Skip to Content Alternatives | Free Text To Speech ai Apps [2024] Alternatives | Free Text To Speech ai Apps [2024] Alternatives: Does using artificial intelligence-based apps that generate voices from your favourite fictional characters sound interesting? If yes, then you might have come across some amazing platforms like that helps you do something similar. So what is

About is a popular non-commercial freeware artificial intelligence web-based app that helps users to generate natural high-fidelity emotive text-to-speech voices for calling and background purposes. The app generates these voices from different sorts of fictional characters from different media sources. is the perfect platform for you if you want to use the software for free and use your favourite fictional characters' voices for different purposes. 

However, the main problem with is that it is mostly down and filled with bugs and glitches almost all the time which has made more than half of its users annoyed and search for different alternatives.

If you are facing the same issue, then you don’t have to worry anymore because in the article mentioned below we have presented to you the best alternatives that you can currently find on the internet. Alternatives is a place where voice bots that talk like humans are found. It is one of the promising alternatives because it works in a similar way and offers deploy AI agents who will make calls instead of you and answer the phone too.

Using Uberduck.AI is simple. By taking action through text configuration and webhooks, you can easily choose your favourite voice bot from a huge collection based on your likings available on the platform. Also, you can add personality with customised voices and adjust the filters to create a voice exactly like you want.

Key Features

  • The text-to-speech feature allows you to add all the things you would like the voice to speak through text message and it will speak all the words included according to your filters and in the tone you have chosen.
  • It has a good SD textual inversion tool which can help to synthesize text to image smoothly.
  • The platform has a studio where you can record your own voice and make changes to it. 
  • You can also clone your voice, add effects, and filters to change it.
  • Under the reference audio section, you can find a good set of reference audio to help you get ideas for yourself and you can search the exact reference by filters. 

Best Used For: is the best when you want another voice to receive and speak on your phone. Whether you wish to use the audio in videos publicly or use it for your own fun, has various options for aforesaid purposes. 

Pricing: offers 4 pricing plans for ducks (its users) as follows,

  • Free 

Under this plan, you will be charged zero dollars and will never be asked for a single penny. In this, you will get 10 text-to-image renders with a key to over 4000 voices. 

  • Creator 

It costs $10 per month with access to commercial use of studio voices, unlimited text-to-image renders and access to over 4000 voices.

  • Clone

It costs $25 per month and you will be able to choose your models like singing voice or natural voice along with data sources like prescription or custom. As for benefits, you will get to clone your voice and use it anywhere and be given access to all the benefits under the Creator plan. 

  • Enterprise 

This plan starts from $300 per month for Enterprises where the entity will receive all the benefits from the Clone plan along with a good set of additional benefits like usage-based low-latency audio generation, dedicated support, teams and collaboration features, Twilio integration and hosted interactive voice bots. Text to speech is another popular deep tech that allows you to say stuff with your favourite character’s voices and is one of the best alternatives so far. With this, you can select your favourite voice from over 2000 voices and even change the language of your speech.

Along with that, you can create your voice, add the voice to a video, save edited values for further use and do a good bunch of things. And since the platform offers the custom voice cloning feature, you can also record your own voice, customize it with filters and use it to your heart’s content.

Key Features

  • Video Lip Sync Templates offers a good variety of video lip sync templates. With simple steps like picking a template then making it lip sync with simple adjustments and filters will get you a good lip sync video.

  • Custom Lip Sync Video

You can add your own video and image from your device gallery if you didn’t like the designs in the templates. However, to make a custom lip sync video, you will compulsorily need an account which is an exception if you choose a template instead. 

  • HD Quality

Along with the audio offered by, even the videos for lip-syncing have premium quality. 

Best Used For: is best in use whenever you want professional text-to-speech software. Also, it offers a good set of video lip sync templates and filters along with adjustments while cloning your voice.


There are no pricing and plans but instead, you can become a patron at and pay to the platform as per your liking. 

Final Words 

As of now, and are the only good alternatives currently available. Therefore, we will highly suggest you try any of the alternatives mentioned in this article before trying some other platform.

Frequently asked Questions 

Does cost money?

No, is a non-commercial fever AI application, 100% free to use. It does not cost a single penny to anyone and offers all its services for free.

Is Uberduck AI free?

Not exactly. is not entirely free which means it does not offer all services for free but it does have a free plan which gives you access to over 4000 voices available on its platform and a right to use the voices for your personal use only.