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Sky Go Error Code 21 [How to Fix 2024]

Sky Go Error Code 21 [How to Fix 2024]

Sky Go Error Code 21: Sky Go is a free streaming application for the Sky TV service. Any free-to-air channel, including Channel 4 and ITV, is safe to watch.

Do you, however, experience any difficulties with your Sky Go streaming service? When you try to open your account, you get the error code 21.

You are not alone, so don't be alarmed. There are others who have the same problem, so you may find every potential solution in this post to fix the Sky Go error code 21.

What is Sky Go Error Code 21?

Sky Go error code 21 is a common issue when trying to use the Sky Go app. You will see the notice “Sorry, we are having trouble with your request, Please try again later, (Error 21)” in your Sky Go program as a result of the error.

How to Fix Sky Error Code 21?

Below we’ve mentioned a few troubleshooting solutions that can help you fix the error.

Check Twitter

You can visit Twitter which has an official page or account, and see if anyone is talking about the Sky Go issues or if Sky Go has updated any issue-related information.

Try to enable VPN or Ad Blockers

According to the official information, VPN and ad blocker are not compatible with Sky Go. Therefore,use Sky Go without any ad blocker or VPN.

Consider turning off any VPN or ad blocker you may be using because they might be the cause of the issue.

Check Your Internet Connectivity

Sky Go requires a reliable internet connection to operate effectively. It must be reliable and quick; otherwise, it will be not connect to its server and perform as intended.

Sky Go needs a minimum of 2 MBPS of connection to function because it streams videos before displaying them on your device. As a result, make sure your internet connection is steady and has a minimum internet speed of 2 MBPS.

Try utilizing Sky Go after you restart your router. If the problem still occurs, you can use Google's “speed test” function to determine the internet speed. Contact your ISP if your internet speed is lower than expecedt.

Check Sky Go server status

If your internet speed is adequate, visit the Sky Service Status page to see whether there are any current service concerns.

This error code will also appear if the server is undergoing maintenance or experiencing service-related problems. In that scenario, your only option is to wait until the technical staff resolves the issue.

Update an Sky Go app

The problem could arise if you don't have the newest version. You need to check to see if Sky Go has any upcoming updates pending.

As Sky Go regularly updates its software, it could happen that you have missed one of the updates and that is why this issue is happening. Go to the Play Store or App Store to update it.

Restart your app and device

There is a possibility that the issue might be with your device or app. Sign out of the app and restart it if there are no pending updates to be installed.

If restarting the app also fails to resolve the issues, try restarting your device by simply powering it off and then powering it on after 1 minute, and see if this helps.

Clear your Sky Go app cache

If the problem persists and you receive the error code 21, you should also erase the Sky Go cache on your device.

Cache files may include useless and corrupted data that can cause problems for your software. Please follow the instructions below to erase the cache.

For Android:

  • On your device, go to Settings.
  • Launch the applications.
  • Tap on the Manage Apps option.
  • Go to Sky Go and click it.
  • Select Clear Cache or Clear Data.

For iOS:

  • Access the iPhone's settings.
  • Visit the General.
  • Then, locate the Sky Go App and select it.
  • On the iPhone, tap Storage.
  • After that, select the Offload App button.
  • Install Sky Go once again.

Contact Sky Go Customer Support

In case the error still occurs after applying all the fixes, you should contact the Sky Go support team. To contact Sky support you can visit here or call them at 0333 7591 018. 


Why does Sky Go say error?

Occasionally, these issues are simply small network glitches, and retrying will fix the issue. You can also try turning off and then back on your device's Wi-Fi. Restarting your Sky Go app might help and if your app has to be outdated, it can be updated.

Why is Sky Go not working on my Wi-Fi?

Remove the Sky Go app, turn off the Wi-Fi, and then restart your smartphone. Install the Sky Go app and restart the Wi-Fi connection.

How do I get rid of error 21?

Rebooting the computer may fix (Code 21) errors. Simply click the Windows button, pick Power, and then Restart from the menu.