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7 Top Apps like ReelShort & ReelShort Alternatives [2024]

7 Top Apps like ReelShort & ReelShort Alternatives [2024]

Since you are here, we are sure you have at least heard about the unique ReelShort app. It is where you get to watch numerous series with every episode being only 1 to 2 minutes long, while it also offers unlimited access to its original and exclusive shows.

Apart from that, you get to choose from thousands of hours of entertainment with multiple genres to explore. Yet, if you liked the overall concept but want to explore other platforms, then you might need some help.

For the same reason, we are going to present a list of the top 7 apps like ReelShort right below, in this article.

Wait — before we move forward with our list of free streaming apps like ReelShort, you must keep in mind that ReelShort is the one and only platform of its type and there’s no perfectly similar platform yet in the market. 

As for the list mentioned below, it contains free streaming apps that will offer you similar good quality content with a good library to explore, but episodes will not be only up to 1 to 2 minutes long.

List of Free Streaming Apps like ReelShort:

1. Tubi 

Tubi app

Tubi TV or Tubi, is an American content platform and ad-supported streaming service launched in 2014, and gets updated with new content every Friday.

With over 30 million monthly active users and 100 million downloads on Google Play Store, it is the top free streaming platform where you can watch the latest and old movies and TV shows.

Moreover, it claims to have the largest library for a free streaming service with more than 50,000 movies and television shows available, along with over 40 genres.

Key Highlights

  • It allows you to create up to 6 profiles under 1 account in case of ultra-personalized recommendations.
  • It offers a live TV feature, where you can watch popular content from well-known studios like Paramount and Disney.

2. Crackle 

Crackle app

Crackle, previously named Grouper and Sony Crackle, is another streaming service from the US. Founded in 2004, it is famous for offering free unedited, and uncut Hollywood movies.

At Crackle, you can explore a big library including premium movies and TV shows with your favorite genres, like crime, comedy, action, horror, romance, and more, with new titles coming in every month.

Furthermore, Crackle is also known as the No. 1 free site for British content, including top hits, like Taboo, Ripper Street, Sherlock, and more.

Key Highlights

  • Its Spotlight collection hand-picks the best recommendations for you every week in case you’re not sure what to start next.
  • The apps come with separate sections for original programming titles and exclusive collections. 

3. Pluto TV 

Pluto TV is another ad-supported free streaming television service, available in a good variety of languages like German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and more.

With Pluto TV, which has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store, you can stream more than 250 channels and watch thousands of distinct on-demand movies and TV shows. 

Moreover, it lets you explore a big list of genres, including action, anime, comedy, romance, thrillers, true crime, and more, with new content added repeatedly. 

Key Highlights

  • You can watch movies with over 25 exclusive movie channels, and more from its exclusive library.
  • You get to stream a variety of sports like football, baseball, basketball, and classic games.
  • It has a kids’ mode that will only show kids-friendly content. 

4. Plex 

Plex app

Plex claims to be your ultimate destination for streaming TV shows, sports, and movies, but you can easily find great and popular movies in its extensive media library.

With more than 50 million downloads on Google Play Store, Plex brings you more than 600 channels for your favorite TV shows without any subscription, with thousands of movies and live TV.

In addition to that, you can explore more than 50,000 TV options, and titles from popular studios like Magnolia, Paramount, AMC, and more, with all the basic genres available. 

Key Highlights

  • You can live stream news from Financial Times, Euronews, CBS, and more local channels. 
  • You can organize personal content, explore new podcasts, and stream free music with in-app features.

5. YouTube 

youtube app


Ok, we know you already know what YouTube is, still – it is an American online video-sharing and social media platform, founded in 2005.

With YouTube, you will mostly enjoy different kinds of videos and not specifically movies and TV shows, but you still get some free movies and TV shows here and there, with an extensive library.

Moreover, while YouTube is free to stream all the time, you can also use its reel feature to watch short videos, and you never know – you might end up finding a short episode drama like in ReelShort.

Key Highlights

  • You can subscribe to your favorite channel and stay updated with notifications switched on.
  • You can like and comment to support your favorite channel.

6. Hoopla 

Hoopla app

Hoopla, founded in 2010, is another famous web and mobile media library, a streaming platform for comics, e-books, movies, TV shows, music, and audiobooks.

At Hoopla, while you get access to different categories, you can also upgrade your profile, become a patron, and get access to its extensive collection of digital media.

Additionally, with over 1 million downloads and an editor’s choice badge on the Google Play Store, you can have fun with over a million titles starting from the most popular novels to blockbuster movies. 

Key Highlights

  • The platform gets updated with thousands of new names every month.
  • You have an option of downloading content for offline watching, listening, and reading.
  • You can turn on the kids’ mode for only family-friendly content.

7. Crunchyroll 

Crunchyroll app

Now, Crunchyroll is for those who are specifically looking for some free anime and manga content. Founded in 1994, it is an American entertainment company, and a top distributor of anime, films, and television series. 

Although Crunchyroll is known for its premium content, it also offers a variety of titles from different genres for free, which is accessible 24/7. 

Moreover, with over a hundred million downloads on the Google Play Store, Crunchyroll is one of our favorite platforms for streaming all the top names, like Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, and many more. 

Key Highlights

  • You get to watch from originally licensed and authorized platforms, with no ads, viruses, and such issues.
  • It is the very first platform that updates the episodes soon after they are released in Japan.

Final Words 

As already mentioned above, there is no identical app like ReelShort on the internet, neither for Android nor for iPhone devices.

Yet, the list mentioned in this article will give you everything you need, like free streaming, thousands of movies and TV shows for free, and more, with the only exception that episodes will not be a couple of minutes long. 

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and we hope our list of the top apps like ReelShort was helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are good apps like ReelShort for Android?

There are no perfectly similar apps like ReelShort for Android yet in the market, but we do have some similar platforms, like Tubi, Pluto TV, Plex, Crackle, Hoopla, YouTube, and Crunchyroll.

Are there any more apps like ReelShort for free?

Unfortunately, there are no apps like ReelShort for free in the market yet, but there are some similar apps that might catch your attention, like Tubi, Pluto TV, Crackle, Crunchyroll, YouTube, Plex, and Hoopla.