Skip to Content App Not Loading [Fix 2024] App Not Loading [Fix 2024] App Not Loading: The classic game of chess is the most played nowadays. And is the only website where you may play chess online with friends and other players from around the globe.

Recently, though, it has been noticed that the app won't load and remains pinned on the startup screen with the spinning chessboard.

So in such a situation, if you are also facing app not loading issue, then below we have told you how to fix the app stopped working issues.

Why is App Not Loading? 

If the app is not loading for you, it might be because of bugs or glitches, update pending, corrupted cache, or other reasons.

How to Fix: App Not Loading

Follow the troubleshooting solutions mentioned below to know how to fix the app not loading issue.

Clear App Cache

Clearing the app’s cache can often solve a problem with the app because the cache can become corrupted.

Occasionally, it can develop a bug that prevents the app from working properly. Thus, to solve the app’s loading issues, erase your cache.

Reinstall App 

Sometimes corruption can occur, and the resolution can be to delete and reinstall the app. We advise you to try this first, whenever you have problems with the app.

Follow the steps mentioned below to reinstall the app. 

Android app:

  • Go to Settings on your Android device.
  • You should find Application Settings (sometimes known as “Application Manager”) there.
  • Then, locate and select the app.
  • Clear storage and cache by tapping on Storage and Cache; this option is also frequently referred to as Clear app data.
  • Delete the app.
  • Switch your device on and off.
  • Reinstall the program from the Google Play store to finish.

iOS app:

Please verify your iOS version before reinstalling. You won't be able to reinstall on any iOS version lower than iOS 11 if you have an older version of the operating system.

Please take the following actions if you have confirmed that you are using a recent version of iOS:

  • Apply press to the application until it starts to “wiggle.”
  • Click the x in the app's upper right corner. It will remove the application.
  • Reinstall the app from the store.

Update your app

Even after reinstalling the app, if you are getting the loading issues, your app might be outdated.

If the app is not up-to-date, a few of the features might stop working properly or the app will completely slow down which prevents it from working correctly.

So, to get rid of this issue, all you need to do is to update the app on your device and see if this fixes the issue.

Restart your device

If the above solution is not working, sometimes there is an issue with your device, not the app. So, close the app and restart your device. After restarting your device, check app will work fine.

Use in browser

If restarting the device doesn't work, you can access the website and its features through a web browser on your computer or mobile device. It allows you to engage with the community directly from your browser, without the need for any additional software or applications.

Final Words

In this article, we have mentioned every easy step and solution to help you solve the app not loading issue quickly. We hope this article has helped you and were able to resolve the problem.


Why is the app not loading?

It is sometimes sufficient to just remove and reinstall the software to fix corruptions or improperly installed updates. When using the app, whenever you experience issues, try this first.

Is app free?

A basic membership is completely free. For those really looking to improve their game, it also offers premium memberships that include extra access to features such as in-depth game reports and analysis and its many interactive lessons, puzzles, puzzle rush, as well as videos from Titled Players across the globe.