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7 Top Sites like StatMuse & StatMuse Alternatives [2024]

7 Top Sites like StatMuse & StatMuse Alternatives [2024]

Sites like StatMuse/StatStatMuse Alternatives: StatMuse is one of the popular American-based AI companies providing services through an eponymous site, where it offers databases of sports-related statistics.

The site is quick in answering questions related to a huge variety of topics including MLB, NFL, MBA, and many more. Whether it’s the match schedule you are looking for, or simply the scores and stats – this site will give you an instant answer and help in saving time.

Indeed, everything looks good with StatMuse — except that its premium services are now charged at $20. The sum is not exactly 

big, but definitely expensive for its very little amount of services and benefits, compared to other similar platforms.

However, you don’t need to stress out anymore because we are back with a list of the best 7 sites like StatMuse you must try out for saving time – who also offer better quality services at a moderate price for a premium subscription.

List of Sites like StatMuse:

1. Stathead 

Stathead Sites like StatMuse

Stathead acts as your ultimate platform to get the sports reference database instantly. It basically offers power users a simple set of tools to search sports reference databases to answer all their doubts and questions.

Stathead is your answer to feed your curiosity with a variety of categories and topics like games, spans, individual events, careers, seasons, and many more. 

Key Features

  • 1-month free trial: Stathead is fair enough to offer a 1-month free trial which can be canceled at any time – along with premium discounts for medical professionals, students, teachers, and military people.
  • Customized leaderboards: Stathead offers a customized leaderboard, where your leaderboard will automatically include all the topics you are interested in and have recently searched for.

2. StatMuse Alternatives is another promising and widespread platform to feed your curious side with scores, history, and real-time statistics of each team connected with the NBA and WNBA.

Additionally, also offers similar types of data for many top European Basketball competitions and players. 

Key Features

  • Hall of famer: apart from the usual search filters – if you know the player as one of the Hall of famer, and not by his or her name, then the hall of famer filter tool on the site will do the work.
  • Real-time updates: gives you real-time updated data of all the players born on the specific date, who died on a specific date, and the recent debuts.

3. Sports Reference 

Sports Reference

Sports Reference is another good American-based company, operating a good bunch of sports-related platforms. With Sports Reference, you can get any type of sports-related information easily and quickly – with last-minute updated data from well-known sources.

Sports Reference is best when you wish to quickly check the stats. Its official website provides services through a group of sites, offering both basic and advanced resources and statistics for all sports fans from across the world.

Key Features

  • Top sports sections: Sports Reference has these sections, or rather titles on its official website named – ‘notable press mentions’, and ‘podcast appearances’ where you can get direct links to the top content from each category.
  • User-shared data: Sports Reference has this globally available feature through which users from any part of the world can share their references in the easiest way on the site. 

4. Cleaning The Glass 

Cleaning The Glass

Cleaning the Glass is here to specifically offer you NBA stats with almost a perfectly accurate percentage – where you can save time and the filter processes to jump right at the answers.

Cleaning the Glass offers statistics for almost all kinds of hot topics like lineups, teams, players, games, and whatnot. Also, the data it provides is all up-to-date and from only verified authorities.

Key Features

  • Media content: Cleaning the Glass offers two types of media content – videos and articles. Their videos have the highlights edited, and articles give you a proper idea of how NBA executives and coaches work. 
  • Exclusive data: one of the best features of Cleaning the Glass is that it offers exclusive data which is hard to find on even official platforms.


As you might have already guessed from the title – Lineups is here to give you real-time starting lineups, along with more from the categories like rosters, fantasy stats, betting odds, etc for sports like NFL, NBA, and MLB.

With Lineups, you can learn about the lineup patterns of players and teams in certain matches – which will automatically help you run toward the winning end if you are into betting. 

Key Features

  • Direct search bar: Lineups has a direct search bar on its homepage, where you can search teams, odds, tools, stats, etc with about 15,000 pages of data.
  • Articles by professionals: Lineups has an article section on its website where you can find articles written by some sports professionals for MLB, NHL, college football, college basketball, soccer, and more such sports.


FantasyPros is another unique platform in this list – a site aggregating and rating fantasy baseball and football advice from more than 100 experts and professionals.

With FantasyPros, you can ask for consensus rankings, accurate ratings, and more real-time updated and expert stats and advice — enough to answer all your doubts and questions regarding fantasy baseball and football.

Key Features

  • My Playbook: FantasyPros has the My Playbook tool where you are free to import your team or create one to win leagues. 
  • Mock Draft Simulator: Mock Draft Simulator is one of the popular feature tools at FantasyPros where you get to practice fast and practical mock drafts. 

7. RotoWire 


RotoWire specializes in fantasy-style games and fantasy sports news. It is one of the popular official sources providing Fantasy data and news to some widespread labels such as ESPN, Yahoo, NFL, CBSSSports, FoxSports, and more.

RotoWire’s official website is a trustworthy home for millions of annual users who are interested in the latest fantasy sports, sports betting news, tools, information, daily fantasy sports, and more such services. 

Key Features

  • Betting Promos: RotoWire’s website has a section named ‘best betting promos’ where you can search for tens of best betting promotional offers from well-known titles like PayPal, Caesars, FanDuel, etc.
  • Legal Sports Betting: Legal Sports Betting is another feature of RotoWire, offering you many legal sports betting promotional codes and offers. 

Final Words 

Typing the doubt or question on the Google search engine and getting a good bunch of answers sound good overall – even easy, but if you are a hardcore sports lover, then you need some premium or at least official resources to get the stats and information from.

StatMuse has been doing all the aforementioned work for thousands of fans till recently, but since it has increased its subscription fees for no good reason– it’s about time you have a look at some other good StatMuse alternatives, and our list of good sites like StatMuse mentioned above has the best ones listed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What sites are similar to StatMuse?

RotoWire, Stathead, Sports Reference, Cleaning The Glass,, and FantasyPros are some of the good sites similar to StatMuse.

Are there more websites like StatMuse?

Yes, Stathead,, FantasyPros, RotoWire, Sports Reference, and Cleaning The Glass are a few of the trustworthy websites like StatMuse to find recently updated data and stats.