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Does Gap Support Israel Or Palestine? [2024]

Does Gap Support Israel Or Palestine? [2024]

Gap, the American clothing company headquartered in California, was founded in 1969 by Donal Fisher. 

Gap expanded its global presence by entering Israel with the help of a franchise agreement with Elbit Trade and Retail Ltd. 

But nowadays, Gap has been at the forefront of supporting Israel, or maybe Palestine. If you, too, are curious to know who Gap is helping, read the article until the end. 

Does Gap Support Israel Or Palestine?

Presently, Gap has chosen not to issue any official statements regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

The absence of a definitive stance has made it difficult to ascertain the brand's position conclusively. Nevertheless, certain actions and products have been open to interpretation.

Gap and Israel

Franchise Agreement between Israeli Company and Gap Inc

For the global expansion in Israel, Gap shook hands with an Israeli company and signed a Franchise Agreement with an Israeli company named Elbit Trade and Retail Ltd.

Acquisition of Israeli AI Startup 

Gap’s interest in CB4 showcases its interest in Israel's tech industry. Moreover, the purchase of CB4 is evidence that the company is potentially indicating a favorable view of the country’s innovation and economic potential. 

Moreover, Gap is almost silent on the conflict being interpreted in numerous ways. 

This could be seen as neutrality to avoid the impact of supporting a particular group. Furthermore, engaging in political issues will be risky for Gap, impacting their profits and shareholder values. 

Boycott Movement for Gap

Gap is facing a boycott movement, which was raised due to the support of Israel and is harming human rights. 

Consumers are motivated by a desire to hold Gap accountable for the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

They are boycotting the company, harming Gap’s brand image and business practices. 

Gap and Palestine

Employee Activism

Many gap employees are individually engaged in pro-Palestinian initiatives. A few have participated in the protests and boycotts against Israel. 

Charitable Initiatives

Partnering with neutral organizations like UNHCR or medical aid groups showcases Gap’s support for Palestinians without directly wading into the political complexities of the conflicts. 


While Gap’s support remains unclear and unstated from their side, analyzing the available evidence reveals complex factors that influence Gap's position in the market. 

Gap’s history of engaging with Israel and their silence on the conflict suggests a potential connection, hampering the brand identity of Gap.

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Is Gap pro-Palestine?

The question of “Does gap support Palestine?” still remains unclear. Gap hasn't officially announced support for Palestine, but some instances have expressed that Gap maintains a neutral stance on the israel palestine conflict.

Is Gap pro-Israel?

Gap operates its stores in Israel, potentially indicating economic interest. However, they haven't commented on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, leaving their stance on “does Gap support Israel” unclear.