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4 Best Apps Like Citizen You Should Try! [2024]

4 Best Apps Like Citizen You Should Try! [2024]

Apps Like Citizen: The safety apps with all the news happening around are very important. Having at least one informative app is a necessity. There are very few apps that offer correct information with verified accounts of leaders etc. 

Citizen App is a well-known app known as the safety app which gives you instant access to all the verified 911 information from crimes, health alerts, etc. Even, it is a great app for missing pets and natural disaster updates and information. 

Citizen app is a great app or you can call it the force which helps you be a little safer in the world, it offers safety alerts 24×7 in real-time to be aware of the surroundings and happenings. 

In this article, we are going o talk about the 4 best similar apps like Citizen and why you should use those alternatives. The 4 best apps like citizens are – Neighbors, Nextdoor, Twitter, and Facebook. 

By the end of the articles, you will get snippet information about these apps like a citizen with their key features to look forward with. 


Neighbors Apps Like Citizen

Neighbors – Ring’s free app is based on safety apps like Citizen which provides information and alerts related to crimes happening in the US. The app is set for providing safety events information and crimes happening in a radius of up to 5 miles. 

The app is created to keep people aware of what is happening in their locality and how they should be safe and sound around the country and locality to be aware of everything happening outside their home. 

Key Features of Neighbours 

  • The app provides safety alerts and crime information to ist suers. 
  • The app uses your current location and shares news of your locality. 
  • The users are in to get all the news up to a radius of 5 miles around their locality of crimes, disasters, etc. 
  • The Neighbors app works the same as Citizen and hence it is a great app like Citizen to use with updated features.
  • The app also has an alerts notification system and ring alarm system for better safety features. 
  • The app is social so people can connect in help state and take a look at the safety purposes around their local areas concerned. 
  • The Neighbors app also keeps you anonymous and hence you can share every slightest happening around you without worrying about your identity being revealed etc. 
  • You can also post for lost pets, unusual activities, to encourage the act of kindness, etc with this app. 


Nextdoor Apps Like Citizen

Nextdoor app is a great app like citizen because it connects to people nearby for local business sharing, news sharing, and letting each other know about what is happening in their areas. 

The app is said to create a safe community of neighbors to protect their area from crimes and encourage people o be together and help each other if any crimes are noticed to keep everyone safe from the same. 

Key Features of Nextdoor

  • The app is meant to spread awareness among local people. 
  • It is used to make a community a better and safer place to live with. 
  • The app is built so neighbors can come together and know each other. 
  • The app is said to meet people who reside in the neighborhood and share local news etc. 
  • It helps people to find events nearby and even look out for festivals and cooking shows. 
  • It also keeps you up to date on the local happenings like accidents, crimes, etc. 
  • The app is safe for people to connect and know everything by their names streets, and people and also exchange kinds of stuff. 
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Twitter Apps Like Citizen

Twitter is a great app to know the updates at first then the news channels and newsletter. Twitter is a social media app like Facebook, and Instagram but works differently and is known for the tweets which is a  form of text, posts, images, videos, etc. 

The app is known for the latest tweets and updates which make controversies as well as information to gather and know what is happening. Even the leaders have their verified accounts on Twitter. 

Key Features of Twitter 

  • Twitter is said to be the most informative app which is safe and has all the information one needs. 
  • The app is said to have all the VIP members and leaders, actors, well-known people, and authorities who share information from verified handles. 
  • The app is said to be reliable hence it has blue ticks for the verified account and even citizens can use the app. 
  • The app enables people to follow whom you see and can repost their opinions, like, and share them. 
  • The app only needs your email address to create a username and password to secure and use your Twitter account. 
  • It also ahs trends namely hashtags to follow and sed them grow. It also connects people on a global level. 


Facebook Apps Like Citizen

Facebook is a great community, where you'll find everyone. Even the people who are not on other social media have Facebook accounts at least. The app is said to have the largest number of communities and people registered with them. 

The app is said to connect people from locations, same schools, universities, workplaces, etc. They have special features to find people from relations, names, schools, profile photos, etc. 

Key Features of Facebook 

  • Facebook has created a platform called newsfeed, where people can share their news, posts, images, videos of current happenings, etc. 
  • The app will connect you with people nearby you and also to the news channel and organizations as well. 
  • The app also has group pages where you can join the nearby local group to know what happening in your areas and localities. 
  • The app will connect you with everyone you need as in your old schoolmates, college mates, office mates, local organizations, NGOs, etc. 
  • It also allows everyone to like, comment, and share the news they see appealing and the information they want to share ahead. 
  • The app offers everyone the facility to post where you can attach links, videos, photos, written posts, etc for people to know them and, like them. 


Here, we come to an end for the best alternative apps like Citizen which promise people to keep updated on the news and mishappening around the areas, and common localities. 

The apps listed here offer more features and better security options than Citizen, and hence you can use these four apps namely Facebook, Twitter, Neighbors, and Nextdoor. We hope our information helps you to find the best-researched knowledge. 

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What are the apps like Citizens?

Apps like Citizens are-
Facebook and more.