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What Happened to Faze Apex? [2024]

What Happened to Faze Apex? [2024]

What Happened to Faze Apex?: Today, we are going to talk about the founder of the popular American professional esports and entertainment organization – Faze Apex. His full name is Nicholas ‘Nickmercs’ Kolcheff, and he is one of the most popular Call of Duty gamers.

Moreover, he was well-known for his aggressive play style along with his ability to clutch in high-pressure crises. Yet, after all the fame and praise he got, he still retired from professional gaming somewhere in 2020.

He didn’t say the reason and also deleted his videos. So, many people are wondering what happened to Faze Apex, and if you’re also one of them, then you’re on the right page because the article below contains the exact answer you’re looking for.

What Happened to Faze Apex?

Faze Apex was a popular professional gamer in the gaming industry, well-known for his play style in famous games, mainly Call of Duty. But, he announced his retirement from gaming back in 2020, and since then, he has been absent from the Internet.

Along with that, he also deleted his streaming videos on YouTube and isn't available on other social media pages either. For this reason, there are multiple rumors going around, assuming the reason for this behavior.

What Happened to Faze Apex

Reasons For Retiring From Professional Gaming

The reason for retiring from professional gaming is still a mystery because Faze Apex didn’t talk about the reason anywhere officially. But, there are some assumed explanations as to why he might have retired from gaming, and they are as follows:

  • He wanted to focus and prioritize other things in life, including his streaming career.
  • He merely lost interest in games.
  • He was burned out from the competitive setting.
  • He was injured, and since then, could not compete at a similar high level. 

What is Faze Apex Doing Now?

As of September 2024, no one exactly knows what he is doing. He is absent from social media and isn’t updating his fans about his whereabouts and what he’s up to.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why did Faze Apex quit YouTube?

After announcing his official retirement from professional gaming, Faze Apex also quit YouTube but didn’t bother explaining to anyone about reasons for retirement and quitting. 

What happened to Faze Apex YouTube channel?

After Faze Apex announced his retirement from professional gaming, he also deleted almost all his streaming videos from his YouTube channel.