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9 Best Stores like Falling Prices to Check Out! [2024]

9 Best Stores like Falling Prices to Check Out! [2024]

Stores like Falling Prices: Falling Prices promote a traditional retail concept, where there’s no such thing as set and determined prices for products. 

Yes, with Falling Prices – you can treasure multiple different products from several categories, and as the product price drops every day – you get to decide how much you would pay for it – whether it’s $6 on Tuesday or $0.25 on Saturday.

Falling Prices is a platform where you can hunt for quality products with the cheapest prices. The concept is traditional, yet unique in today’s generation – the more you wait, the more the price will drop and it’ll keep on dropping each day of the week unless it’s all sold out.

Indeed, Falling Prices sounds like an interesting store – but, if you’ve already given it a try and are searching for more stores like Falling Prices for low rates, then we’re glad to announce that the article mentioned below talks about 9 stores like Falling Prices you must visit. 

List of Stores like Falling Prices:

1. That’s Cheap!

That’s Cheap Stores like Falling Prices

Unfortunately, That's Cheap! is the only store like Falling Prices — the most similar story to Falling Prices in the market. It is a trusted discounted retail store helping many customers to live an affordable life.

Similar to Falling Prices, That's Cheap! changes its inventory categories frequently and you can find different types of treasures from numerous categories – including electronics, home decor, kitchen, essentials, and much more. 

Key Highlights

  • There is no specific list of categories you can shop from — That's Cheap! will have anything and everything randomly picked at the cheapest price – as low as $0.25. 
  • Although it has only a couple of stores across the US — each store has exclusive offers and discounts available on occasion.

2. Ollie’s Bargain Outlet 

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Store

Ollie's Bargain Outlet is a discount store from the US – a chain of discount closeout retailers offering a good assortment of branded merchandise with at least 70% off on the original store prices. 

Ollie's Bargain Outlet is a fair store chain to visit whenever you feel like living an affordable life with quality goods. On top of that, its inventory gets revised with the latest and greatest offers often, so you don’t have to wait long till you get the next update.

Key Highlights

  • It has a user-friendly application, which offers exclusive offers and deals occasionally.
  • The app includes an exclusive local store flyer – which you can’t find on its website or anywhere else. 
  • If you have Ollie’s Army card, then you can use the app to scan from your phone to lessen the hassle. 

3. Dollar Tree 

Dollar Tree Store

Dollar Tree is another trusted discount store company from the US – a multi-price-point chain offering services through discount variety stores. 

At Dollar Tree, you get to shop for bulk products that sound extremely helpful for schools, churches, party planners, restaurants, businesses, and anyone who is seeking bulk products with reasonable quality and moderately cheap prices.

Key Highlights

  • It has flexible shipping and delivery options with same-day delivery included for emergencies.
  • All Dollar Tree physical stores and its app come with exclusive special offers and discount deals.
  • You can find the cheapest treasures from a variety of categories, including laundry care, glasses, charger plates, condiments, craft supplies, table linens, balloons, milk, candles, and many more.

4. Five Below 

Five Below Store

Five Below is another promising chain of specialty discount stores — a label that offers a good mixture of items for less than $5 – along with a special set of products ranging from $6 to $25, no more. 

Five Below is popular for its cheap products ranging from $1 to $5 while it offers some really interesting and incredible finds ranging to $25. Additionally, the quality of the products is not as bad as you think – and it updates its stock frequently to keep you updated.

Key Highlights

  • You get to shop Five Below items from more than 1000 physical stores.
  • Its inventory gets updated according to seasons, occasions, and festivals – like, as of June 2024, the new collection for summer has already dropped.

5. Bargain Hunt 

Bargain Hunt Store

Bargain Hunt — previously known as Essex Bargain Hunt, is a discount store chain offering discount deals of up to 90% off on regular market prices. All products come from well-known brands and it only deals in brand-name merchandise.

As you might have already guessed — Bargain Hunt works with a clear goal of providing you with amazing saving offers on interesting brands all the time. 

Along with that, Bargain Hunt participates in affiliations to offer programs such as online auctions, crazy bin sales, etc, which will eventually help you save more. 

Key Highlights

  • The online live auctions help you find different types of treasures at surprising prices. 
  • The weekly ad feature informs you about the best deals of the week.

6. Ross Dress for Less 

Ross Dress for Less Store

Ross Dress for Less by Ross Stores is another promising chain of discount department shops from the US. It offers the best bargain deals, keeping in mind the latest trends in a variety of departments, including shoes, clothing, home decor, and many such. 

Ross Dress for Less is popular for updating its inventory with every new season, event, and festival. Whether it’s about time to invite summer or winter is just around the corner – you’ll get moderately affordable items before any season or event arrives at Ross Dress for Less. 

Key Highlights

  • Ross Dress for Less has adjusted its store hours to make it convenient for you to shop according to your busy schedule.
  • The quality of the products is fair enough for the price charged.
  • Although it specializes in apparel – there are many other categories offering some quality treasures. 

7. Big Lots 

Big Lots Store

Big Lots is all about big deals on a good bunch of categories you could shop from for your home. It’s a US-based furniture and home decor retailer through which you can buy well-known brand merchandise at highly discounted prices.

With Big Lots, you could shop from departments such as furniture, garden, sports, outdoors, household essentials, home decor, mattresses, grocery, wellness, beauty, personal care, health, pet supplies, kids, toys, babies, and patio. 

Key Highlights

  • Big Lots helps you save on big brand products, and the list of brands includes Doritos, Swiffer, Broyhill, and many more.
  • The store is always filled with discounted prices, but at the time of festivals and events like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas Eve, etc – these offers just increase in number.
  • With the help of Big Lots Credit Card, you can avail multiple benefits like extra discounts on selective products. 

8. Marshalls 

Marshalls Store

Marshalls is one of the top US-based chains of off-price department stores – one of the most popular stores in this list. It deals through physical stores – has more than 1000 stores across the US covering 42 states including Puerto Rico, and online shops. 

At Marshalls, you can shop from well-known brands at amazing prices. Additionally, you can shop from a good bunch of categories, including women, men, shoes, kids, babies, home, decor, beauty, and accessories.

Key Highlights

  • You get free shipping on all orders above $89.
  • It offers free returns at your nearby Marshalls local store.
  • There’s a separate section for newly arrived items
  • There’s always a clearance sale going on in its online shops.

9. TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx Store

TJ Maxx is another leading department store chain in the US – selling goods through a variety of departments at prices usually lower than their market value. It offers services through online stores and has over 1000 locations across the US – one of the biggest clothing retailers in the nation.

Through TJ Maxx, you can enjoy incredible saving opportunities on prominent brand apparel, shoes, home decor, handbags, and many such category items. In addition to that, it delivers products for both men and women – with more categories such as dresses, kids, babies, and gifts. 

Key Highlights

  • You get to enjoy free shipping on orders above $89.
  • There is a section for gifts where you can shop by recipient, price, gift ideas, or occasion.
  • Opting for TJX rewards credit card membership will give you a good set of benefits, including extra discounts on the majority of the items. 

Final Words 

Indeed, there are no exact same stores like Falling Prices available in the market — except for the one already mentioned at the very start. 

However, if you are seeking to buy quality products with satisfying durability, and cheap prices – then our list of stores like Falling Prices mentioned above contains some promising shop titles. 

Although they are not exactly the same as our ideal store, all of them offer huge discount deals on all the products, offer updated inventory, and the quality is good with comfort as the priority for apparel and related accessories. 

With this, we have successfully presented all the 9 stores like Falling Prices you must visit for cheap prices, and hope you now know which label to try next after Falling Prices. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there any Falling Prices similar stores?

Yes, there are a few Falling Prices similar stores, and the most similar store among them is — That’s Cheap! Additionally, you can also check Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Bargain Hunt, Ross Dress for Less, and Marshalls or TJ Maxx for low prices.