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7 Apps Like Holla Everyone Should Check Out [2024]

7 Apps Like Holla Everyone Should Check Out [2024]

Apps like Holla: Holla is banned on the App Store due to legal issues. While we can't use it, applications like Azar, MeetMe, and Omegle can be used as subs.

Holla is one of the social media platforms that allow you to video chat with strangers. Holla talk can help you chat with unique personalities in the world. It is free and used by many people across the globe.

However, due to some issues arising from the reviews section on the App Store, Holla Talk is banned from the App store. Therefore, people are searching for apps like holla. So, to know more about Holla alternatives, keep on reading!


azar apps like holla

Azar is a good video chatting app that is established by a Korean Startup company called Hyper Connect. It is a bridge between you and the world as it helps you explore new people and friends.

So, whenever you feel boredom, you can either chat or video call your new friends. The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices and you can use it on your tablets and desktops as well. It is entirely free of cost.

Key Features

  • Azar Apps offers an option for Membership. The benefits are:
    1. Ability to change your name.
    2. You can use a better-resolution camera from the backside of your cell phone.
    3. A badge that stands for VIP will be given to your profile.
    4. You can manage the search region with your preferences.
    5. Alteration in locations by users is accepted.
  • The VIP membership can be booked for 1, 3, or 6 months.
  • An auto-renewal option is available to save time for users.



MeetMe is one of the best apps like Holla that has an alternate name – My yearbook. It was established in 2005 and can be known as one of the oldest dating apps to this date. Although it has a lot of old features, only some elements make the app stand out.

Once you sign up, you will have an account for yourself to run the app. Then, you can post your photos and alter your profile as you wish, including the ability to change your name and age. And you can also add the reason you are on the app – for example, Relationships, Friends, etc.

Key Features

  • MeetMe has an opportunity to give you extra benefits of the app through their Membership option. The benefits are as follows:
    1. The ads that disturb you while using the app will be gone.
    2. An extra option for the user's statistics will be visible so you can check your statistics whenever you wish.
    3. The feature of hidden matches is unlocked. Users can check who out of many people like their profile. All they require to do is play a mini-game, then access will be allowed.
    4. Membership brings in varieties of Themes. You can select the theme of your choice for your profile.


Camsurf is another video chat app that allows different users to connect and it is accessible to all countries. Users can make new friends or find a special someone on this app. You can mainly use it on the desktop. So, if you enjoy exploring different relationships, Camsurf is your ideal video chatting app.

Camsurf is completely free, and it does not cost any extra penny. You can manage and alter your profile as per your needs and you can also change the personal information which is on display for other users.

Key Features

  • Right to approach the Camfurf team if you are facing any abusive or harassing act.
  • Easy handling and managing of the app.
  • You can alter the preferences for other users' locations.
  • You get two ways to make new friends – either send a text message through a chatting area or directly start speaking through your microphone.
  • Easy exit from the cam show without exiting from the whole app.



HIYAK claims to be the No 1 alternative to the famous video call social media platform – Omegle. Similar to other Holla alternatives, the specialty of HIYAK is that it can connect your call to a random person. So, anytime and anywhere, open the app and start a video call with the people online on the app.

The video call is done on a one-on-one basis. And HIYAK does not keep a record of what information both the users are sharing. Make new friends or find a good partner for yourself and talk for hours non-stop. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Key Features

  • The app is free of cost.
  • Profiles are matched randomly.
  • The user can always make changes in the profile to change the route of matches.
  • It is a stable and secured platform to create connections.
  • Users can connect to new people, share new stories and ideas, and stay connected.
  • You can choose the people based on specific terms, such as age, gender, interests, etc.
  • Fun effects and filters are like bonus features. You can crack jokes and create a cheery mood with filters by HIYAK.
  • Bullying, Racism, Spam, scams, and other illegal acts are strictly banned on this app.
  • Your personal information is stored in an automatic system. And no employees from within the building of HIYAK have authorization to it. Privacy invasion is given high priority.



PalTalk is an application that allows users to chat face-to-face with new People. The app adds random yet relevant people in the suggestion section for users to video chat with. It is a fun way of exploring new populations and souls and the new users you meet on the app can be called your ‘Pals'.

The main headquarters of Paltalk is present in Jericho, New York, and the software is owned by the A.V.M software company. The software allows users to video chat with 10 users for free. Users can also host chat rooms and have fun with a group of people altogether.

Key Features

  • Connect with random chat rooms anytime.
  • Users are allowed to watch several webcam shots from a single chatroom.
  • There are two ways to connect – Texting through the text channel or directly joining the face-to-face meeting.
  • If users do not wish to notify others of their arrival, they can switch the status online off. This way, they will be invisible until they change their status again.
  • Users get to choose from over 3 million profiles.
  • Settings for Alert and Sounds can be altered too.



Meet 100% real people at OmeTV. The website has many profiles of your match. If you are on a search to make new friends randomly, then OmeTV is at your rescue. The brand does a thorough check-up to make sure you do not meet fake people. And the violation of guidelines is strictly prohibited.

Key Features

  • The app is easy to use.
  • It is free of cost, and no payments are requested.
  • It helps users to socialize. In case the user has no friends, making online friends is what he/she needs.
  • No ads.
  • No obstacle to interrupt your quality time with new people.



The easiest mode that connects you with random people on earth is Omegle. You can text people to know more about them beforehand or directly opt for a video call. It is infamous across the globe for being a convenient road to new relationships.

When you log in, the application requires you to alter your profile, mainly your interests. It will further search for accurate matches based on your interests. The application software is acceptable on all sorts of devices.

Key Features

  • Omegle helps you match your profile based on interests. You will find strangers with similar interests and you are supposed to select the best-suited one for yourself.
  • The Text chat option in the application allows you to chat with strangers. You are allowed to chat with strangers whose interests do not match yours.
  • Those who have a webcam can use the webcam chat option. People with fake webcam programs can get banned. This feature will only work if you are 18 years or older.
  • Omegle's adult version of the site is unmoderated. You can have an adult chat with strangers. If you are a minor, this version is not recommended.
  • Omegle users have an option for language. Choose the language of your choice.
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Holla was a good app irrespective of the issues it got dragged in. The culprit behind the machine learning algorithm is still not clear. However, with the help of other apps like holla as mentioned in the above list, you can go back to exploring.

All the apps work similarly to Holla but the only difference will be their user interface and functions. And none of them is related to any criminal activity. You can still make new friends and wait till Holla Talk is back into Business.


What is Holla?

Holla talk is a video chatting social media platform. It allows the users to video chat with strangers from different parts of the world. With Holla Talk, you can make new Friends. It is free of cost.

Why is Holla banned?

Holla along with the other 6 applications was investigated recently. The cause was – there were complaints of unwanted sexual bullying on all apps.

Who was the main victim of the unwanted sexual approach on Holla?

A machine learning Algorithm was the main culprit behind the ruckus caused at Appstore under Holla. The application was causing Random and unwanted, Bullying, Harassment, and approaches for sexual needs to few users.