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Does Bojangles Take Apple Pay? [Complete Guide]

Does Bojangles Take Apple Pay? [Complete Guide]

Does Bojangles Take Apple Pay? Ever heard about the name Bojangles? One of the most famous fast food restaurant chains settled in the United States? It is the same brand that has received several complaints about having fewer payment options.

Even after everything, the brand has still not budged and is set on receiving payments from the same list of payment methods. Do you know if they have any digital wallets included? Does Bojangles accept Apple Pay? Does Bojangles have Apple Pay including other e-wallets?

To know all the answers to the questions, you must have a look at our article below which mainly talks about the answer to the question, Does Bojangles accept Apple Pay?

Does Bojangles Take Apple Pay?

No, Bojangles does not take Apple Pay. Despite the brand receiving multiple complaints and wisdom about the expansion of its payment options list, the brand has still not announced an update on its payment options as of June 2022.

The brand accepts a bunch of common payment methods. But, it is neglecting the fact that these payment methods are not regularly used much as compared to other payments and easiest methods like digital wallets, etc, where Apple Pay is automatically included.

Bojangles Payment Options

Following is the list of payment methods added by Bojangles,

  1. Master card
  2. American Express
  3. Visa

The brand also accepts credit cards but only if they cannot be drawn outside the United States.

Which similar stores accept Apple Pay?

Following is the list of similar places like Bojangles that accept Apple Pay,

  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • KFC
  • McDonald’s 
  • Shake Shack

There are several huge fast-food restaurants in the United States but a majority of them have not yet accepted Apple Pay as one of the modes of payment. 

Even though the United States is one of the top countries whose population is using iPhones, Apple Pay is yet to enter many payment lists of brands across the United States.



Bojangles OpCo LLC, known by the name Bojangles is an American-based regional chain of fast-food restaurants. The brand specializes in cajun-seasoned Fried chicken along with buttermilk biscuits which majorly serve the south-eastern part of the United States.

The brand is one of the most trusted fast-food restaurants in the United States. Since 1977 it has expanded its business across the majority of the cities and launched two subsidiaries. From some famous chicken and biscuits to great quality customer service, the brand has everything to offer.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile-based digital wallet and payment service provider by Apple. The application provides users with facilities like being in person, through the web like safari, or through iOS apps. The app is restricted to all certain Apple devices including iPad, Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

Adding your Apple Pay to the list of digital wallets is not a big deal. To get started, you are first required to obtain an iPhone and learn about how Apple Pay works. Add the details it asks for and add money to your wallet accordingly. You will be done, be free to use it however you want.


Does Bojangles take Apple Pay? No, they do not. We hope after reading our article; you have received all the required answers to the questions you had.

Bojangles is unfortunately one among those brands that still have not opened the gates for new and trending things. Even when they are aware that Apple Pay is one of the most convenient payment methods overall, the app is yet to update its list.

However, we would recommend you to not lose hope and keep an eye on the brand, as you never know when they will surprise you with a sudden announcement.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Where is Apple Pay accepted?

Apple Pay is accepted by over 85% of retailers in the United States. This proves that you can use it whenever and wherever you want. If you are not sure about which brand uses it, you can simply look it up on Google. With the help of its contactless payment style, Apple Pay is convenient and swift to use. Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC, The cheesecake factory, etc also use Apple Pay as one of their payment accepting methods.

Which fast food places use Apple Pay?

A good number of famous restaurants in the fast-food industry include Apple Pay as one of their payment-accepting methods. The list merrily includes Panda Express, Panera Bread, and chilies. Fast food chains that are leading in the market like, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, White castle and subway Are all included in the list.