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Does Cinnabon Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Cinnabon Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Today, we are going to talk about a popular American chain of bakery and cake shops – Cinnabon. Founded in 1985, it is most known for its cinnamon roll. It has over 1200 locations spread across 48 countries and highly recommends all cinnamon products.

Now, why are we talking about Cinnabon? Because we have seen multiple rumors that say – Cinnabon is involved in the current conflict between Israel and Palestine, supporting the oppressor.

So, does Cinnabon support Israel? Or, does Cinnabon support Palestine? If you want to know, then continue reading because we have mentioned the perfect answer to the question – does Cinnabon support Israel or Palestine? Right below, in this article.

Does Cinnabon Support Israel or Palestine?

There are multiple articles and videos showing that Cinnabon is supporting Israel because its parent company supports the Israeli market, which will eventually support the Israeli economy.

However, throughout this conflict, Cinnabon has chosen to stay silent and didn’t show direct support to any of the countries. 

Cinnabon Official Statement on Israel-Palestine Conflict

Cinnabon has neither offered an official statement on the Israel and Palestine conflict nor on the rumors and speculations about it supporting Israel.

Boycott Movement Against Cinnabon

Cinnabon has not entered the Israeli market yet, but its parent company did, although it was indirectly. 

This caused many to think that it has been supporting Israel, and although it didn’t voice its support towards Israel, it didn’t criticize Israel either — this was the reason to boycott Cinnabon. 

Cinnabon & Israel

Cinnabon doesn’t have any official presence in Israel right now, but its parent company does own some stores that are franchised in Israel.

This way Cinnabon is indirectly supporting the Israeli economy, and although it hasn’t shown direct interest in supporting Israel, it also hasn’t criticized it – which might mean it is on the Israeli side. 

Cinnabon & Palestine

Cinnabon doesn’t have any connections in Palestine. However, it might be exploring Palestinian businesses for sourcing out materials or partnering, but it is all for the future.

On top of that, it has chosen to stay silent all this time, and considering that it didn’t criticize Israel, or stand beside Palestine, it might actually be on the Israeli side. 

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Final Words 

Considering all the facts and highlights mentioned in the above article, we do have mixed opinions and conclusions.

But, from what we know, it would be too soon to finalize that Cinnabon is supporting Israel, only because as of December 2024, it has not voiced its support for either of the countries openly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Cinnabon Pro Israel?

Cinnabon has not shown direct support for Israel, but its parent company is franchising in Israel, so it might be pro-Israel. 

Is Cinnabon Pro Palestine?

We highly don’t think that Cinnabon is pro-Israel because not only is it indirectly supporting Israel through its parent company but it has also been silent all along.