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What Happened to Aphmau? [Explained 2024]

What Happened to Aphmau? [Explained 2024]

What Happened to Aphmau?: Delivering a similar type of content for an extended period on YouTube has often led to exhaustion for many creators. This has been a recurring case, especially for Minecraft creators who choose to diversify their original content. 

A prime example of this is Aphmau, a Minecraft roleplayer, who is beloved by kids and young audiences. Aphmau has recently shifted her focus from YouTube roleplaying and is now creating vlogs and reaction videos. 

While her sudden decision to switch content was initially accepted by fans, many are now wondering when she will return to Minecraft roleplays. So, what happened to Aphmau? Will she return to Minecraft roleplays? Find all your questions answered in this article.

What Happened to Aphmau?

Jessica Bravura, famously known as Aphmau, is a popular YouTuber recognised for her Minecraft roleplays. She rose to fame through her Minecraft-related content, which often features storylines, character development and voice acting. 

In an August 2022 video, Aphmau expressed that she felt burnt out on Minecraft and wanted to try out other types of content, such as vlogs, challenges, and reaction videos. Aphamau, a mother of four, also mentioned that she was occupied taking care of her children.

As a result, while Aphmau is still creating tons of content, she has taken an indefinite break from Minecraft roleplaying. 

What kind of content is Aphmau creating now?

Aphmau is still creating Minecraft-based content, featuring her friends. While her content seems to be very similar to other Minecraft gamers, she somehow manages to deliver fresh and new ideas with each upload. 

Aphmau’s venture into a diversified content creator has also been a success with her recent uploads being just as popular as her Minecraft roleplay videos. She continues to gain new followers and has over 18.1 million subscribers, as of now.

Some of her recent popular YouTube uploads are ‘Aphmau has /GODMODE in Minecraft’ and ‘Playing Minecraft as a PROTECTIVE Direwolf.’

What Happened to Aphmau

Will Aphmau return to Minecraft roleplays?

While admitting that she is unsure how long the return might take, Aphmau did assure her fans that she plans to create Minecraft roleplay videos sometime in the future. She also expressed that she wants to make sure she's genuinely excited about that type of content before making her return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Aphmau?

Jessica Bravura, widely known as Aphmau, is a popular YouTuber renowned for her Minecraft roleplays.

What is Aphmau doing now?

As of 2024, Aphmau is still creating Minecraft-based content that includes vlogs, challenges, and reaction videos.