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Waitrose App Not Working? Fix It Now! [2024]

Waitrose App Not Working? Fix It Now! [2024]

Waitrose App Not Working? Waitrose app is a shopping app that provides an easier and more convenient shopping way for you, whether you’re at home, in-store or on the move. You can easily search for products, view existing orders, edit orders, and schedule a delivery or Click & Collect appointments using the app.

However, with the recent news and complaints by users, the Waitrose app is not working for many. It’s mainly showing issues while placing an order.

Do you have the same problems with the app? If so, then worry not because in this article, we are going to give you a good list of troubleshooting methods to solve your Waitrose app not working problem.

Why Is My Waitrose App Not Working?

If your Waitrose app is not working, this might have been due to a server down, bugs, a corrupted cache, and an outdated app version.

Is Waitrose app down?

If you think Waitrose is down for you, visit this page to find out about recent Waitrose outages and other temporary issues.

Check Twitter

You can also visit Twitter where Waitrose has an official page or account, and see if anyone is talking about the Waitrose app issues or if Waitrose has updated any issue-related information.

How to Fix: Waitrose App Not Working

Wait for a while

Sometimes due to technical issues in the Waitrose app, it might stop working properly. Or perhaps the program isn't working correctly because the server is down. In this case, wait for a while till the issue is fixed on Waitrose’s end.

Clear cache

Clearing the app’s cache can often solve a problem with the Waitrose app because the cache can become corrupted.

Occasionally, it can develop a bug that prevents the app from working properly. Thus, to solve the app's loading issues, erase your cache.

To remove or delete cookies and cache, use the following methods:

For Android:

  • Navigate to Settings and then the Apps Menu.
  • Select Installed Applications and search for the Waitrose app.
  • Choose Clear Cache from the option at the bottom of your screen.

For iOS:

  • Open the Settings app and select the General option from the side menu.
  • Tap on iPhone Storage and then select the Waitrose app.
  • Install the app again from the App Store after removing it.

Update your app

Even after clearing the cache, if you are getting the Waitrose loading issues, your app might be outdated.

If the Waitrose app is not up-to-date, a few of the features might stop working properly or the app will completely slow down which prevents it from working correctly.

So, to get rid of this issue, all you need to do is to update the Waitrose app on your device and see if this fixes the issue.

Use Waitrose Website

Since this is an app-related issue, you can try accessing Waitrose through its website and see if this fixes the problem you are currently facing.

Disable Ad blocker

If you have enabled an ad blocker on your device, it can prevent the Waitrose app or any other app from working correctly. Thus, we recommend you disable it and re-access the Waitrose app.

Contact Waitrose Customer service

If none of the troubleshooting solutions mentioned in the above article helped you, then your last option is to contact Waitrose app customer service

To make a complaint, you can call them at 0800 188 884 and explain your issue in detail. 


Why is the Waitrose app not working?

It can be due to a temporary service outage, use of outdated app versions or a corrupted cache.

How do I fix my Waitrose app?

You can use any of the troubleshooting techniques given above in this article to resolve the problem you're now experiencing.