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Tedooo App Review: Is It Worth It? [2024]

Tedooo App Review: Is It Worth It? [2024]

Tedooo App Review: Tedooo is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell commodities and homemade crafts. It is an internet store where small businesses may sell products without paying any fees. You may connect with millions of DIY lovers, craftspeople, and potential buyers or sellers using the app right from your phone.

People are wondering whether the Tedooo app is difficult to understand and whether it is a useful app. However, is the Tedooo app good? Is it worth it?

If you are also looking for answers, look no further. This article gives you a detailed Tedooo app review that may solve all your queries. 

What Is Tedooo app?

The app provides you one of the best craft marketplaces to buy & sell with zero fees. You can explore unique items or buy and sell whatever you like on this unique marketplace for handicrafts.

The Tedooo platform offers users innovative social features that are crucial to small, medium, and large businesses day-to-day operations. You can chat directly with your potential buyer or seller to create the best shopping experience.

You may find a variety of interesting, personalized, and one-of-a-kind things in one app with Tedooo. It features lovely selections of handcrafted jewelry, retro kitchenware, outfits that can be customized, DIY kits to unleash your creativity and much more.

Tedooo App Review

How does it work?

Here is a step-by-step guide to how Tedooo works:

To get started, download the Tedooo app from the appropriate app store and create a new account.

After registering, you as a seller can customize your storefront with your branding components, such as your logo, shop name, and an enticing description that highlights the distinctive aspects of your craft.

Take beautiful pictures of your creations and post them to your Tedooo storefront.

To increase visibility, Tedooo lets you post your ads on a variety of social networking sites. By utilizing social media platforms, you may expand your audience and get more people to your storefront.

Tedooo makes it easy for you and the potential customer to communicate when they show interest in your crafts. You can respond to inquiries, bargain pricing, and complete the transaction.

Key Highlights

  • An application that combines a social marketplace and a DIY Crafts group.
  • Discover homemade goods by visiting the marketplace for crafts.
  • A site where you may buy and sell products and objects made by hand.
  • Online stores where small enterprises can sell products without paying any fees.
  • There are many cool artisan market categories, and the navigation is easy.
  • The easiest way to make a purchase is to speak with the buyer or seller directly.



  • It has a lively community and free selling.
  • The top app for purchasing crafts.
  • Through this app, you may locate anything you can imagine for inspiration, share your crafts with others, and even make direct purchases from artists.
  • It's a fantastic way to market your goods while also interacting with buyers and other artisans.
  • It has excellent customer service.
  • It delivers items on schedule, and the return process is simple and problem-free.
  • You can link other websites to your Tedooo shop if you have your own website, an Etsy shop, or both.


  • The account cannot be deleted.
  • No sales without a pro subscription.
  • The majority of reviews with five stars come from Tedooo as well.

Is Tedooo App worth it? 

Depending on your unique objectives and situation, you can decide whether Tedooo is worthwhile for you. Tedooo gives you the chance to reach a larger audience and broaden your connections. It can be an effective platform to boost your sales and awareness if you're trying to do so.

You may easily set up your stores and manage your listings due to the Tedooo platform's user-friendly interface. You may save time and effort by using the app, which offers a seamless and trouble-free experience.


Is Tedooo a free app?

Another distinctive feature of Tedooo is that there are no joining costs, making it a less expensive option than online craft sales. However, if you want access to more premium services, you can purchase a membership. However, that is entirely optional!

What is the Tedoo app?

Tedooo is the first social media platform created specifically for the trading industry. Modern social elements that are essential to the daily operations of small, medium, and large organizations abound on the Tedooo platform.