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7 Top Sites like MyAnimeList & MyAnimeList Alternatives!

7 Top Sites like MyAnimeList & MyAnimeList Alternatives!

Sites like MyAnimeList: MyAnimeList, with its widespread abbreviation MAL, is a globally famous anime and manga social networking site. It’s run by multiple volunteers who provide users with data about any anime and manga in a systematic format – mainly used for checking reviews and ratings. 

MyAnimeList is our personal favorite platform and a go-to website to search for any type of genre in manga and anime. On the contrary – its user interface and working mechanics are not exactly that manageable to use – direct words narrated by many users.

Likewise, if you are also searching for some more MyAnimeList alternatives with a better UI, aesthetics, and overall functions – then we assure you that the article mentioned below contains a well-curated list of the top sites like MyAnimeList to try out.

List of Sites like MyAnimeList:

1. AniList 

AniList Sites like MyAnimeList

AniList is one of the trusted and well-known new-generation anime and manga websites where you can easily track, explore, and share your favorite anime. It’s well-known for providing scores for almost all the top and good Anime out there — giving you systematic and detailed statistics about each one.

With AniList, you get hands on the exact details of any anime, including its format, number of episodes, duration of each episode, status, and airing schedule, along with a description. In addition to that, the best part is that you get to customize its already fair theme. 

AniList is one of the leading websites to visit whenever you want to know which anime is currently trending, attracting more viewers this season, all-time popular gems, and more under such headlines.

Key Highlights

  • Record your progress: AniList is a good platform to keep track of your progress across types of devices, including macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Join the community: AniList is a safe community where you are free to share your honest thoughts and opinions, socialize with other Anime fans, get the best recommendations, and make friends globally. 

2. AniDB 

AniDB Anime site

AniDB, aka Anime DataBase, is another trusted platform, featuring a detailed database about all types and forms of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese animation. It’s known to have a rather compressed UI with the homepage filled with types of content like headlines, news, random waifu, etc.

In terms of the number of databases on AniDB, it has over 14,000 Anime databases, more than 200,000 episodes recorded, and over 130,000 characters listed.

Apart from all that, AniDB was established and shaped with a proper goal – constantly improving and providing users with revised and updated data about their favorite animated content. 

Key Highlights

  • Music Videos: unlike many other similar platforms, AniDB also focuses on almost all the music videos released and offers accurate and revised data for them, including the rating, the average rating, the release date, etc. 
  • Updated schedule: AniDB is good at updating its anime airing schedule, where you can keep track of all your ongoing Anime to know the accurate air date along with the number of next episodes.

3. Anime-Planet 


Anime-Planet is again, one of the most trusted platforms – one of our favorites to explore Anime and Manga. The site is also helpful in keeping track of your overall progress, while you can also watch anime and read manga from different genres.

At Anime-Planet, you can stream more than 45,000 industries-supported and legal Anime episodes. It’s also a good platform to create your anime list on.

With Anime-Planet, you get a detailed description of the anime and manga, along with relevant tags – following behind the number of episodes, the format, and the animation entertainment. 

Key Highlights

  • Scores: Anime-Planet is a safe website to share your honest reviews and scores about the anime — while you can also explore and check scores of anime and manga before starting. 
  • Curate a list: Anime-Planet allows you to curate lists of all the Anime and manga you are interested to watch and recommend to other users. It offers a neat space to keep a record of your anime and manga history. 

4. Kitsu 

Kitsu Anime site

Kitsu is another favorite anime and manga platform – specifically helping you in tracking your anime and manga progress. With this software, you can create a library of all the anime you’re watching and manga you are reading, want to watch or read in the future, and are completed. 

Kitsu offers a systematic library with multiple tools to know how many episodes or chapters you have just completed, if you have rated the Anime or manga, etc. 

Along with all that, Kitsu also promotes searching for new favorite anime and manga – along with a waifu, through its robust search engine. You can also take advantage of headlines like top airing anime, recommendations for you, etc for discovery. 

Key Highlights

  • Database: while Kitsu seems to be solely interested in helping you track your progress – it also acts like a trusted database to know more about the anime and manga, like its release year, summary, genres, characters, etc.
  • Share and discuss in the community: Kitsu has a safe and big community where you can share your favorite anime and manga from different genres and lists, and discuss certain episodes, manga, characters, and whatnot.

5. AnimeNewsNetwork 


Anime News Network is a popular news site reporting statuses of Anime, video games, manga, Japanese popular music, and other relevant cultures within Southeast Asia, North America, Japan, and Australia. 

With Anime News Network, it has massively gotten easier to stay updated with all the news and headlines in the anime and manga industries. All the articles and headlines are revised and updated right after the news is set out by the authorities.

Moreover, Anime News Network’s website is a helpful platform with a forum where you can share your opinions and discuss the highlights, learn about all the trending and new anime through multiple headlines, and read reviews of anime and manga before beginning.

Key Highlights

  • Types of content: Anime News Network is here to offer you types of content and news, with the list including press releases, interest, convention reports, and news feeds.
  • Columns: Anime News Network also has this unique section of columns on its platform, where you are free to choose any column of your choice and comment below to discuss further the topic of the column.

6. MangaDex 


MangaDex is rather a manga-related website, where you can read manga online for free without interruption from ads. 

Now, why do you think it is included in this list? because – while you can read the manga, you can also explore new manga and can also read reviews before starting it.

In addition to that, MangaDex has thousands of titles from tens of diverse genres, and while you can read all these for free – you can also check the details and tags of the manga, the number of chapters released, its status, and more revised details. 

Key Highlights

  • Keep track: if you don’t want to use MangaDex for reading online, then you can use it to track all your already-read manga, the ones you are currently reading, and the ones you have completed and recommend through multiple lists.
  • Different languages: although MangaDex is filled with English translations mostly – you can also find many descriptions and Mangas available in different languages including espanol, japanese, etc. 

7. MyDramaList 


MyDramaList shouldn’t be included in this list originally – but it is a promising and ideal platform to visit whenever you wish to discover more shows, dramas, movies, and variety shows from South Korea, China, Japan, etc countries – all from Asia.

MyDramaList is a go-to platform for millions to stay updated with the news of their favorite show or drama. It gives you the latest exclusives, gossip, and news about your favorite topics, while you can also explore the leading and top entertainment from your favorite genre.

Key Highlights

  • Make lists: MyDramaList allows you to systematically make multiple lists of all the entertainment content you have already watched, are going to watch, or are currently watching – and the movies and shows you recommend to others.
  • Revised Schedules: MyDramaList is always on-point when it comes to updated schedules for new episodes of all the ongoing and upcoming dramas, movies, variety shows, etc. 

Final Words

When it comes to news related to anime and manga – it’s quite difficult to just trust any article randomly. The same goes with the data which tells you everything about the anime or manga you need to know before starting it – which also includes ratings and reviews by other users.

But, while MyAnimeList does a good job in helping you track your progress, learn and explore more about anime and manga, and do all the related things — the above-mentioned list of sites like MyAnimeList also has some promising sites you can trust.

In conclusion, if there is something you don’t like about MyAnimeList, or genuinely want to use some other sites like MyAnimeList – then the list in this article is what you currently need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What sites are like MAL and AniList?

Kitsu, AniDB, Anime-Planet, and AnimeNewsNetwork are a few of the trusted and unique sites like MAL and AniList. 

Are there more websites similar to MyAnimeList?

Kitsu, AnimeNewsNetwork, AniDB, Anime-Planet, AniList, and MangaDex are some of the popular websites similar to MyAnimeList for exploring new anime and manga, reviewing scores by other viewers, and keeping track of your progress systematically.