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Fix: Amazon Flex Support Error AM-01 [2024]

Fix: Amazon Flex Support Error AM-01 [2024]

Amazon Flex Support Error AM-01: Amazon Flex is a delivery service that lets you use your own vehicle to package for Amazon. It offers the ability to work as much or as little as you want on your own schedule.

Out of a few error codes that occur on Amazon Flex, support error code AM-01 is one of the common error codes that a lot of people have experienced.

If you’ve also encountered the same error code and want to know how to fix it, don’t worry. In this article, we’ve mentioned a few solutions on how to get rid of the Amazon Flex support error AM-01.

What is Amazon Flex Support Error AM-01?

Amazon Flex support error AM-01 typically occurs when you try to enter your bank details after signing up for Amazon Flex.

Though there is no official information regarding this error, we’ve gathered some information to assist you with the solution after doing extensive research.

How to Fix: Amazon Flex Support Error AM-01

Check Your Email

If you’ve just signed up for an account, then open the email that you've used to create your account and see if there is any email that needs you to take action to finish the account creation process.

Relaunch Amazon Flex App

Sometimes, there is a possibility that the issue might be with the Amazon Flex app and the internet to which your device is connected to.

So, sign out from your account and then disconnect your device from the internet and wait for a few seconds. Now, reconnect your device to the internet and launch the Amazon Flex app again and see if this fixes the issue.

Use a Different Device

At times, the issue can be with the device you are currently using Amazon Flex on. Therefore, try using a different device and log in to your account. Now, see if accessing Amazon Flex on a different device has fixed the error Am-01.

Contact Support

If the issue still persists, get in touch with the Amazon Flex customers service by visiting here and report the issue that you are currently facing.

In this way, their support team will check your account to see if the issue is related to your account.

Final Words:

Someone on Reddit has mentioned that unless you sign up for an account, you won’t be able to connect your bank account.

Though you’ve signed up and are still facing this issue, the above-mentioned solutions can help you fix the error AM-01.

So, we hope this article has helped you know how to fix the Amazon Flex support error AM-01.


Why is my Amazon Flex app not working?

You might have a poor or unstable internet connection or your app’s cache might get corrupted.

Why can’t I log into Amazon Flex?

If you are not able to log into your Amazon Flex app, you can email the customer support at [email protected] and report the issue.

Why can’t I install Amazon Flex?

You’ll need to adjust your phone’s permission in order to install the Amazon Flex app on your device.