Afterpay Card Not Working: How to Fix? [2023]

Afterpay Card Not Working

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Afterpay Card Not Working: Through the Afterpay card, you can make both online and in-store purchases. However, a few people have said that though they are able to make online purchase using Afterpay card, they are not able to use Afterpay card for in-store purchases.

Afterpay Card is a contactless digital card which you can add to your digital wallet through a one-time setup prompted in your Afterpay app.

So, if you are also not able to use the Afterpay card for your purchase, follow the article below to know how you can fix the issue.

Afterpay Card Not Working [How to Fix]

If you are wondering why your Afterpay Card is not working, keep on reading this article!

Why is My Afterpay Card Not Working?

If your Afterpay card is not working, we can say that you might have insufficient funds or the store from which you are trying to complete the purchase doesn’t accept Afterpay as a payment method.

Preload the Card

If your Afterpay card doesn’t work while trying to complete a purchase, ensure that have preloaded the purchase amount.

For instance, if the items you are trying to purchase are of $100, make sure that you’ve preloaded the Afterpay Card with $100 on the app before tapping your phone.

Insufficient Funds

Some of the businesses set a minimum spending amount with Afterpay, so if you have reached your spending limit, your Afterpay card might not work for you. Therefore, ensure that you have sufficient funds in your card to complete your purchase process.

Make sure your Store accepts Afterpay

Afterpay is partnered with around 70,000 stores throughout the US and Australia and you can find the list of participating stores in the Afterpay app or on its website.

So, while trying to purchase things from a particular store, ensure that it accepts Afterpay. Otherwise, your Afterpay Card will not work with the store that does not offer Afterpay.

Contact Afterpay Customer Service

If the issue persists and none of the above solutions work for you, all you can do is to contact Afterpay customer service. Visit this page and browse the articles. Or you can contact them through email or in app.


Why can’t I use an Afterpay card online?

You can only use Afterpay online with supported retailers. You can find the list of the supported retailers through the app or website. So, if the store from which you are trying to purchase a product supports Afterpay, then you can find it under payment methods during checkout.

How can I activate my Afterpay card?

Open Afterpay app -> In-store -> Pay in store -> Setup the card -> Add to wallet. Now, you’ll get an SMS verification code which you have to enter to confirm and then tap on next.

Why is Afterpay declining my card?

There might not be sufficient funds in your card which is why Afterpay is declining your card.

Can I use Afterpay card as a normal card?

Yes. Like any other credit card, Afterpay Card let you spend funds and you can also load the Afterpay Card into your Google Wallet or Apple Pay. 

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