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Does HomeGoods Take Apple Pay? [Complete Guide]

Does HomeGoods Take Apple Pay? [Complete Guide]

HomeGoods is one of the famous furnishing brands in the United States. Do you wish to buy something from the brand but was thinking about paying through Apple Pay without any long process and hassle?

However, did that make you wonder – Does HomeGoods take Apple Pay? What type of payment options does it offer? And more questions similar? If yes, then we have the perfect answers to perfect questions mentioned in the below article.

Does HomeGoods take Apple Pay?

No, Homegoods does not accept Apple Pay as of now. It is not listed in one of their payment methods, neither when you shop online nor when you shop in-store.

Although it is one of the easiest modes of payment coming under the digital wallet section, the brand has still not opened its payment method games for Apple Pay. 

However, fortunately, they can still update the payment options list so we recommend you to keep an eye on the payment options policy.

HomeGoods Payment Options

  1. Credit cards – The brand accepts credit cards like Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express along with other usual bank credit cards.
  2. PayPal – as it is the most trusted leader in the online payments industry, it will help buyers and businesses send and receive money online easily. It is especially used when you want to send and receive money internationally. 
  3. Google Wallet – Google Wallet is yet to get interested by millions of people, but it still is used by several customers for easy payment solutions. As it is a subsidiary of Google, it is one of the most trusted digital wallets available.
  4. Amazon payments – if you are a regular at Amazon, you must have an account at Amazon pay. It is again one of the most trusted digital wallets available in the market which makes online payments easier and processed within seconds.

Note: If you pay through a credit card or PayPal, your orders will be processed immediately after the order is confirmed. If the order is large and paid through a credit card, the company will confirm the shipping address of the cardholder.

These are the only payment methods available at Homegoods store. Unlike other brands, it does not offer its customers the privilege to add their own payment method or at least a custom digital wallet. 

Unfortunately, if you are buying from Homegoods, you have to pay through any one of the payment methods mentioned in the above list.

Which other stores like HomeGoods accept Apple Pay?

As Apple Pay is one of the easiest methods to pay through, many brands have included it in their payment options list, a few among them being the ones mentioned below,

  • Wayfair
  • All Modern
  • Overstock
  • Wisteria
  • Target

Introduction to HomeGoods and Apple Pay


Homegoods is a home furnishing stores chain from the United States of America. The company has been doing business on a small scale since 1992 and has gradually expanded it to several franchises in different locations and countries.

The company is usually involved in the sales of cleaning, cooking products, artwork, furniture, and other home accessories which can mainly decorate your home into a sweet home.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile-based payment and digital wallet, a service by Apple Inc. The application allows all Apple users to make payments through the Apple Pay app, in person, and through Safari.

The application comes already installed on your device as soon as you purchase one. The application is user-friendly and does not require over 5 minutes to set up. Belonging to the Apple Corps, it is one of the most trusted payment methods used worldwide.


Does HomeGoods take Apple Pay? Does HomeGoods accept Apple Pay? Does HomeGoods have After pay as a payment method? We hope all the related and relevant questions to this topic in your mind have been resolved by the article above.

The bottom line is that Apple Pay is yet to enter the payment options list of Home Goods. However, it won’t hurt to keep an eye on them in this case.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Does TJ Maxx HomeGoods take Apple Pay?

TJ Maxx online-based store has Apple Pay as one of the payment methods. On top of that, customers who paid through Apple Pay have a chance to win 2% rewards on their purchases. Along with Apple Pay, the brand accepts many payment methods like mastercard, American Express, TJX credits, Discover, PayPal and Visa.

What forms of payments does HomeGoods accept? 

Home goods accept payment methods Credit cards which include American Express MasterCard, Visa, and discover. They also use PayPal, Google Wallet alongside Amazon payments.

Can you use PayPal at HomeGoods?

Yes, people is one of the famous and easiest payment methods provided in the options by HomeGoods.