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9 Best Restaurants like Texas de Brazil [2024]

9 Best Restaurants like Texas de Brazil [2024]

Restaurants like Texas de Brazil: Indulge in the flavors of Brazil and experience the art of churrasco, a traditional Brazilian barbecue, at Texas de Brazil. 

Known for its mouthwatering grilled meats carved tableside, elegant ambiance, and exceptional service, Texas de Brazil offers a dining experience that combines sophistication with the rich culinary traditions of Brazil. If you've developed a love for Brazilian cuisine and are searching for similar dining establishments, you're in for a treat. 

In this article, we'll take you on a gastronomic journey to discover a selection of Similar Restaurants like Texas de Brazil that share the same essence, offering authentic Brazilian flavors, sizzling meats, and a festive atmosphere. 

Prepare to be transported to Brazil as we explore these Brazilian-inspired culinary destinations.

List of Restaurants like Texas de Brazil

1. Fogo de Chao

Fogo de Chao Restaurants like Texas de Brazil

Enter the world of Fogo de Chao to experience the art of Brazilian churrasco, complete with a gourmet salad bar, continuous service of fire-roasted meats, and an upscale setting.

Key Highlights

  1. Gauchos and Meat Carvers: Enjoy authentic churrasco cuisine as talented gauchos serve a variety of delectable meats to your table while moving about the restaurant.
  2. Gourmet Salad Bar: To start your dinner, visit the spacious salad bar, which features a wide selection of fresh salads, cured meats, cheeses, and Brazilian side dishes.
  3. Wine Selection: Carefully chosen Brazilian and foreign wines are available to compliment the tastes of the meats in your meal.
  4. Exquisite Ambiance: Enjoy an exquisite environment with modern décor, opulent furniture, and a sophisticated ambiance, ideal for special events or private meals.
  5. Brazilian Desserts: Finish your meal with a typical Brazilian dessert, such as the Brigadeiro or papaya cream, to indulge in delicious treats embodying Brazil.


  1. Fogo de Chao – Brea, California: 301 North Tustin Ave, Brea, CA 92821
  2. Fogo de Chao – Addison, Texas: 4300 Belt Line Rd, Addison, TX 75001
  3. Fogo de Chao – Emeryville, California: Bay Street Emeryville, 5800 Shellmound St, Emeryville, CA 94608

2. Chima Steakhouse

Chima Steakhouse

Embrace the Brazilian rodizio experience at Chima Steakhouse, where you can indulge in an endless array of meats and a sizable gourmet salad bar.

Key Highlights

  1. Rotating Meats: Enjoy an unending variety of delectable meats, including premium cuts of beef, lamb, hog, poultry, and sausage, sliced at your table by skilled gauchos.
  2. Salad Bar and Sides: Discover the vast salad bar, which complements the meat-centric eating experience by offering a selection of fresh salads, charcuterie, cheeses, and hot side dishes.
  3. Elegant Ambiance: Dine in a chic, modern setting with elegant furnishings, contemporary touches, and an attentive staff committed to first-rate service.
  4. Private Dining Options: Host private parties or commemorate significant anniversaries in a restaurant's private dining room, which can seat groups of all sizes.
  5. Signature Caipirinhas: Enjoy a refreshing and tropical touch to your dining experience by sipping on classic Brazilian cocktails like the Caipirinha, blended with fresh limes, sugar, and cachaça.


  • Chima Steakhouse – Tysons Corner in Vienna,VA: 8010 Towers Crescent Dr, Vienna, VA 22182
  • Chima Steakhouse – Fort Lauderdale, FL: 2400 E. Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
  • Chima Steakhouse – Philadelphia, PA: 1901 JFK Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19103

3. The Fogata

Visit The La Fogata, a Brazilian steakhouse renowned for its searing churrasco-style meats and energetic ambiance, to experience the bright flavors of Brazil.

Key Highlights

  1. Churrasco-style Dining: Authentic rodizio-style dining is available at churrasco restaurants, where servers bring a selection of grilled meats to your table, including beef, hog, chicken, and sausage.
  2. Salad Bar & Sides: To go along with your meats, stop by the salad bar, which offers seasonal vegetables, salads, traditional Brazilian side dishes, and more.
  3. Live Music: Live music performances will immerse you in the dynamic ambiance and give your dining experience a joyful feel.
  4. Full-Service Bar: Sip on Brazilian cocktails, such as the Caipirinha or the Batida de Coco, or explore a selection of international beers and wines from the full-service bar.
  5. Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere: Experience the warm hospitality of Brazil, as the friendly staff creates an inviting atmosphere that makes you feel like part of the family.


  • The Fogata – Kansas City, MO: 600 E 99th St, Kansas City, MO 64131

4. Buckhead


For true Brazilian food in Buckhead, visit Buckheads Brazilian Grill, which offers churrasco-style eating, a colorful salad bar, and a friendly ambiance.

Key Highlights

  1. Churrasco Dining Experience: Indulge in a limitless variety of grilled meats, including top sirloin, filet mignon, lamb, chicken, and more, all expertly cut at the table by gauchos.
  2. Salad Bar and Sides: To improve your eating experience, find a generous salad bar that offers fresh vegetables, salads, cheeses, and traditional Brazilian side dishes.
  3. Live Entertainment: Enjoy live musical performances that highlight Brazilian rhythms and give your dinner a lively, celebratory feel.
  4. Casual and Relaxed Setting: Take in the relaxed atmosphere created to make friends, families, and groups feel at home.
  5. Brazilian Cocktails: Quench your thirst with Brazilian-inspired cocktails like the Caipirinha, made with cachaça, lime, and sugar, or explore a variety of tropical drinks from the bar.


  • Buckhead's Chop House – Richmond, VA
  • Buckhead Mountain Grill – Riverside, OH
  • Buckhead's Chophouse – Richmond, VA

5. Terra Gaucha

Terra Gaucha

Terra Gaucha is an authentic Brazilian churrascaria that brings the flavors of Southern Brazil to your table, offering a variety of succulent meats and an extensive salad bar.

Key Highlights

  1. Gaucho-Style Service: Be treated to the traditional gaucho-style service, where expertly trained gauchos carve a selection of fire-roasted meats directly at your table.
  2. Salad Bar and Sides: Complement your meats with trips to the gourmet salad bar, featuring fresh salads, vegetables, imported cheeses, and traditional Brazilian side dishes.
  3. Open Grill Kitchen: Witness the culinary mastery as you observe the open grill kitchen, where the meats are expertly seasoned and perfectly cooked.
  4. Elegant and Modern Ambiance: Experience a sophisticated and contemporary setting featuring sleek decor, comfortable seating, and a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  5. Private Dining Options: Host private events or intimate gatherings in the restaurant's private dining spaces, providing exclusivity and personalized service.


  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Tampa, FL
  • Stamford, CT

6. Churrascaria Plataforma

Churrascaria Plataforma

Churrascaria Plataforma offers a true taste of Brazil with its all-you-can-eat meat selection, an extensive buffet, and an energetic ambiance.

Key Highlights

  1. Rodizio-Style Meats: Enjoy the continuous tableside service of various types of meat, including beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and more, carved by gauchos and served until you've had your fill.
  2. Lavish Buffet: Explore the lavish buffet spread, offering a variety of hot and cold dishes, salads, traditional Brazilian fare, and delectable desserts.
  3. Samba Show: Experience the vibrant energy of Brazil with live samba performances, showcasing authentic music and dance, adding a lively and festive atmosphere to your meal.
  4. Elegant Setting: Dine in an elegant and spacious setting adorned with tasteful decor, ambient lighting, and a comfortable seating arrangement.
  5. Signature Caipirinha Bar: Sip on refreshing Caipirinhas or choose from a selection of classic and creative cocktails at the dedicated Caipirinha Bar.


  • 316 W 49th St, New York, NY 10019, United States
  • 427 W 145th St, New York, NY 10031, United States
  • 6323 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, United States

7. Chama Gaúcha

Chama Gaúcha

Chama Gaúcha invites you to indulge in the flavors of Southern Brazil, offering a traditional churrasco experience, an extensive salad bar, and warm Brazilian hospitality.

Key Highlights

  1. Rodizio-style Service: Experience the rodizio-style service, where a continuous flow of seasoned and skewered meats is brought to your table by gauchos, offering a variety of cuts and flavors.
  2. Salad Bar and Hot Dishes: Complement your meats with visits to the abundant salad bar, featuring fresh vegetables, artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and a selection of hot dishes.
  3. Upscale Ambiance: Enjoy an upscale, inviting atmosphere with elegant decor, plush seating, and a professional staff dedicated to exceptional service.
  4. Private Dining Options: Host private events or special occasions in the restaurant's private dining rooms, offering your guests a personalized experience and exclusivity.
  5. Brazilian Desserts: Indulge your sweet tooth with a range of delectable Brazilian desserts, such as the classic flan or the brigadeiro, a rich chocolate truffle.

8. Rodizio Grill

Rodizio Grill

Rodizio Grill offers an authentic Brazilian churrascaria experience featuring a continuous parade of grilled meats, a vibrant salad bar, and a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Key Highlights:

  1. Gauchos and Meat Carvers: Enjoy the theater of rodizio-style dining as expert gauchos carve succulent meats at your table, offering continuous service throughout your meal.
  2. Gourmet Salad Bar: Enhance your dining experience with a trip to the gourmet salad bar, featuring fresh vegetables, salads, cheeses, and traditional Brazilian side dishes.
  3. Festive Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a lively and energetic ambiance with live music, vibrant decor, and warm Brazilian hospitality that creates a festive and welcoming environment.
  4. Tropical Cocktails: Sip on tropical cocktails, such as the Caipirinha or the Batida de Coco, made with fresh fruits and Brazilian spirits, adding a refreshing twist to your dining experience.
  5. All-You-Can-Eat Experience: Indulge in an all-you-can-eat feast, allowing you to savor a variety of meats and flavors to your heart's content.

9. Via Brasil Steakhouse

Via Brasil Steakhouse

Via Brasil Steakhouse invites you to savor the flavors of Brazil with its churrasco-style dining, featuring an array of grilled meats, a gourmet salad bar, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Key Highlights:

  1. Churrasco Dining Experience: Immerse yourself in the churrasco-style dining, where gauchos present an assortment of grilled meats sliced directly onto your plate.
  2. Gourmet Salad Bar: Begin your meal with a trip to the gourmet salad bar, offering a variety of fresh vegetables, salads, cheeses, and traditional Brazilian side dishes.
  3. Live Music: Enjoy live music performances, showcasing Brazilian rhythms and adding a lively and festive touch to your dining experience.
  4. Warm Hospitality: Experience Brazil's warm and friendly hospitality as the staff ensures that you have a memorable and enjoyable time at Via Brasil Steakhouse.
  5. Private Events: The restaurant offers private event spaces perfect for hosting celebrations, parties, or corporate gatherings, providing a personalized and exclusive dining experience.


  • 1225 S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • 1225 S Fort Apache Rd, Ste 100, Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • 9370 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147

Final Words

In conclusion, if you have developed a taste for Brazilian cuisine and are searching for places like Texas de Brazil, these Brazilian-inspired establishments will transport you to Brazil with their churrasco-style dining, extensive salad bars, warm hospitality, and festive atmospheres. 

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, enjoying a family dinner, or simply exploring the flavors of Brazil, these restaurants offer an authentic and memorable dining experience that will satisfy your cravings for Brazilian cuisine.


Are these Brazilian restaurants suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, most of these Brazilian restaurants offer vegetarian options, ensuring everyone can enjoy a flavorful dining experience.

Can I make reservations at these Brazilian restaurants?

Yes, making reservations in advance, especially during peak hours, is recommended to secure your table at these popular dining establishments.

Do these Brazilian restaurants offer takeout or delivery services?

Yes, many of these Brazilian restaurants provide takeout and delivery services, allowing you to enjoy the flavors of Brazil in the comfort of your home.