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Does Covergirl Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Covergirl Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Covergirl is one of the top American cosmetic brands. Founded in 1961 in Maryland, it offers a huge variety of makeup products for different categories such as face makeup, eye makeup, lipstick, tools, and professional tips.

Now, there is more to Covergirl, but let’s focus on the main topic – have you recently heard rumors about Covergirl’s involvement in the ongoing Israel and Palestine war? Where people want to know – does Covergirl support Israel? Or, does Covergirl support Palestine?

According to you, what do you think is the answer? Does Covergirl support Israel or Palestine? If you don’t know but want to find out, then continue reading because this article includes the exact answers you are looking for.

Does Covergirl Support Israel or Palestine?

Unfortunately, there is no correct answer to this question because Covergirl has chosen to stay silent all this time, where it neither showed its support towards Israel or Palestine. 

Covergirl Official Statement on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

As of December 2024, Covergirl has not delivered any official statement on the present Israel and Palestine conflict, and it also stayed quiet about rumors involving itself.

Boycott Movement Against Covergirl

The official boycott movement has called for a boycott of Covergirl, for different factors, with the main being its indirect connection with Israel.

Covergirl & Israel

There are no highlights for the connections between Covergirl and Israel.

Covergirl doesn’t have an official presence in Israel, with no franchised stores or affiliations either.

However, you can find Covergirl products in Israel through individual retailers and some online platforms, but that is it.

Moreover, Covergirl has chosen the silent path, and while it didn’t criticize Palestine, it also didn’t directly support Israel in the war. 

Covergirl & Palestine

There is absolutely no relation between Covergirl and Palestine, and Palestine neither has Covergirl's official stores or franchises.

Additionally, unlike what you read about Israel, you won’t find any Covergirl products reaching any retail or online shops in Palestin.

As for its views on the war, Covergirl has been silent about the topic, and while it didn’t criticize Israel, it also didn’t show support towards Palestine openly. 

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Final Words 

In the end, although Covergirl is one of the most boycotted brands globally, it is up to you to decide if you want to boycott Covergirl with others or continue to buy from it, thinking it is merely doing business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Covergirl Pro Israel?

Although Covergirl is widely accused of supporting Israel, there is no prominent evidence for that, and while it doesn’t have any presence in Israel, it has also chosen not to openly support Israel in the war against Palestine. So, it is unlikely that Covergirl is pro-Israel.

Is Covergirl Pro Palestine?

It is highly unlikely that Covergirl is pro-Palestine because compared to Israel, it has absolutely no connections in Palestine, and while it didn’t criticize Israel for its decisions, it also didn’t side with Palestine in the war.