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TripIt vs TripCase: Which is Better? [2024]

TripIt vs TripCase: Which is Better? [2024]

TripIt vs TripCase: Although the idea of vacation can really excite you, when it comes to scheduling and organizing, travel planning can be really exhausting.

However, with the apps like TripIt and TripCase, you’ll get a complete itinerary with just a few taps. So, both TripIt and TripCase are popular travel itinerary management apps that help you organize your itineraries all in one place.

But which is the better travel planning app between them that helps you organize your itinerary? If you want to know the answer to this question, keep on reading the TripIt vs TripCase comparison where you’ll know everything about these apps.

TripIt vs TripCase: Overview


TripIt is one of the world’s highest-rated travel management platforms for trips and itinerary organization that lets you keep track of all your travel plans in one place.

You can forward all your books, including hotel, flights, rental car, and other travel services to TripIt so that it’ll automatically add them to your comprehensive itinerary. Thus, easily synch all travel plans to your calendar or simply share them with anyone you want.

And one of the main advantages of TripIt is that it is partnered with a large range of travel providers, such as hotels, travel agencies, airlines, and car rental companies.

Furthermore, it makes it easier for you to access and handle your travel plans by making sure that all the information related to travel is stored in one place.


TripCase is a travel management company that allows you to organize all your trip details and travel plans into one simplified itinerary.

Like TripIt, you can forward all your confirmation emails for hotels, flights, car rentals, and other reservations to TripCase, it’ll automatically create an itinerary for you. 

And you also can manually add details about our trip, including notes, activities, and contact details of your travel company.

One of the top features of TripCase is that it provides real-time gate changes, delays, flight updates, and other crucial information, thus helping you to stay informed and prepared for your trip.  

How Do They Work?


Get started with TripIt by downloading the TripIt app on your device and setting up an account. Then, tap start itinerary and add your travel start and end dates, destination city, trip name, and any description if you want.

Once it is done, click on add trip. It’ll also show predicted weather conditions to help plan what to pack and choose activities accordingly.

Then you can edit it, share it with other people and even sync it with your calendar. However, if other people want to view your trips, they must have a TripIt account.


Like TripIt, download the TripCase app and sign up for an account. Then, select add a new trip or manage trips that are already in the app.

If you have booked your trip directly with a hotel, airline, or any travel site, you’ll need to forward your confirmation email to get an itinerary.

However, if you have booked your trip with any affiliated or partnered agency, they automatically import your trip details to your account.

Then, you can track all your travel details and even get information about booking ground transportation, and flight delays, and get suggestions on nearby activities.

Subscription Plans


TripIt has a free version and a premium version called TripIt Pro which helps you stay one step ahead from planning to landing. Keep on reading to know more about TripIt Pro.

TripIt Free

  • It is entirely free.
  • Organizes your travel plans and syncs it with your calendar.
  • Shows transportation options and neighborhood safety scores.
  • Creates a comprehensive itinerary and gives access across various devices.
  • Help you share plans with others.
  •  Find places to visit near your hotel.
  • Finds eligibility for flight compensation.
  • You can upload 3 documents per trip.
  • It tracks carbon footprint and shows offset options.

TripIt Pro

  • It costs $49 a year.
  • Includes everything in TripIt free plus the following features.
  • Monitors for fare refunds and sends real-time flight alerts.
  • Find alternative flights and help you get a better seat.
  • Navigates you through the airport and sends terminal and get reminders.
  • Updates you on your travel plans.
  • You can upload 25 documents per trip and track your rewards programs.
  • Gives country-specific travel information.
  • Provides the ability to speed you through security.
  • Shows baggage claim information.


Though both TripIt and TripCase are quite similar, one of the major differences is that TripCase is completely free.

TripIt vs TripCase: Comparison & Differences


Both TripIt and TripCase offer similar features like the ability to forward confirmation emails to create itineraries, ability to share itineraries with others, and real-time flight alerts.

But TripCase offers more options for customization like the ability to add notes and photos to individual items on the itinerary.

Trip Planning

While TripIt primarily focuses on handling your existing travel plans, TripCase offers more trip planning features like car rental and hotel bookings and even the capability to search for things to do at your destination.

Flight Information

Since TripIt has good integration with airlines, it typically gives more detailed flight information like seat assignments and gate numbers.

Nonetheless, TripCase also has a more detailed flight status feature with real-time updates on cancellations, delays, and gate changes.

Itinerary Sharing

Both TripIt and TripCase work the same, so all you need to do to generate your itinerary from TripIt or TripCase is to forward all your bookings to them.

So, once you are done booking your hotel, flight, rental, and other tickets and reservations, simply forward the confirmation email to or  

Then, they’ll immediately create or add the reservation to your own itinerary. And you can also set up their auto-import email services so that TripIt can automatically scan your emails for any tickets or reservations.

Furthermore, both services let you share your itinerary with friends and family. However, TripIt’s sharing options are more limited compared to TripCase as it offers more customization options.

User Interface

Though both platforms have a clean and intuitive interface and use similar card-based designs for displaying trip information, the level of detail and the visual style vary.

TripCase has a slightly more modern look which has a visual and interactive interface. Whereas TripIt has a simple interface that offers a straightforward experience.

TripCase features a timeline view that displays a chronological view of your trip with complete maps and photos. Also, it provides more detailed information and even lets you choose from various color schemes.

Final Words

Overall, both TripIt and TripCase are amazing travel management apps that help you organize your travel itineraries in one place.

But to decide which is better, TripIt or TripCase for organizing your itineraries, it entirely depends on your personal preferences and which features are more important to you.


Is TripIt the same as TripCase?

Both TripIt and TripCase are itinerary management apps that offer a similar service, but they differ in many ways as listed above.

Is it safe to use TripIt?

Yes, all the information you provide is stored in high security to protect your data.

Is there a free version of TripIt?

Yes. TripIt offers a free version but offers only limited features. Its premium version – TripIt Pro costs $49 a year.