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13 Top Brands like Named Collective & Alternatives [2024]

13 Top Brands like Named Collective & Alternatives [2024]

Brands like Named Collective: Today, we are going to talk about an independent ethical streetwear brand — Named Collective. Named Collective is popular for offering categories such as shorts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tanks, bags, and more, with fine quality noted. 

Unlike many similar and popular brands that claim to offer you the real streetwear style, Named Collective here offers a totally rare collection, with prices, reasonable, and quality – fair.

But, are you going to stay on Named Collective forever? No, and to help you find more brands like Named Collective, we have presented a list of the top 13 brands like Named Collective you must try out for unique streetwear designs, in the article below.

List of Brands like Named Collective:

1. Next UK 

Next UK Brands like Named Collective

Next UK is a platform for men's, women's, and children’s fashion as well as other main categories like beauty, homeware, and more. 

It is your usual streetwear style brand that’s acting as a market of brands where you can shop from multiple designer labels – including Ted Baker, Love & Rose, Lipsy, and more.

According to us, the main highlight of shopping from Next UK is that every category has plenty of options to choose from, and the majority of the pieces are versatile – can be easily worn with more than just one or two different pieces of clothing. 

Key Highlights

  • The majority of the products, especially from the clothing department, come in a variety of shades as well as designs. 
  • Floral, light colors, delicate designs, etc, not exactly the usual street style are all seen at Next UK. 

2. New Look 

New Look

New Look is one of the most trusted retail chain companies in this list – a global fashion store, managing a chain of high streetwear stores. It majorly deals in menswear, womenswear, and fashion for teenagers.

Compared to Named Collective, it’s definitely not filled with all the dark colours and patterns, but it invites you to try on various styles of streetwear, welcoming you to the lighter and more vibrant side of streetwear style. 

Key Highlights

  • It adds a bit of extra focus when it comes to tall people, mothers, and pregnant women, while also supporting curves collections equally. 
  • Not often, but you’ll find quite a few products at combo offers, like one for €11.99 and 2 for only €16. 

3. AllSaints 


AllSaints is a famous British fashion retail store, selling womenswear, menswear, accessories, and footwear in over 250 stores across 27 countries, including France, the USA, Canada, South Korea, China, and more. 

Unlike many similar stores, it gives special priority to leather goods along with other clothing under the streetwear style section. Also, if you are invested in leather goods – especially leather jackets, then you will definitely love the collection at AllSaints. 

Key Highlights

  • It uses Klarna for the buy now and pay later service.
  • Many goods come in a reasonable variety of shades. 
  • The ‘Wear it With’ section under every listing, when shopping online, helps a lot in decision-making – while giving you more ideas on how to style the piece. 

4. Represent


Represent here seems to be a luxury streetwear brand focusing on the luxury side of streetwear style. It seems to be creating some finest pieces in the market, offering fashion through categories, such as shorts, pants, footwear, hoodies, accessories, sweaters, and more.

At Represent, you can discover all types of patterns, including plane designs, floral and bold patterns, and vibrant and dark colour combinations – giving you complete freedom to try on diverse vibes. 

Key Highlights

  • One is sure to stay updated with new collections, dropping before every season and occasion.
  • If you are a member of its loyalty program, then every item in all orders will earn points, with 1 euro equal to 1 point. 

5. Reiss 


Reiss is another fashion brand and retail store chain producing women’s and men’s fashion. It’s spread wide in 15 countries with 160 stores and online stores doing a good job in sales.

Reiss is actually a designer brand — globally famous for modern and stylish fashion with iconic selections dropping with every new season and occasion. 

Also, the main highlight of this brand could be that it doesn’t necessarily support the usual funky, dark, and crowded designs and shades — instead, it allows you to focus on distinct and lighter parts of streetwear style.

Key Highlights

  • Although its main category list includes only a few titles, every category includes all the possible subcategories you might want and need. 
  • The ‘Style it With’ section, while shopping online, is always there, below every listing to help you decide on curating a perfect outfit for yourself.

6. Maniere De Voir

Maniere De Voir

Maniere De Voir can be our personal favourite for streetwear style – producing a sleek kind of fashion, giving you experiences of luxe clothing, while the prices are clearly reasonable. 

At Maniere De Voir, there’s no slacking when it comes to designs. The rare pieces you see are so very beautiful and expensive-looking, that one would look no less than a sass queen or badass princess when worn from Maniere De Voir. 

Key Highlights

  • The ‘Shop the Look’ section, when shopping online, helps a ton in matching the best accessories and pieces, and the staff at MDV are great advisors when shopping in-store. 
  • The brand seems to be using only the best quality of fabrics, and a combination that offers comfort more than anything.

7. Crew Clothing

Crew Clothing

Crew Clothing is one of the top British clothing retailers on this list, well-known for casual wear with a glimpse of streetwear style here and there. 

Crew Clothing is a British-inspired and influenced store that focuses on British casual wear, yachting traditions, and sports, offering you the finest quality, men’s, and women’s wear. 

Key Highlights

  • The good quality fabric combination for all the clothing items guarantees the utmost comfort for the wearer. 
  • The majority of the products, especially from the clothing department, come with more design and shade options.
  • When shopping online, you can check the star rating and review for every product before buying. 

8. Jaded London 

Jaded London

Jaded London is probably the most similar brand to Named Collective on this list, judging from the dark shades and denim and leather goods it delivers.

Jaded London believes in bold looks and vibes, and so, with Jaded London, you get the freedom of wearing the dim shades of your choice, with the majority of the clothing pieces helping you flaunt your figure without any restrictions.

Key Highlights

  • The majority of the products come in diversified shade options.
  • You can opt for the 4-interest-free payment method through Clearpay.
  • If shopping online, then the star rating and review section can help you a lot in decision-making. 

9. The Couture Club 

The Couture Club

The Couture Club is here to cover different collections from streetwear styles. It offers men’s and women’s fashion, and you can shop for a variety of everyday and seasonal clothes and accessories.

At The Couture Club, there are no fewer titles for collections, and for kids, extra comfort is the priority. Additionally, it offers services through a big list of categories, like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts, shirts, cargo pants, etc. and more for both genders. 

Key Highlights

  • It has the helpful buy now and pay later payment by Klarna.
  • The accessories category for all men, women, and kids includes uniquely designed pieces from categories, such as hats, socks, caps, etc. 

10. Wax London 

Wax London

Wax London is well-known for its British-inspired contemporary menswear, with the top priority for sustainable production, and only good quality fabric combinations are used. 

When you look at Wax London, it appears to be quite a luxury brand with all the casual and elegant designs, but when looked closely, you can clearly see the sparks for daily wear pieces at affordable rates.

Key Highlights

  • The inventory of fabrics you could try with this brand is no joke, with the list including Linen, Viscose, Organic Cotton Jersey, Ikat, Jacquard, Denim, and more. 
  • The majority of the products come in a variety of colors. 

11. UN:IK Clothing 

UN:IK Clothing

UN:IK Clothing seems to be a home for independent unisex streetwear collections. All the pieces you see at this brand are exclusively designed by young minds, and professionally curated by UN:IK Clothing artisans.

If you are more into graphics and funky designs in clothing, then collections at UN:IK Clothing are sure to amaze you. With bold and powerful designs, UN:IK Clothing is one of our personal favorites for cute streetwear style collections. 

Key Highlights

  • The brand offers its own merchandise as well as selections from other popular brands, including Bada Bing, Acid Love, History of Rave, and many more. 
  • The lifestyle department includes some unique design finds from categories such as jewelry, bags, phone cases, art prints, pens, stickers, and more. 

12. Nicce 


Nicce is where everyone gets individual pieces crafted for various moments. This brand is all about bold statements as well as everyday casuals – where you can find a great variety of colour combinations.

As for the categories you can shop from, tracksuits, shirts, sweats, jackets, bottoms, dresses, etc for women and some similar ones for all included in the list. 

Key Highlights

  • If you are shopping online, then apart from accessories and collections, you can also shop by colours. 
  • You will only see high-density embroidery and quality fabric combinations. 

13. Faded 


Faded is another specialized streetwear style fashion brand for men – giving you a good range of latest fashion trends for males. It produces collections and pieces that will help you stand out, whether you are actually walking on the street or representing street style anywhere else.

Moreover, quality at Faded is top-class for the affordable price you pay. Items from this label come in vibrant shades, with a variety of designs and patterns curated in unique combinations.

Key Highlights

  • It offers the buy now and pay later service through Clearpay.
  • The accessories categories include some rare items and designs under subsections, like headwear, bags, and jewellery.

Final Words

Named Collective is more on the dark side, yes, but with the list of good brands like Named Collective mentioned in the above article, you are sure to try various other vibes of streetwear style.

With this, we have come to the end of the article, and hope you now know more about good streetwear brands like Named Collective. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are more good streetwear brands like Named Collective?

The Couture Club, Maniere De Voir, Jaded London, Faded, Wax London, Crew Clothing, Next UK, Reiss, AllSaints, Nicce, New Look, and Represent are some of the good streetwear brands like Named Collective.

Are there more shops like Named Collective?

AllSaints, The Couture Club, Represent, Wax London, Nicce, Crew Clothing, Maniere De Voir, New Look, Reiss, Next UK, Jaded London, and Faded are some of the top shops like Named Collective for streetwear style.

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