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Fix: SaluSpa Error Code e02 [2024]

Fix: SaluSpa Error Code e02 [2024]

SaluSpa Error Code e02: SaluSpa is a brand offering a variety of hot tubs to help you have a spacious tub – to relax after a long and hectic day at work, or university. 

These products mostly acquire positive ratings from their customers without any issues. However, a few days are exceptions where your hot tub doesn't work out – appearing with error codes, like the recent SaluSpa Error Code e02. 

Because of the SaluSpa Error Code e02, you won’t be able to use your hot tub at all, because this error code is somehow related to the water flow or sensor, which will, one way or another, prevent the full process of the hot tub. 

However, you are lucky today because the article mentioned below contains over 5 troubleshooting solutions to solve the ‘SaluSpa Error Code e02’ problem thoroughly. 

What is the SaluSpa Error Code e02?

SaluSpa Error Code e02, as already mentioned, is one of the many types of errors you might face with SaluSpa products. As for this error code – it will appear only when there is something wrong with the water pressure or flow.

Moreover, you might encounter this error showing up on your heater or pump unit – simply not letting you have a relaxing bath in your hot tub. 

How to Fix: SaluSpa Error Code e02

No Water in Tanks

As soon as you receive the error code, the very first thing you should make sure of is that the tanks have water – and enough at that, to provide you with all the water you need for a good bath.

Dusty Filters

Dirty filters will not only offer dirty water after a point – but they will also cause problems in the swift flow of water through the system, automatically inviting issues such as the SaluSpa Error Code e02.

Therefore, carefully remove the filter housing from the machine and start your pump to check if the filter is actually the issue. When you have confirmed, you can remove the dirt and all the junk stuck in the filters and put it back carefully.

Jammed Debris Filter  

If Debris filters, which, in most cases, are placed right above the filter housings, are dirty, then they might as well become an obstacle in the quick flow of water. 

Therefore, you must carefully remove the part, and if you see junk stuck in there – then flush it with your garden hose and brush it a little bit for better results, before attaching it back. 

Damaged Inlet or Outlet Pipe

If your inlet or outlet pipe is damaged, then it might become an obstacle in the water flow. There might be many reasons for this cause, one of them being that your liner isn’t receiving enough air to function well.

To solve this problem, all you have to do is fill your liner with air, and that should also straighten the pipes.

Dirty Flow Sensor Paddle

If your machine's flow sensor paddle is dirty enough to not move in the correct direction whenever the water is flowing – then you are prone to get the error code.

Therefore, you are required to start by disconnecting the egg and removing both filter housings. Next, check if there’s dirt and debris around the sensor paddle. 

If you found dirt, then flush water through the machine from both directions – enough to clean all the junk stuck inside. After you are satisfied – you can connect the egg and start the machine.


If you are someone who receives hard water, then you might have heard about Limescale. If you disconnect the egg and check the heater unit and debris filters – only to find out white flaky substances on them, then that’s Limescale, in most cases, caused by heavy water.

To solve this problem, you will have to start by pumping cold water in the inlet and outlet vibes so that it reaches just above the tube. Next, you need a descaling solution, whether in powder form or liquid.

With the descaling solution, you have to put a good amount of it around the heater along with the pump and switch it on for about 15 to 30 minutes to break the Limescale buildup.

Broken Water Flow Sensor

The water flow sensor is one of the main parts of the machine, and it comes with a magnetic switch with a plastic surround. If this plastic is rusted or broken, it will not function well and the water flow sensor will not work either.

If this is the issue, then you have to replace the paddle — the only solution available since we can’t do anything with something that’s rusted or broken.

Impeller or Impeller Shaft Issues

If there’s an issue with the impeller or rather its shaft – whether it’s broken, damaged, or stuck, then there’s going to be an issue with the water flow. 

Since most of the impeller shops are made with ceramic, they are often broken after a while, and replacing them with a new one is the only option. Likewise, when the shaft has become rusty, it automatically gets weaker. Similarly, the solution is the same, and you'll have to replace it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix EO2 error on Coleman SaluSpa?

To fix the e02 error on Coleman SaluSpa, the easiest way is to unscrew the filter assembly, check for junk and dirt and if you find any then clean it thoroughly before reassembling. You can also do the same with the debris filter and water flow sensor paddle.