise for Israeli Innovations: Suntory's big boss liked Israeli technology, connecting it with Lucozade's healthy approach. This makes us think about Lucozade's role in Israeli innovations.
  • Japan's Openness to Israeli Businesses: Suntory is cozy with Israeli companies, and Lucozade is part of this. This connection makes us curious about Lucozade's link to Israel.
  • Trade Figures and Economic Engagement: Israel and Japan trade a lot. Lucozade's part in this trade makes us ask if it affects its plans.
  • Innovation Landscape Participation: Lucozade's involvement in Israeli innovations sparks questions about what it might do next.
  • Need for Transparency: Lucozade's role isn't clear yet. People want Suntory to be clear about what Lucozade is up to.

Lucozade and Palestine

Lucozade doesn't openly support Palestine, and its links to Suntory have raised worries.

  • Concerns about Sourcing from Israel: Some think Lucozade doing business in Israel supports its government. This worries people.
  • Boycott Calls and Social Media Discussions: People supporting BDS sometimes say, “Don't drink Lucozade!” and talk about it online.
  • Counterarguments and Importance of Context: Lucozade supporters say boycotting a drink over a big issue might not help. They say we need to understand more about big companies.
  • Importance of Respectful Dialogue: Talking nicely and learning from each other is important, especially when things are sensitive.

The answer to does Lucozade Support Palestine is inconclusive.

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Final Words

We're still figuring out where Lucozade stands in the Israel-Palestine story. 

The lack of clear statements and its tricky connections make us want to know more.


Is Lucozade Pro-Israel?

Lucozade hasn't said it's pro-Israel. The answer to does Lucozade Support Israel is unclear.

Is Lucozade Pro-Palestine?

Lucozade hasn't taken a side for Palestine.