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Fix: Amazon Flex Error Loading MetaData [2024]

Fix: Amazon Flex Error Loading MetaData [2024]

Amazon Flex Error Loading MetaData: Amazon Flex, by the multinational and topmost company Amazon, is a platform for drivers seeking part-time jobs. Through Amazon Flex, you can become an Amazon driver and earn part-time by delivering packages for Amazon. 

With Amazon Flex, you have to reserve a block and deliver whenever you are free in the selected block. You have to do everything through its app – which, unfortunately, has been showing some issues like the ‘Amazon Flex Error Loading MetaData’ lately.

Through the same ‘Amazon Flex Error Loading MetaData’ problem, drivers aren’t able to load the page and even enter their accounts. However, we did research and are here with a good list of ways to solve the ‘Amazon Flex Error Loading MetaData’ problem for you. 

What does Amazon Flex Error Loading MetaData mean? 

The Amazon Flex Error Loading MetaData error seems to occur mainly because you are not using a physical Sim. Indeed, this cause doesn’t sound accurate, but for many, when they swapped to a physical Sim, it did the magic. 

Along with that, there might be some other reasons you are facing this error, and to solve that, the troubleshooting methods are mentioned right below. 

How to Fix: Amazon Flex Error Loading MetaData

Check your Sim

According to the majority of the users who are facing this issue, as soon as they stop using the eSIM, the problem is resolved and they are able to use the Amazon Flex app flawlessly again.

Therefore, we suggest you check your Sim, and if you are using an eSIM, then replace it with a physical Sim. Otherwise, you can also swap networks from eSIM to physical Sim, if your device can handle two sims. 

Reset your Network

Since the issue is about loading and the content in the app is not loading for many, it might mean there is an issue with your network connection – maybe you’re not receiving enough network.

Hence, reset your network connection, and you can always swap to a mobile hotspot, data connection, or Wi-Fi.

Check for Updates

If your device or the Amazon Flex application is not updated to their latest versions – then they are prone to start acting up. In the case of your device, not only the Amazon Flex app, but other software downloaded will also show problems. 

Therefore, we highly suggest you check for updates, update if you found any, and turn on the auto-update mode through the settings app so you don’t have to bother updating each time a new update pops up.

Wait for Sometime

There are fewer chances of the Amazon Flex app servers facing a sudden service outage, but, if that’s the actual case, then there’s nothing you can do about it – except for waiting for some time and letting the problem be resolved on its own. 

Contact Amazon Flex Customer Care

The last option on the list is to contact the Amazon Flex customer care team and ask for guidance or a solution. 

To do so, you can call 888-281-6906 between 8 AM to 9 PM PT, or email at [email protected]

For updated and more information, you can have a look at the Amazon Flex FAQ page here

Frequently Asked Questions

How to solve the Amazon Flex app error loading metadata?

To solve the Amazon Flex app error loading metadata, you have to make sure you are not using an eSIM and a physical Sim instead. You can also try checking for the Amazon Flex app updates along with your device, or try reaching out to Amazon Flex customer care.