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9 Real-life Towns like Virgin River for a Tranquil Escape! [2024]

9 Real-life Towns like Virgin River for a Tranquil Escape! [2024]

Towns like Virgin River: The Virgin River is known as a tributary of the Colorado River in the US states of Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. It is around 162 miles long, 261 km lengthy, going across cities of Littlefield, Mesquite, Beaver Dam, and St. George, — designated as Utah’s first wild scenic River. 

Moreover, it is filled with many unforgettable places and natural highlights, home to many filming locations and places where you can get just right and the best shots. Yet, for certain reasons, people are still looking for places like Virgin River.

Virgin River is a good option, but there are many more places where you can find peace of mind and escape from the hustle of your regular city life. So, if you are interested to know more, then continue reading this article including a list of the best towns like Virgin River. 

List of Towns like Virgin River:

1. Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest


Pacific Northwest is a region in North America and also referred to as Cascadia at times. It seems like a geographic region filled with coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean to the west, and, although loosely, covered by the Rocky Mountains in the east.

Moreover, it is filled with the astonishing beauty of nature, feeling the vibes with a good variety of mountains like Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount Baker, and more, also a home to animals, such as tufted puffin, gray fox, humpback whale, and more.

Things To Do/ Places to Visit

You can do plenty of things in the Pacific Northwest, like visiting some of the top sides like Space Needle, Fremont Troll, Haystack Rock, Wallowa lake.

Moreover, you can go on a long drive to Snoqualmie Falls, watch whales on the Juan de Fuca strait located in Victoria, visit Vancouver for Stanley Park, etc. 

2. Spokane 


Spokane is a city located in eastern Washington State in the US. It is a home to the region's history, which is discoverable through exhibits on culture and art, along with Native American Heritage, and the neighboring Tudor-style Campbell House dates from the 1900s. 

Moreover, it was founded in 1873 and contains a population of 2.29 lakhs as of 2021. It is around 18 miles or 29 km from Idaho, and elevated 1843 feet, about 562 m above sea level — giving off the best vibes of downtown blending with adventure.

Things To Do/ Places to Visit

There are plenty of breathtaking places and sites you can visit in Spokane, including some of the free sites, such as the Riverfront Park and Manito Park, and more like the Fox Theater, Spokane Falls, Avista stadium, River Park Square, Downtown Spokane, etc.

Moreover, you can do a bunch of other activities like exploring Riverside State Park, tasting some of the most delicious food in the Wonder Market Food Hall, going around the towering trees of John A, and more. 

3. Russian River 

Russian River

The Russian River is one of the many Rivers you can find in California. It is a southward-flowing River, draining approximately 1485 m² of Mendocino and Sonoma counties in Northern California, showing in cities of Ukiah and California.

Moreover, it is about 185 km long with a mouth in the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, Guerneville is the main town in its area, 15 miles west of Santa Rosa and 70 miles north of San Francisco. 

Things To Do/ Places to Visit

Again, there are plenty of sights you can visit and things you can do on these sites in the Russian River, including visiting Johnson’s Beach, Korbel Winery, Northwood Golf Club, Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, and more.

In addition to that, if you’re specifically interested in the things you can do in the Russian River, then you can go diving, and kayaking, enjoy nature near beaches and woods, enjoy wine, and more. 

4. Truckee

Russian River

Truckee is an incorporated town located in Nevada County, California. According to the US census, it currently has a population of around 17,000. Just like the ones mentioned above, it is home to a good list of natural spots and places where you can get the best of nature.

Moreover, the elevation of the city is about 17,073 m, where you can meet and explore a variety of natural as well as social events. Also, according to our research, the most recommended activities you can opt for is tubing, snowshoeing, and telemark skiing.

Things To Do/ Places to Visit

The list of the top sights in Truckee includes Historic downtown Truckee and the visitor center, Donner Memorial State Park, West End Beach, Donner Lake, Boreal Mountain California, Truckee Bike Park, and more.

5. Christiansburg 


Christiansburg is another beautiful town located in Montgomery County Virginia, the US, with a population of over 22,000 according to the US Census 2021. It is elevated to about 650 m, home to a good variety of activities, whether you are interested in just strolling around or actually doing something.

Moreover, it is seen as one of the most recommended places to live in Virginia, filled with enough utilities and filming locations where you can get some of the promising shots. 

Things To Do/ Places to Visit

In Christiansburg, you can enjoy various activities and places such as Starlite Drive-in Theater, Montgomery Museum of Art and History, Huckleberry Trail, Virginia Techniques Gymnastics, Lane Stadium, and more.  

6. Maine 


Maine is a northeastern US state, well-known for its marine time, history, rocky coastline, and a good variety of natural areas, including the spruce and granite islands of Acadia National Park. 

With Augusta as its capital, it ranks 12th as the smallest by area, 9th as the least populous, and 13th as the least densely populated state in the US. 

Things To Do/ Places to Visit

In the state you can find a lot of sightseeing places, the most recommended and free-to-visit places such as Nubble lighthouse and PortlandHeadlight. 

As for the paid ones, you can try the Acadia National Park, Coastline Maine Botanical Gardens, Portland Museum of Art Cadillac Mountain, and more. 

7. Leavenworth


Leavenworth is a village in the Cascade mountains, located in central Washington state, following a Bavarian style. It includes Alpine-style buildings and restaurants, offering German beer and food lines.

In addition to that, it has an elevation of over 1100 feet – about 357 m and was established in 1885, Inc. on 5 September 1906, a home to some of the best museums and things that will surely excite you if you are into art, history, and ancient stuff. 

Things To Do/ Places to Visit

The list of top sites in Leavenworth includes enough fun and exploration, with the list having waterfront Park Front St., Park, Leavenworth reindeer farm, Icicle Ridge, trailhead, Leavenworth nutcracker museum, River Ranch, and more. 

Moreover, while it offers enough museums with many exciting things, you can also find numerous games and agri-tourism spots in its locations.

8. Sedona


Sedona is a desert town in Arizona, located near Flagstaff and surrounded by red rock buttes, Pine Forest, and steep canyon walls – giving you enough scenes of brown and rocky nature. 

The town is noted for having a mild climate and a rich arts community, filled with many different spas and art galleries. It has a population of over 9500 according to the records of 2021, founded in 1902, Inc. in 1988, with about 47.4 km² area code with an elevation of 1326 m.

Things To Do/ Places to Visit

For starters, it has a couple of sights that you can visit for free, all with higher ratings, including the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park, and Oak Creek Canyon. 

As for the paid ones, you can find enough, including Slide Rock State Park, Red Rock State Park, and Cathedral Rock. You can also include Sedona Heritage Museum, Boynton Canyon Trail, Devil’s Bridge Trail, Bell Rock, and Broken Arrow Trail.

9. Clear Lake


Clear Lake is a city located in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, the US, with a population of over 7500 according to the records of 2021. It was named for the huge lake it is located on, covering about 34.63 km² and has an elevation of 1237 ft which is about 377 m. 

Compared to the ones mentioned above, this town doesn’t necessarily provide you with breathtaking scenery and environments wherever you go, but it does have a taste of freshness and beauty. 

Things To Do/ Places to Visit

Compared to the aforementioned places, this town doesn’t necessarily offer you plenty of nature and sceneries, but does have a good bunch of sights you can visit.

The list includes Central Gardens of North Iowa, Clear Lake State Park, Lake Theatre, Clear Lake State Park, Kinney Pioneer Museum.

Final Words 

All the above-mentioned towns like Virgin River are places of relaxation and peace, where it doesn’t matter even if you are busy in your daily life, because wherever you go, and wherever you breathe, you will be taking in fresh air and environments. 

With this, we have successfully concluded the article, and hope you now know the best towns like Virgin River.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there any good towns like the Virgin River in the US?

Yes, there are many good towns like the Virgin River in the US, including Leavenworth, Maine, Truckee, Pacific Northwest, Russian River, Christiansburg, Sedona, Clear Lake, Spokane, and more.