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Budget vs Dollar Car Rental: Which is Better For You? [2024]

Budget vs Dollar Car Rental: Which is Better For You? [2024]

As the holiday season is arriving, car rental companies like Budget Rent-A-Car and Dollar Rent-A-Car are in high demand.

As for your situation, like other families, you also want to go on a beautiful and memorable trip with your family but are not aware which is the best car rental company in the market.

To help you in this situation, we have mentioned a comparison article between Budget vs Dollar car rental companies to help you see the difference between the two and decide which one is the best for you.

Budget vs Dollar: Overview

Both the car rental companies are the leading companies at least in the United States. Further, they will be described with detailed information.


Budget car rental service

Budget Rent a car system, popularly known as Budget is an American company dealing in the car rental business since 1958. It works under one of the renowned car rental companies in the world by the name Avis Budget group.

With its best deals, Budget car rental services help you ride a car of your choice at discounted prices. They offer you deals and offers at already low prices to help you save money and spend that money on trips with your family.

On their website, you will get to have a thorough look at how you are supposed to explore from the options given and book with the following few easy. They are a trustworthy entity and use secured payment methods. For them, privacy and safety of the customer’s data are one of the topmost priorities.


Dollar care rental services

Dollar rent a car, previously known by the name Dollar a day rent a car is a globally famous rental car from the United States. The brand has launched 9,700 corporate and franchisees along with Thrifty car rental and Hertz.

It is a trustworthy website and has been gaining experience in his business since 1965. The brand is mostly known for offering great deals with a huge variety of latest models to customers. 

On their website, you will have zero issues in finding our booking works. The user interface of the website is easy and specially made for the people who have no prior experience in renting cars online.

They offer a good variety in not only car models but also other factors. You will get car rental offers from the lowest to the highest accordingly. Even if you are in a hurry and are seeking a last-minute deal, Dollar rent a car will have the required for you.

Budget vs Dollar: How do they function?

Booking a car from any of these two mentioned car rental companies is an easy process. It is similar to that of any other car rental brand. The difference between the service providers will be the requirements they uphold when you opt for booking.

These requirements or for the drivers. The company will only issue you the car and finalise a deal if you accept and are eligible for all the requirements put forth by them.

The list of requirements provided by each company is mentioned below accordingly,


  • The driver must be of 25 years old or older.
  • The driver must have a valid driving license.
  • If the driver does not have the driving licence for the same country, an international driving permit can do.
  • The credit card of the driver offered for the payment and deposit purposes must have more credit than the car rental payment which is yet to be deducted.


  1. This brand allows you and your friend to drive together. In case, your friend gets tired of driving, you are allowed to take the wheels in your hand and drive.
  2. If you are between the age group 21 to 24, Budget will allow you to rent a car from them but you will have to pay a surcharge as an additional amount.


  • The driver has to be of at least 25 year old or older.
  • The driver must have a valid driver's license and must carry it along with him or her at the time of vehicle drop-off.
  • The driver must have a credit or debit card with appropriate validity.
  • The driver has to have a Street apartment or a bungalow address good.
  • The driver must not have violated any big driving regulations recently and must possess a clean driving background.


  1. Dollar will allow you to rent a car from them even if you are below the age of 25 but you will be charged an additional amount in the name of surcharge.
  2. Even after paying a surcharge, you are required to have a valid driver's license along with a clear driving background. 

Budget vs Dollar: Pricing

Pricing for every car rental service provider differs according to their characteristics and advantages. 


Budget accepts a good set of cars like Budget charge card, Budget international, JCB/Japan coin, visa, PHH, MasterCard,Optima, Discover and American Express. 

The minimum car rental price starts from $100. This is the price for renting a car only. Additional fees will be added accordingly till you reach the billing page. You will be given an explanation for all the charges on the billing page itself.

One of the most common fees is the payment processing fees which are charged at $10 for every car rent by Budget Rent-A-Car service provider.


You will be shown the total amount to be paid for car rental service as soon as you are done selecting the car model, version and type. Additional small charges like the payment processing fees will be added further but the total sum mentioned after selection of the car type will be the main amount. 

The prices for every listing on their website will change depending on the time and season you are booking on and for. To all the people who are unaware of one of the best features from Dollar, they have offered an application to make booking through them easier.

On the app, the pricing starts from $45 for one day under the standard category. $55 for one day under intermediate category and $45 for one day for full size. $69 or charged for one day for a minivan and four premium category, flat $174 are charged every day. 

Budget vs Dollar: How much do they hold onto your card?

Holding a deposit on a card is necessary and the customer must agree to this request to prove that they are just as trustworthy as the car rental company. 


Budget holds $100 as the security deposit from your card. These amounts will be freezed from your account until you pass the vehicle back to them and they do a thorough check up with a positive result for the car.


Dollar does not have a specific deposit amount set for all the cars. As the price varies according to the types and various factors, Dollar will charge you deposit amount based on the similar terms.

Budget vs Dollar: Fleet

The fleet collection from both companies is big. Each company sends cars after they are verified through their executive car care centres which guarantees you a happy trip with the car.


Budget Rent-A-Car provides vehicle options like Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Jetta, Chrysler 300, Kia soul, Ford Fiesta, Camry Mazda CX-5, Volkswagen Passat and many more are available.


Dollar offers cars from various vehicle categories like Luxury cars, Economy cars, Minivans, Pacifica cars, Trucks, Convertible cars, Prestige cars and SUV cars. These categories contain accurate car options to choose from.

Budget vs Dollar: When do they return your deposit?

The deposit frozen by the car companies will be deposited back to you after you have completed your trip and returned the car successfully to the driver. 

The company has the right to decide if you will receive the complete deposit or deduct one. This will be based on the condition you have returned the car in. 

Also, if you have returned a car a bit later than scheduled or some similar problem arises, you will be charged an additional fee and that will be deducted from your deposit. After calculating everything, the companies will give you your deposit money back in the same manner you gave them. 

Let it be via mail, bank transfer or cash, you will have to wait for the money to return based on the time taken by the specific bank or mail to process.

Budget vs Dollar: Difference 

CardsBudget accepts several different types of cards like American Express, Visa, MasterCard and more.Dollar accepts only debit, credit and a few other commonly used cards.
LocationsBudget rent a car provides its services in over 120 countries.Dollar rent a car is available for business in more than 9,700 locations across the globe.
Excess RatesBudget rent a car charges you from $300-$500 in the name of excess rates.For access rates, between 0 to 250 miles it charges you $50, from 251 miles to 500 miles it charges you $150, from 501 miles to 1000 miles it charges you $250 and 1000 Miles and above will cost you $500.

Budget vs Dollar: Which is the best?

The answer to the question lies with the reacher of this article. As we have done our best to provide you with all the important information about both the brands, it is now your decision to see which brand is more suitable according to your liking and preferences.

Each car rental company has its own perks and advantages for customers. However, not everyone can get all the advantages from Budget Rent-A-Car, Dollar may be offering few but more relatable advantages which can be in your favour. So, you can go for Dollar instead.


We have come to the conclusion that Budget rent a car has additional features compared to Dollar. If you can take advantage of most of the features then you must opt for a car rental from Budget.

But, if you are not able to get even 50% of the perks but you need a bigger option inventory than Budget, then Dollar rent a car service provider can be of your best help. The decision now lies in your hands, whether the Budget is better than the Dollar or the Dollar is better than the Budget.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Are dollar and budget the same company?

No, budget Rent-A-Car and dollar rent a car or two different car rental companies from the United States. Both of the companies work with a similar motive and have similar working ways but can be differentiated easily based on many factors.

Which is the best car rental company?

Enterprise holding, Budget Rent-A-Car, Hertz, Dollar rent a car, Avis group of companies and Alamo are a few of the best car rental companies in the United States.