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6 Most Secure Messaging Apps like Signal – Is it Safe? [2024]

6 Most Secure Messaging Apps like Signal – Is it Safe? [2024]

Apps like Signal: The internet is filled with plenty of messaging apps allowing you to communicate and stay connected with people globally. Along with simply texting, these apps allow you to do more things like sharing files and media content, doing video calls to individuals and in groups, and most importantly, keeping your conversations safe and private. 

Now, which messaging app contains all the aforementioned qualities? The answer is – some best encrypted chat apps like Signal, that protect your private conversation along with multiple additional features to make messaging simpler.

About Signal

Signal is a private messenger and cross-platform centralized encrypted messaging software allowing users to send one-to-one and group messages which can include text along with voice notes, images, Gifs, videos, and various types of files for free globally.

Though Signal is indeed a good choice, by the recent updates, it seems the app is removing SMS messaging, one of the best features it used to hold till now from its platform, making users search for other messaging apps like Signal that provide the SMS or relevant features. 

So, are you one among those searching for more apps like Signal? If yes then we are delighted to inform you that the article mentioned below contains a list of 6 good apps like Signal that you can use.

Google Messages 

Apps like Signal

Google Messages, also known as messages by Google, is an official Google app for RCS, SMS and instant messaging for Android, web, and WearOS mobile systems. It is a helpful messaging app letting you stay connected with people by texting anyone you want anytime from anywhere across different devices.

Google Messages can be known as one of the promising apps like Signal because while you can simply text, it also allows you to access one-tap calendar reminders and reply with various emojis along with keeping all your conversations secured with spam protection and end-to-end encryption. 

Additionally, talking about safety in detail, the app will give you warnings about questionable spam and unsafe sites and you can also easily block and report spammers to stop unwanted and fraudulent texts.

Key Features 

  • The app will automatically sort out your personal and business messages into specific categories.
  • The nudge reply feature will remind you to reply to unread messages that await your reply.
  • You get to set birthday reminders and make sure you send well wishes on time.
  • It allows you to continue conversations from different devices including a computer, cell phone, tablet, or smartwatch compatible with the app.

Pulse SMS 

apps like signal messenger

Pulse SMS is another secured platform allowing users to easily send instant messages. The app claims to be a serious next-generation app authorizing you to experience syncing your MMS and SMS across different devices while sending and receiving messages and pictures from others globally.

It offers 100% safety with password protection which let you keep your conversations entirely private, reviewing web links before hopping onto the platform and blacklisting suspected spam messages with just one tap. In addition to that, it uses delayed sending of messages – letting you edit or cancel them before sending.

Also, you don’t have to worry about message backup because the app will automatically back up and store all your messages with a Pulse SMS account. You can also set up automated replies based on different contacts, driving or vacation modes and keywords by the sender.

Key Features

  • It lets you carry on with all conversations by logging in from different devices including phone, tablet, or web.
  • The app supports dual SIM.
  • You can send gifs with messages with the help of Giphy.
  • The app suggests smart replies within various conversations for a quick reply. 
  • Has a powerful search tool for different messages and conversations. 
  • Provides various global and pre-conversation customization choices.
  • Filled with beautiful designs and swift animations.


Textra SMS app

Textra SMS is an app like Signal to stock your MMS and SMS – only the ones that came already installed on your phone. It helps you send private as well as group messages and is responsible for making your experience even faster with more personalization choices and extra features that you won’t get in just a normal messaging app.

Textra SMS is filled with a good amount of features including over 180 design themes with light, black, dark, and the majority of the Android screen modes, app, and bubble icon colors allowing you to customize them with signatures and notifications including sound, privacy, reminders, icon shape, etc. Also, you get to use all the latest Twitter Android, iOS, and JoyPixels emojis with all skin tones.

Furthermore, it uses the same delay send feature which allows you to make changes or entirely cancel the complete message before sending. 

Also, with one slide you can delete the message or sliding to the opposite side will help you call the person or in a group. And while you can send videos and images from your device gallery – the app also allows you to quickly open the camera, click a pic or record a video and send it immediately in the chat. 

Key Features

  • Offers 21 text size and diverse font options.
  • Offers multi-select pictures from Gallery and other places.
  • It will remind you to reply to all the unreplied messages.
  • You get to schedule future MMS and SMS.
  • You can send quick and short voice memos. 
  • Has a pin-to-top feature allowing you to pin important messages to the top.


Telegram messaging app

Telegram Messenger is a worldwide fast and simple instant messaging, encrypted cloud-based, cross-platform and centralized messaging app providing video calling, secure messaging, file sharing, and VoIP. 

It is a protected service where you can delete messages you have sent or received for both sides anytime without leaving a single trace. Furthermore, it comes with an entirely simple user interface similar to any usual messaging app and the best thing is that it will deliver your messages even with the tiniest bit of data left – meaning the app works on the weakest network. And since it is cloud-based, you get unlimited storage for your texts, media, and files.

Additionally, it provides you with some amazing photo and video editing tools, stickers, and emojis both normal and animated, and in case you want more, then you can quickly open the app, choose the ones you want, and express yourself freely along with entirely personalized themes to change the appearance of the app according to your liking.

Key Features

  • It allows you to create group chats with up to 200,000 members.
  • You get to share small and large files like DOCX, ZIP, etc, images and videos up to 2 GB each.
  • You can set up bots for various tasks which don’t need your assistance and can be done automatically.
  • You can go live with all your group members – have fun at parties and virtual group gatherings.


WhatsApp messenger

WhatsApp Messenger, popularly known as WhatsApp is a globally available cross-platform, freeware messaging along with a voice-over-IP service app like Signal allowing you to send messages and voice messages, do individual and group video calls along with sharing media, documents, locations, and other types of content with few taps.

It is a free app used by over 2 billion people in over 180 countries – authorising you to chat in numerous languages with its reliable and private conversation guarantee. You can stay connected with anyone all the time through different devices including cell phones, computers, and tablets.

Unlike other platforms, it does not require any username or password as just your phone number is enough. One of the main highlight is that it even works on the weakest network connection. Additionally, you can choose to back up your conversations periodically and ‘star’ messages that are important.

Key Features

  • Make or join video and voice calls with a maximum of 8 people.
  • With simple steps, you can connect your bank account with WhatsApp through which you can pay anyone globally with just one tap.
  • Put up a status including texts, pics, or videos for 24 hours and view others’ in your contact.
  • It allows you to save shared media by others automatically in your device gallery.
  • Mute any individual or group for a few hours, days, or forever to never receive their message notifications.
  • Change themes and personalize the chat background picture.


wire secure messenger app

Wire – secure messenger is a secured collaboration platform increasing the creativity in your individual and group conversations while keeping everything private. It simply allows you to communicate and share data easily like messages, video calls, conference calls, files and private conversations.

Furthermore, it offers this unique guest room feature where you can chat and share data with your supplies or individual partners. And you can operate and continue conversations from different compatible operating systems and with safety guaranteed by the app.

Key Features

  • With just one tap you can start a conference call and adjust your voice and audio for meetings.
  • Offers to increase privacy through device fingerprinting and ephemeral messages.
  • Has an easy user interface. 

Final Words 

The above-mentioned article includes the best Signal alternatives on the internet which guarantee your safety of conversations and have also received powerful responses from users worldwide. 

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Frequently asked Questions 

Which is the best chat app for privacy?

WhatsApp and Telegram can be the best chat apps for privacy.

Which are the best private messaging apps?

Google Messages, Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, Pulse SMS, Wire, and Textra are the best private messaging apps.

Are there more apps like Signal messenger?

Yes, there are many more apps like Signal messenger and the best ones are Textra, Google messages, WhatsApp, Pulse SMS, Telegram and Wire. 

Is there a better app than signal?

In case of end-to-end encrypted messaging – WhatsApp, Google Messages and Telegram can be better apps than Signal.