Zoho Meeting Vs Zoom: Which Is Better? [2023]

Zoho Meeting vs Zoom

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Zoho Meeting Vs Zoom: Office working and office meetings have turned boring now. Earlier people used to travel to meet at one place and go ahead with business meetings and proposals which took a lot of time, money, and long waiting decisions unheard. 

But today, we have started doing meetings, and conference calls, on a global level with just one screen click and connect. Thanks to the internet and computer technologies. With help of them, we can easily connect with anyone on the global level. 

Today there are plenty of apps that have saved time, money, and location export costs for business companies and firms. Nowadays, you just simply have to create an online chatroom and invite people to join you online via sharing the link.

In this article, we are going to talk about two apps that are working in this category of online meetings and video conferencing for years. Those two apps namely are Zoho Meeting and Zoom. Both two apps ate very popular in video conferencing terms. 

By the end of the article, you will get all the details about how these apps are different from each other as well their similarities with pros, cons, comparison tables, and much more. 

Zoho Meeting vs Zoom: At A Glance

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting Vs Zoom

Zoho Meeting as the name says is an app that provides video conferencing and meeting experiences throughout the globe. The app has many unique features for a large number of meetings etc. 

It stands in the top 5 meeting apps which connect everyone from different corners of the world, in one place online with help of the internet and one link shared. If you are looking for a video conferencing app with a catchy user interface then Zoho Meeting is a great alternative for you. 

Zoho Meeting app is quite famous for features like screen sharing functionality or for setting up scheduled video conference meetings without any errors or technical glitches observed in other alternative apps. 


Zoho Meeting vs Zoom

Zoom Meeting app is said to be very popular among everyone taking ti from students to the multinational companies. The benefit of Zoom over any other app is the free version of the app with new updates and exclusive features. 

The app also provides cloud storing facilities and gives you admin controls over business meeting conferences and plans. The app is known for great larger meetings of more than 1000 participants with add-on facilities.

Zoom is known by everyone and is stated to be the best out of best video conferencing solutions available on the internet, it is said to be the biggest competitor of Google Meet, Skype, and Zoho Meeting apps. 

Zoho Meeting vs Zoom: How Do They Work?

Zoho Meeting

For the Zoho meeting app, you will need a Gmail account or email address to signup for. Once you have signed up, it will show you the scheduling a meeting option or joining via code. 

The best part of Zoho Meeting is you don’t need to compulsorily download the app and software on your desktops and mobile devices. You can directly start a meeting or join a meeting on the chrome or browser extension without worrying about software and downloads. 

It also allows you to add meeting sessions and invitations directly with the Google Calendar and also allows you an automatic call recording option with detailed analytics of meeting at the end of the sessions. 


To start with Zoom, it works similar to Zoho Meeting, you can download the app on the desktop, windows, and mobile devices and can easily use it from chrome extensions and browser logins.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can easily create your account with zoom via your mobile number and email address. The app offers a free version so users can easily create a meeting or join a meeting after signing up. 

The free version of the app allows you to host 100 participants with 40 minutes of a group meeting with unlimited one-on-one meeting features. The apid version gives you more benefits like large meeting adds on up to 100 participants, 1 GB storage, etc. 

Zoho Meeting vs Zoom: Pricings 

Zoho Meeting

  • Zoho Meeting app provides a 14-day free trial facility to all users without any credit card enrolment.
  • It has divided its pricing of subscriptions into a monthly basis and yearly basis, with the yearly base plan you will save money for 2 months compared to the monthly base plan. 
  • The subscriptions to Zoho Meeting are divided into two categories one is Meetings and another is webinars to choose from. 
  • The paid plans for the Meeting category are:
    • $3 per month for 10 participants 
    • $6 per month for 25 participants 
    • $9 per month for 50 participants
    • $12 per month for 100 participants. 
  • The paid plans for the Webinar category are:
    • $19 per month for 25 attendees
    • $29 per month for 50 attendees
    • $39 per month for 100 attendees
    • $79 per month 250 attendees
    • $125 per month for 500 attendees
    • $200 per month for 1000 attendees. 


  • The zoom app offers a free version where you can easily host meetings for up to 40 minutes with 100 participants. 
  • The paid plans of the Zoom app are divided into 2 main plans namely Pro Plan and Enterprise Plan with a few addons. 
  • The Pro Plan costs you around $149.90 per year and comes with benefits of-
    • You can host up to 100 participants but can pay extra for a large meeting add which gives you a 1000 participants allowance. 
    • You can have group meetings for as long as 30 hours. 
    • It also allows social media streaming facilities. 
    • It also gives you 1GB of Cloud Recording as per license. 
  • The Enterprise Plan costs you around $199.90 per year and comes with benefits of-
    • You can host up to 300 participants and also 1000 participants with an addon of Large Meetings. 
    • You get a single sign-on feature.
    • It allows you to record transcripts
    • It also allows you to manage domains
    • The plan also offers you company branding and more feature than the pro plan. 

Zoho Meeting vs Zoom: Pros and Cons

Pros of Zoho Meeting 

  • The app is the most affordable paid plan available for online meeting facilities. 
  • It has the best screen-sharing facility. 
  • You can use Zoho meeting without downloading the software. 
  • Zoho meeting doesn’t charge you anything if you want to download the software. 
  • It is available everywhere, namely on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Chrome and Web Extensions, Browser, and much more. 

Cons of Zoho Meeting 

  • It doesn’t have any free version for the users. 
  • Zoho Meeting is an underrated software for meeting and video conference experiences. 

Pros of Zoom

  • The zoom meeting provides you with the free version of the app to use. 
  • The app is free to download. 
  • Zoom is available everywhere as in the browser, chrome extension, windows and mac software, and also on mobile devices. 
  • The app offers bang-on exclusive features with cloud storage on paid-up plans. 
  • The extra add-on features users get for the pro-paid subscriptions namely are- social media streaming, cloud storage, domain management, company branding, non-stop group meetings, etc. 

Cons of Zoom 

  • The advanced security offered by them may not allow a few features to operate. 
  • The settings of security-related problems are not maximized by default. 

Zoho Meeting vs Zoom: Features 

Interface and Performance 

Zoho Meeting 

Zoho Meeting has a very clean and understandable user interface which comes in handy and is easy for beginners and can easily be sued to have online webinars and meetings. It has a chat option where on one side you can chat and on another side, you can continue to have your webinar and meetings. 

The user interface has been kept very soothing and eyecatching to make normal meetings a peaceful place. It offers features like sharing screen, mute options, sending messages, recording options, lock meeting options, and much more. 


Zoom is said to have a very sleek and neat user interface. The app has four large icons to choose from namely- Join, New Meeting, Schedule, or Share Screen. The audio-video quality of the meeting depends on your strength of internet connection. 

Both chrome version and mobile application work well even in neutral wifi bands and supports glitch-free experience for its users. 


Zoho Meeting

To have good security with Zoho Meetings and Webinars, the app provides options like locking the meeting where no other attendees can join the meeting, and hence privacy is maintained in between conference calls. 

Even, after locking or entering the meeting, attendees need to end the request to the host for accepting them to enter the meeting room, only after he accepts the request, the attendees are allowed join. 

In technical terms, Zoho Meeting uses encryption by SSL and 128-bit AES encryption techniques and much more ruled and maintained by Zoho Corporation. 


Zoom has recently updated its security features after the year 2020 when it gets the highest peak numbers of users registered under the video conferencing services. Meetings are now protected with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256. With AES-256 one-time encryption key issued and managed by zoom servers to only allow people who have access to the link or invitations. 

Zoom also has enhanced the protection for both free versions and a paid version with end-to-end encryption techniques. 


Zoho Meeting

The user interface of Zoho Meeting is said to be the easiest user interface and hence there is usually no need for supportive care to have contact. But for your support options, Zoho has an assistance portal where users can go for help. 

You can get in touch with customer care service through phone calls, chat rooms, email addresses, etc. 


The support given by Zoom on its free version is limited where you have only access to Help Center, step-by-step tutorials, and guides. You also get access to the artificial intelligence chatbot which connects to solve your queries. 

The paid plan of Zoom has many support features such as 24×7 support across phone calls, chat, and web, and is made available even on public holidays. The queries are solved under 24 hours for the paid members. 

Zoho Meeting vs Zoom: Comparison Table 

Features Zoho MeetingZoom
Storage Zoho currently doesn’t provide storing data with them. Zoom provides 1GB of storage on cloud storage. 
Social Streaming Zoho doesn’t have any social streaming option. Zoom has social streaming for paid users. 
Free Version Zoho doesn’t have the free version. Zoom offers a free version of the app.
Screen Sharing The screen sharing is said to be best with Zoho Meeting. Screen sharing is also available with Zoom.
Screen Recording The screen recording is only available with the host. The screen recording is available with Zoom too. 

Final Verdict: Zoho Meeting vs Zoom 

Here, we come to an end of the article on Zoho Meeting vs Zoom, though both works with similar techniques, both have some unique features to look forward to. 

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly option then Zoom is a great choice for you, but if you need for than 1000s of participants then Zoho seems to be a little cheaper. Eventually, both offer different features to choose from. 


Who owns Zoom?

Zoom Cloud Meetings is owned by Eric Yuan. 

Who owns Zoho Meeting? 

Zoho Meetings is owned by Sridhar Vembu. 

Is Zoho Meeting free?

Yes. Zoho is free to download. But you need to pay if you wanna host the meetings or organize the webinars. 

Is Zoom free?

Yes. Zoom is free to download and also offers a free version for pocket-friendly suers. 

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