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Does Doritos Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Doritos Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Doritos, a well-known snack brand, recently stirred up some talk in Israel with an ad featuring gay and lesbian couples. 

This article aims to talk about Doritos' links to Israel and Palestine, looking at the situation's ins and outs and seeing how people have reacted.

Let’s get started!

Does Doritos Support Israel or Palestine?

Doritos, as a snack brand, doesn't really take sides in political fights. 

But the recent ad showing different kinds of families, including LGBTQ+ couples, has made people wonder about Doritos' inclusivity and what it might mean.

Doritos' Official Statements on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Doritos hasn't officially said anything about where it stands on the Israel-Palestine situation. The brand is more about making snacks and getting them out there than getting involved in big political stuff.

Boycott Movement against Doritos

Because of the ad, some religious groups in Israel want people to stop buying Doritos. 

They don't like how the ad shows all sorts of families, including gay and lesbian ones.

Doritos and Israel

While Doritos is mostly about making snacks, some things connect it to Israel:

  • Doing Business: Doritos sells snacks in Israel, helping out local businesses and being part of the snack scene.
  • Talking About Society: Even though the ad caused some issues, it shows that Doritos is paying attention to different kinds of families in Israel.

Doritos and Palestine

Doritos' link to Palestine isn't as direct, considering all the complicated politics. But it's worth thinking about:

  • Where Snacks Go: Doritos snacks might end up in places like Palestine because of where they're sold in the region.
  • Being Respectful: The ad, even with the problems, might be seen as a positive thing in Palestine because it talks about all kinds of families.
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Final Thoughts

All the talk about Doritos' ad shows how tricky it can be when companies try to represent different kinds of people. 

People just want to know does Doritos Support Palestine.

As Doritos deals with calls for a boycott, what it does next will probably decide how people see the brand and what it cares about.


Is Doritos Pro-Israel?

Doritos does business in Israel, but it doesn't say much about politics.

Is Doritos Pro-Palestine?

Doritos isn't directly connected to Palestine, but people there might still get their snacks. The answer to does Doritos Support Israel is unclear.

Why Did Doritos Make the Ad?

The ad wanted to celebrate all kinds of families on Family Day in Israel and say that everyone deserves to be a family.