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What Happened To Nicole Baker Barrett? [2024]

What Happened To Nicole Baker Barrett? [2024]

What Happened To Nicole Baker Barrett?: While many criminals seek international notoriety, those people entangled in their personal lives often strive to avoid the spotlight and the constant attention that comes with it. 

A striking example of this is Nicole Baker Barrett, the then-girlfriend of the executed killer Gary Gilmore. Nicole has actively maintained privacy and distanced herself from public scrutiny. She has refrained from disclosing personal information and now lives under a different name. 

Nicole has openly acknowledged that God has urged her to move on from thinking about Gary. So, what happened to Nicole Baker Barrett? And how did she intersect paths with Gary Gilmore? To uncover all the answers, continue reading. 

Who is Nicole Baker Barrett?

Nicole Barrett Henry, previously known as Nicole Barrett Baker, was Gary Gilmore’s girlfriend. The pair met in 1976 shortly after Gilmore’s release from prison on parole. She was a divorced mother of two, at that time. 

In a candid interview, Nicole shared her feelings, saying, “With Gary, there persists such a depth there that I probably loved him in the first moment that he spoke to me.” Their relationship took a dark turn when they made a joint suicide attempt in November 1976. The decision was admittedly made by Nicole herself, without any direct encouragement from the convicted killer.

The pair’s dramatic relationship found its way into the pages of Norman Mailer's Pulitzer Prize-winning book ‘The Executioner's Song.’ Their story has also received a TV movie adaptation of the same name. 

What Happened To Nicole Baker Barrett

What Happened To Nicole Baker Barrett?

After their infamous suicide attempt, Nicole was admitted to a Utah State Hospital by her mother. It was during her hospitalization when Gary Gilmore faced execution under the Supreme Court guidelines. 

In a 1987 interview, Gilmore’s uncle, Vern Damico, revealed that Nicole had married a farmer and settled in Medford, Oregon, where she had given birth to another child. However, Nicole has maintained privacy, choosing not to publicly divulge about her personal life.