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7 Best Apps like Yuka & Yuka Alternatives [2024]

7 Best Apps like Yuka & Yuka Alternatives [2024]

Yuka Alternatives: Nowadays, although all products have detailed information about ingredients, you still don’t know what you’re actually using. For this, you might need help from some apps like Yuka, which will help you know what’s inside the product in detail.

Yuka is a popular food and cosmetic scanner with over 30 million users. It helps you scan the products and talk more about their ingredients in detail. It helps to evaluate their effect on your body and recommends suitable items to try. 

Yuka is certainly a good app for knowing what you’re eating and applying to your skin. Yet, if you’re still searching for more apps like Yuka, then the list of promising apps like Yuka mentioned in this article will surely help you. 

List of Apps like Yuka & Yuka Alternatives:

1. Open Food Facts

Open Food Facts Apps like Yuka

Open Food Facts is a food scanner where you can scan, compare and find over 1.3 million food products. It contains a huge database where all the information is available for free.

At Open Food Facts, while you can easily scan and get details about the product, you can also add pictures and information about a product, in case it’s not available in the database so that others can know about it. 

In simple words, Open Food Facts is your Wikipedia for food. Also, it has a Nutri-score grade A to E to guess the nutritional quality of the good, and the NOVA group from 1–4 where you’ll learn which products should be avoided as ultra-processed food. 

Key Highlights

  • Volunteer: Open Food Facts is a collaborative project with thousands of people daily volunteering to add a variety of food from their fridges, and you can do the same.
  • Minute Details: scanning the label will get you detailed data about allergens, labels like vegetarian, Halal, kosher, etc, the alcohol content in wines and beers, carbon footprint, etc. 
  • Convenient: the app works well in all conditions. You can add products with low or no Internet connection. Also, you can type in the barcode if your camera is not working. 

2. Fooducate

Fooducate Yuka Alternatives

Fooducate is a popular calorie counter used by thousands of people trying to lose weight. The app helps you understand which dish and product is healthy for you with up-to-date detailed ingredients and nutrition data.

Fooducate comes with a huge food database where you can scan more than 350,000 product barcodes to learn about how healthy it is for your body. Additionally, the app also offers customized nutrition grades like A, B, C, and D for every food.

Key Highlights

  • Tips & Insights: you can keep track of your meals through in-app food journals and get several weight loss tips and customized diet recommendations just for you.
  • Accurate Analysis: After scanning, you get accurate and minute analysis of things like trans fats, MSG, GMO, allergy-sensitive foods, artificial sweeteners, added sugars, etc in the product. 
  • Customization: after adding your age, gender, etc, personal data, it will give you a personalized plan including – health conditions, dietary goals to follow, etc. 

3. EWG’s Healthy Living

EWG’s Healthy Living App

EWG's Healthy Living is here to help you live a healthy life. How? by helping you scan a product, review its rating in the app by other users and make the best choice.

EWG's Healthy Living doesn’t only focus on scanning food products, but also shampoos and relevant items. It has a huge database of food scores and skin deep to help you understand what you have been eating and using for your skin.

EWG's Healthy Living is trusted for covering ratings of more than 120,000 good and cosmetic items. 

Key Highlights

  • Details about Chemicals: EWG's Healthy Living mainly talks about chemicals involved in food and cosmetics, which, at times, might not be included in the ingredients section.
  • Comes in handy: EWG's Healthy Living is super easy to use. You can scan the barcode or search the item by name or browse by the category list, and it will give you a score between 1 – 10 where 1 is the safest. 
  • Everything Included: By everything included we mean, both categories include all types of food like processed foods, dishes, snacks, chocolate, etc, and personal care like hair care, skin care, shampoos, facial cleansers, etc.

4. Think Dirty 

Think Dirty Learn Beauty Ingredients

Think Dirty defines the easy way to know more about potentially toxic ingredients involved in your personal care and cosmetic products. The app is specifically designed for skin items like hair care, skincare, cleansers, lipsticks, etc.

Think Dirty is just like any other scanner app where you have to scan the item's barcode and the app will give you easy-to-understand data about it. Also, with Think Dirty, you can track harmful ingredients and instead shop for better options.

Think Dirty covers more than 350,000 cosmetics and personal care items, mainly from Canada and the USA. Moreover, it uses a thorough rating tool that provides detailed data about the item's ingredients, health impacts, and certifications.

Key Highlights

  • Shopping List: The app comes with an in-app shopping list tool where you can save products, shop for replacements if the prior one has toxicants, and save time in shopping.  
  • Buy It Now: the ‘buy it now’ tool helps you buy products directly from popular online stores like Amazon. 
  • Volunteer: in case any product is missing, then you get to scan and submit its barcode so that the app can find its information and register the item on the platform.

5. Food Scanner 

Food Scanner App

Food Scanner is a barcode grocery scanner helping you quickly know about the food ingredient data. The app works best for people having allergies to chemicals and food items.

Food Scanner is mostly used by people trying to lose weight or who want to live a healthy lifestyle. If you have a specific diet to follow like vegan, gluten-free, Halal, kosher, etc, then this app is extremely helpful.

Food Scanner is quick to work and easy-to-use. With one click, you can scan the product, know if it’s good for your body or not, and continue shopping.

Key Highlights

  • Convenient Scanning: The app offers instant barcode scanning and has a built-in flashlight, in case it’s dark while scanning the product.
  • Unlimited Scanning and Searching: there’s no limit to how many items you can search in one day. Also, you can easily search for the item through the search bar by its name or category.
  • Scanning History: you can check your scanning history, including all the products you have scanned by relevant filters whenever you want.
  • Data about packaging: if you are keen on eco-friendly packaging, then the app will give you information about the packaging and whether it’s eco-friendly or not. 

6. Open Beauty Facts 

Open Beauty Facts App

Open Beauty Facts is a cosmetic product scanner with a huge collection of databases. The data included in the app come from the label as well as from other users.

Open Beauty Facts is majorly used to make better skincare and cosmetic choices. Since it’s a nonprofit project including thousands of volunteers, you can also take part and add any skincare or cosmetic product currently not available in the app. 

Open Beauty Facts offers accurate, true, and minute details about things like CI numbers, ingredient lists, allergens, packaging codes, etc.

Key Highlights

  • Scan everything: Open Beauty Facts allows you to scan almost everything coming under the skin care and cosmetic categories like makeup, lipstick, mask, creams, body lotions, aftershave, eyeliners, etc.
  • Know about product impacts: Open Beauty Facts helps you understand which product is good or bad for acne and eczema-like skin issues.
  • Accuracy: Open Beauty Facts will give you a list of all the problematic substances detected in the item. You can then search for every name and understand its bad influence on your skin.

7. Skin Bliss 

Skin Bliss App

Skin Bliss is a popular and trusted cosmetics and beauty issues detector app. This beauty app uses AI to understand all the issues about your skin and skin needs to match you with accurate skincare and beauty products.

Skin Bliss, as mentioned in the positive feedback by thousands of people, does a good job of determining what skincare and cosmetic products are best for your skin.

Skin Bliss is best in use when you have common as well as uncommon skin issues like wrinkles, dryness, acne, etc, and want to get rid of them, or at least balance them soon. 

Key Highlights

  • Accurate match-up: The app’s creative system will first identify your skin issues, give you a list of all the ingredients good for your skin, and then match you with a variety of products.
  • Shop from popular brands: Skin Bliss will only suggest products from well-known and trusted cosmetics and beauty brands like Sephora and Ulta.
  • Details: Skin Bliss delivers minute details like identifying ingredients that are not vegan, can cause allergies, safe or not safe for pregnancy, etc. 

Final Words 

All the apps mentioned in this article have received a positive review from users. They are all genuine and actually work to help you know what you are eating and have been applying to your skin.

With this, we have come to an end and hope you now know which apps like Yuka will work for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there an app better than Yuka?

Not exactly better, but there are many good apps like Yuka, such as Open Food Facts, Food Scanner, Fooducate, Think Dirty, OpenBeautyFacts, and Skin Bliss to help you know what you're actually eating and applying on your skin. 

Who are Yuka competitors?

Open Food Facts, Fooducate, Think Dirty, and Skin Bliss are all leading apps like Yuka and Yuka's competitors.