7 Best Sites like Wowcher to Save Money! [UK 2022]

Sites like Wowcher

Do you wish to buy expensive clothes? But you also need to save money. Then, how about you look at Wowcher and sites like Wowcher that can help you save money?

Wowcher is a huge online website where you can find exclusive discount offers on old and newly released products and services. Surf on the website and save up to 80% on 100 outstanding deals.

While Wowcher is doing well – there might be some reasons why customers would like to go for new and best coupons sites in the UI.

To help them – in the article below, we have presented you with the best Wowcher alternatives. To know about more best Coupon sites in UK, keep reading.


Groupon is a website that offers different kinds of coupons for a wide variety of services and Brands. Groupon helps you save money by offering diversified Deals and discount coupons.

The wide variety of services in the branch at the group includes online shopping trips to local destinations, massages and more. The Deals you get at the group can be best used if you are on a vacation at a new place.

Groupon is the best website for Merchant Marketing, Custom Merchant Pages, Email Marketing and Redemption. It is one of the best Wowcher alternative.

Key Features:

  • You receive fresh deals.
  • The deals list is compulsorily updated regularly.
  • Discounts start from 50% to 90%.



At VoucherCodes, you get exclusive codes for discounts and vouchers for big brands. VoucherCodes is the UK’s biggest coupon website.

The VoucherCode club has over 7 million members and all the vouchers from VoucherCodes work 100%.

At VoucherCodes, you can find NHS discounts, Fresh codes for local restaurants and shops, big brands for clothing and accessories including footwear and many more interesting deals – all these will surely help you save a good amount.

Key Features:

  • On the website you get to see the top 20 vouchers trending, so you can select from them.
  • VoucherCodes have a special category for students including all sorts of items and discounts students would need.



VoucherCloud is an infamous Voucher site in the UK. At VoucherCloud, you get huge voucher discounts and exclusive offers from huge brands.

VoucherCloud has brought together the best set of ways to save money and live by spending less on expensive items. This website is one of the best Wowcher alternatives.

From local vouchers to Internationally used vouchers – at VoucherCloud, you get Vouchers not only for items like clothing and food products but also for Travel and Accommodation in places you are set off for vacations.

Key Features:

  • VoucherCloud is the UK’s No 1 money-saving brand.
  • You also get exclusive deals in the Travel and Tourism sector.



You get Promo Codes and exclusive Discount codes at the myvouchercodes.co.uk site. It is 100% safe to use and it is the best way you can save money and buy expensive items you want.

My Voucher Codes is an online platform where you can view and handpick your favourite brand’s voucher. If you have followed the rules – you can use vouchers with more than 50% off and more.

My Voucher Code is a verified and tested website. All the Promo codes and Discount codes they list down work just right until their expiration date.

Key Features:

  • If you choose the My Voucher Code website, you will enter the club with over 5 million members.
  • My Voucher Codes have over 2500 brands listed on their website.


With the help of GoGroopie, you will receive exclusive and huge discounts on things you have wanted for a long time. All this by following an easy and fun-filled process.

GoGroopie is a UK-based online Discount and Promo code website. They have Vouchers and discounts for retailers, goods, services and travel packages are included too.

GoGroopie is one of the leading online Marketplaces working in the UK. It is one of the best voucher sites like Wowcher. They are tested and their offers are legitimate.

Key Features:

  • GoGroopie can also help in your business – you can send feature promotions through emails or present them on site.
  • GoGroopie is a fun and simple way to receive huge promotions and buy expensive items.



Hotel place is one of the leading voucher sites like Wowcher, featuring exclusive deals and promotions from the best brands in the United Kingdom.

Hotukdeals come in a website as well as an application that can be downloaded on App Store as well as Apple Store. The apps are compatible with almost all types of devices.

At Hotukdeals, you can find offers and voucher codes for shopping purposes, eating purposes and services too. The website updates fresh deals often.

Key Features:

  • You can find a good variety of categories to find discounts from.
  • The highlights page on the website and app of the Hotukdeals highlights all trending Deals and promotions on the website.

Voucher Box

Voucher Box

Voucher box is one of the most infamous voucher sites in the UK. At the Voucher box, you get thousands of thousands of discount coupons and vouchers for big brands.

Voucher Box has a lot of categories listed on its website. The usage of services of the website is 100% free and the website is tested and safe to use.

To the recent takeaway from another website, they have saved over 140 million euros worldwide. From Moonpig voucher codes to Shein voucher codes, you also get Uber and other amazing brands at Voucher Box.

Key Features:

  • Get vouchers from different category brands like Shein for Clothing goods, Uber for Ride services and more.
  •  The category list includes Multimedia and Books, Travel and Outdoor, Family and many more.

Conclusion: Sites like Wowcher

You can find a lot of voucher websites in Uk – but not all are safe to trust. That is one of the reasons why we have presented the above list to you. It will help you surf from the best deals available for the items and services you need.

Frequently asked Questions

What is similar to Wowcher?

GoGroopie, My Voucher Code, VoucherCloud and VoucherCodes are a few of the similar websites to Wowcher.

What is the Best UK deal site?

Wowcher and Groupon are two of the leading voucher sites in UK. They have the best deals for all types of categories and their list of offers gets updated frequently with fresh deals.

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