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6 Best Stores like Harry and David to Buy Gifts! [2024]

6 Best Stores like Harry and David to Buy Gifts! [2024]

Stores like Harry and David: Online deliveries for nearly any commodity, particularly food delivery, are making life more convenient than ever. You may find practically everything at Harry and David for any occasion. 

Harry & David is an American-based premium food and gift producer and retailer. The company was founded in 1934 by Samuel Rosenberg and his sons Harry and David. They started out selling freshly picked fruit from their orchards in Oregon, but eventually expanded to offer an array of gourmet gifts, snacks, and food products. Today, Harry & David is owned by 1-800-Flowers and continues to be a popular choice for gourmet gifts, fruit baskets, and more.

Harry and David is essentially a one-stop store for presents, gift baskets, wine, meat, and even birthday cakes. It provides a variety of delectable cakes and deliver them to your house. There is indeed a big market for birthday cakes. According to the analysis by Statista, retail cake sales in the United States are expected to reach $20.1 billion in 2022. 

The number is projected to grow in the following days, resulting in many wonderful food and gift retail businesses delivering goodies more affordable and have made it to the list of other stores like Harry and David. Let's have a look at them in the article.

List of Stores like Harry and David

1. Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements Stores like Harry and David

One of the top-rated options amongst other stores like Harry and David, Edible Arrangements International, offers food and gift items. The company sells a wide range of specialised fruit gift goods, including chocolate-dipped and floral-designed fruits. Despite its single product, this franchise has grown in popularity worldwide, attracting customers worldwide.

When it comes to celebrating life's important moments, such as a birthday, graduation, or anniversary, Edible Arrangement's unique collection of fresh fruit bouquets and fruit dipped in gourmet chocolate is a must-try. 

What began in 1999 as a little side company for a local florist has grown into a $500 million-a-year corporation. It has expanded to nearly 1,200 sites and was named one of the Top 200 Franchise Systems in the United States by Franchise Times earlier this year. 

The firm just released Edible to Go, a variety of fresh fruit drinks and nibbles for everyday use.  And the finest element of their website is the categorising and sorting functionality. As a result, numerous gifts and food items are available under various labels. So, go immediately and check out!

Key Highlights

  1. On this website, you can get anything from delectable chocolate-covered strawberries to fruit bouquets and gift baskets brimming with exquisite chocolate-dipped fruit.
  2. Users may also discover the nearest retailer using GPS integration by enabling their phone to recognise their present position or by entering their ZIP code.
  3. It includes a streamlined, user-friendly navigation bar and layout. As a result, picking and ordering arrangements are quick and simple.

2. Shari’s Berries

Shari’s Berries Store

Shari's Berries is next on our list of stores like Harry and David. For decades, this legendary company has delighted customers with sumptuous, innovative gourmet food presents. So, this is the website to check out if you are searching for a business that focuses on good representation and high-quality cuisine. 

Shari's Berries is ideal for every occasion, offering an appealing array of delights dipped in decadent toppings, including its famed farm-fresh strawberries. There's no need to be concerned about the freshness of the fruits. They employ organically grown fresh ingredients. And the brilliant artists at Shari's Berries Craft produce the treats using amazing techniques. 

Every juicy dipped berry is meticulously garnished with ground toffee, drizzling, chocolate chips, and sprinkles.

Key Highlights

  1. This app has everything from freshly dipped strawberries to hand-decorated cake pops.
  2. Send delectable presents in seconds from your phone. The user interface is straightforward, and the on-screen instructions are clear and concise.
  3. Use your saved addresses, set date reminders, make personal notes, and enter billing information for faster checkout.

3. Cherry Republic

Cherry Republic Store

Cherry Republic is the place to go if you want to give someone something unique and unforgettable. Authenticity is one of the fundamental ideals this company incorporates into their products for the Republic.

In 1988, Bob Sutherland founded this cherry-centric business by selling t-shirts with a cherry motif from the trunk of his diner. A few years later, Bob began selling cherry-based culinary items. With the correct innovation and marketing methods, this company gradually expanded to internet retailers. Cherry Republic now produces, packages, and distributes over 250 distinct cherry products. 

Its goods are available in their four retail locations and 450 additional retail locations around the United States. Original Cherry Salsa, Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries, Montmorency Dried Cherries, and Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries are some of their best-selling goods.

Key Highlights

  1. This app's customer support is excellent. You can email them or just contact them if you have any questions.
  2. The items on their website are fresh. Although none of their goods is certified vegan, many do not include animal products. To verify the ingredients, click on a specific product for more information.
  3. You may create your gift box for free.

4. Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks Store

Omaha Steaks is the next platform to make our list of Sites like Harry & David. Ohama Steaks has been in operation since 1917 and is unquestionably one of the industry's pioneers. Since 1952, it has shipped its meats directly to consumers.

The brand's speciality is meat, particularly steaks, but whatever one might expect to see at a steakhouse, including high-quality sides, will likely find its way to market here. 

Omaha Steaks serves a broad range of red meats, including bison and grass-fed beef, chicken, turkey, and ground options such as burgers and sausages or frank or bratwurst. Although the firm does not sell primal cuts, it does transport huge roasts.

If you have a friend who likes non-vegetarian food, Ohama Steaks can make their day. Let’s check out some of the key highlights regarding this platform.

Key Highlights

  1. It is incredibly simple to order steaks from Omaha Steaks. Filling out your form online is far easier than phoning the 1-800-960-8400 shopping cart on the internet.
  2. Nearly every page exhibits mouth-watering delicacies, so you know exactly what you're getting.
  3. Shipping is free on orders of $149 or more, which isn't difficult to reach when loading your basket with superb steaks.
  4. There are three subscription types available: monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly.

5. Knack Shop

Knack Shop Store

Knack Shop is one of the other excellent alternative Sites like Harry & David that has already won many hearts worldwide. Knack is redefining gift-giving by making it simple and exciting to provide one-of-a-kind and meaningful presents. 

Knack Shop was founded in 2014 by technology executive and venture entrepreneur Laura Jennings to create the ideal gift-giving platform for the Millennial generation. The items are handcrafted by passionate artists and reflect their personal and professional ideals. 

Whether it's hundreds of Christmas gifts for valued workers and clients or a single gift for a special occasion, Knack offers professional presenting experience and personalised service to guarantee every gift is a success.

They handpick boutique, independent, and excellent items. Every present is expertly organised and delivered in a personalised Knackbook. So, if you're gifting to someone close to you, this might be a great choice. So, try the personalised gifts and wow the recipient with your present.

Key Highlights

  1. Knackshop has created a fantastic website where you can discover gifts for your corporate friend, newly married partner, or even your parents in a few clicks.
  2. The presents are organised into categories and may be sorted and filtered according to your preferences. Here you may get affordable and high-quality presents.
  3. You may also customise your gift based on your preferences.
  4. The shipment is prompt, and you will receive the delivery within a few days.

6. Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan's Candy Bar Store

Dylan's Candy Bar has the widest range of sweets and candy-related presents worldwide, with over 7,000 confections fusing art, fashion, and pop culture with candy. A modern-day replica of Willy Wonka's factory greets visitors when they enter Dylan's Candy Bar.

Its pop art installations—such as the enormous lollipop tree, candy cane columns, oozing chocolate shelves, kaleidoscopic candy wallpaper and sugar-embedded staircases—embody the peak of “retailtainment”. Delectable odours, a candy chronology, and a broad milieu of candy tunes and advertising augment the ultra-sensory experience, granting clients a sugar high and sweet, lasting bliss.

Dylan's Candy Bar intends to continue its global expansion and has expanded beyond its initial New York City location, with outposts in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and East Hampton. You may also get the ideal gift by visiting their internet website. So, Dylan's Treat Bar has you covered, whether it's a simple candy for your child or a collection of fake chocolates for Valentine's Day. 

Key Highlights

  1. Dylan's Candy Bar has the world's greatest sweets and candy-related gifts. Visit them in-store or purchase sweets online to give to your loved ones.
  2. The variety of candy collections available on the internet page will astound you. You can check the item with a few clicks and pay using whichever method works best for you. 
  3. The ingredients are fresh, and the delivery is prompt and on time.

Final Words

Make Harry and David your partner as your trusted online cake delivery service to make birthday partners unforgettable. You have many alternatives for finding the right cake, and they will transport it to your house quickly and safely. You may add unique remarks or purchase extra gifts.

However, presenting from the same place all the time may not be the greatest choice. You need solid alternatives for the same, which is why we came up with this well-researched list of stores like Harry and David. Try it out and discover which option works best for you.


Where are Harry and David located?

The corporation is headquartered in Medford, Oregon.

How can I get Harry and David?

You may place an order on Harry and David's website. They can also be reached by phone.

Can Dylan's Candy Bar deliver my order to someone else's house?

Yes. Their items are intended for gift-giving. They may deliver your presents to the location of your choice.

Are Harry and David also selling ready-to-eat meals?

Harry and David have virtually everything. Apart from pastries, it is well-known for meat delivery and excellent readymade meal delivery.

What methods of payment are accepted?

VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diner's Club are all accepted. You may also pay online with PayPal or with Gift Cards.