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What Happened to Lord Bung? [2024]

What Happened to Lord Bung? [2024]

Lord Bung, a former YouTube animator known for the creation of the popular web series “Confinement,” centered around the SCP Foundation, garnered a significant fan base for its unique content.

If you're a fan of Lord Bung, you may be wondering about what happened to Lord Bung and why their channel was taken down, as well as why such an abrupt departure occurred.

In this article, we will delve into the details, exploring the events leading to the deletion of Lord Bung's channel and the subsequent fallout.

What Happened to Lord Bung?

However, in May 2023, the “Confinement” project went on hiatus amidst controversy and personal challenges faced by Lord Bung.

This included allegations against an associate and leaks of unfinished content. Ultimately, Lord Bung chose to cancel “Confinement” and move on to a new creative project.

Who is Lord Bung?

Lord Bung, previously known as Dany, was an animator known for their work on the web series “Confinement,” inspired by the SCP Foundation collaborative fictional universe.

“Confinement” garnered significant popularity within the SCP community, showcasing original characters and stories set within the established SCP lore. Lord Bung also explored other creative endeavors like illustrations and music.

Did Lord Bung delete his channel?

Yes, in October 2023, Lord Bung took a drastic step and deleted their YouTube channel, Patreon, and all associated content.

Why has Lord Bung's deleted their channel?

Lord Bung deleted their channel in October 2023 due to the following reasons.

False Accusations and Unwavering Support:

Bung's partner, Orion, falsely accused YouTuber Kwite of sexual assault in June 2023. Despite evidence against Orion, Bung chose to support them, damaging their credibility and alienating fans.

Confinement's Disappointing Finale:

The highly anticipated eighth episode of “Confinement” deviated drastically with crude, sexually suggestive humor influenced by Orion.This alteration from the expected narrative and perceived pandering to Orion led to significant backlash and erosion of goodwill.

The Fallout:

Faced with backlash, mental health concerns, and dwindling support, Bung made the drastic decision to delete their YouTube channel, Patreon, and associated content.

Complex Personal Struggles:

Mental health concerns played a role in Bung's decision, reflecting the complex personal struggles involved. The future of “Confinement” and any potential return by Bung remain uncertain, adding to the aftermath of these controversies.


What happened to Lord Bung's YouTube channel?

Lord Bung deleted their YouTube channel in October 2023.

Why did Lord Bung delete their channel?

Lord Bung's deletion of the channel was influenced by two major controversies: false accusations and support for those accusations, and a disappointing finale to the animated series “Confinement.”

What were the controversies surrounding Lord Bung?

Lord Bung faced backlash due to false sexual assault accusations made by their partner, Orion, against YouTuber Kwite. Additionally, the finale of “Confinement” deviated from expectations, featuring crude, sexually suggestive humor allegedly influenced by Orion.