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Tangerine Error Code 9999 [Fix 2024]

Tangerine Error Code 9999 [Fix 2024]

The Tangerine is a mobile banking app that makes your banking experience even more convenient than ever before with a fresh and intuitive design. You can use this to manage your accounts, check transactions, transfer money, find ABMs, and get vital alerts.

However, many people have complained about an error code 9999 when they are trying to use Tangerine. If you’ve also encountered this and want to know how to resolve the issue, you’re at the right place.

In this article, we’ve mentioned a few ways to help you get rid of the Tangerine error code 9999. So, continue reading the article!

What is the Tangerine Error Code 9999?

When you are trying to log in, you have encountered an error 9999 and the following error message has been displayed on your screen – ”the function is currently unavailable, try again or call.”

How to Fix Tangerine Error Code 9999?

Tangerine website is Down

It is possible that the error code 9999 on Tangerine is a temporary error. Therefore, the first thing you should check when you encounter this error is the Tangerine’s server status as this can be a server overload or maintenance issue.

To check the server status, visit here and see if there are any possible temporary outages with the Tangerine system. If so, all you can do wait till the problem is fixed at the Tangerine end.

Change the Browser

There is a possibility that you might encounter this error on the browser you’re currently accessing on. And since the error codes on Tangerine can be specific to certain browsers, it is better to use a different browser.

For example, if you are currently trying to access on Chrome and you’ve encountered the error 9999, try using a different browser like Edge, Safari, etc.

Contact Tangerine Customer Care

If none of the above solutions helped, you’ll have to reach out to Tangerine customer service to get further assistance on the issue.

The easiest way to contact the Tangerine is by calling on telephone number 1‑888‑826‑4374. And this number is active 24 hours a day to answer all your questions and clear doubts.

Final Words

We can say that the error code 9999 commonly occurs which can be easily fixed by the solutions mentioned in this article. So, we hope this article has helped you know how to fix the Tangerine error code 9999.


How do I fix the error code 9999 on Tangerine?

First, check the server status of the app and wait until resolve the issue or try to change your browser.

Why do I get the error code 9999 on Tangerine?

It can be due to server-related issues, or browser related issue.

What is the error code 9999 on Tangerine?

Error code 9999 typically occurs when you try to log in to the app.