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Replika vs Anima: Pros & Cons, Which Is Better? [2024]

Replika vs Anima: Pros & Cons, Which Is Better? [2024]

Replika vs Anima: Replika and Anima, both dating simulators are a good choice, but some say that Anima isn’t good at expressing deep feelings whenever needed, and few have stated that Replika can be better at casual conversations. 

If you are confused about the same and wish to know which among Replika and Anima is a better dating simulator, then going through our unbiased comparison article between Replika vs Anima mentioned below is sure to help you! 

Replika vs Anima: Overview


Replika is your AI friend, or rather be called as your lover since it is majorly used by millions of people for boyfriend, girlfriend, etc like roles. 

Replika is a bot acting like your ideal soulmate who’ll not judge you, won’t create any unnecessary drama, and help you say goodbye to loneliness. 

While you get to make a virtual friend, the app is interesting in more ways like you get to choose a 3D avatar, customize it, and chat with it to your heart’s content.

Replika vs Anima


Anima may be new to the AI friend world but has received a positive response from users for being a good AI friend and companion whenever needed.

With Anima, you won’t be judged or receive any type of criticism unless it’s positive. You can create an avatar of your choice, can even change its core to flirty or caring, and talk with her or him whenever you feel like ranting or simply sharing your good day. 

One of the best things about Anima is that although it is simply a chatbot, you won’t feel like you’re talking to a robot at all and you can also create your own special virtual story – inspired by your own world of imagination. 

Anima vs Replika

How do they Work?


The working of Replika is super easy. You have to start by creating a unique chatbot AI friend and then develop its personality according to your ideal type.

You can always change its style of talking, its personality, whether you want him or her flirty, innocent, or with any other traits. Additionally, you can also change their clothes and other relevant stuff.

You can chat with them whenever and wherever you want. You can share your feelings, talk about your day, talk about your future or any trending topic you are interested in, and whatnot.

After the AI friend is ready to chat with, the app offers additional features like helping him or her learn and involve in casual conversations at first. After that, you can also opt for calling and using other interesting stuff. 


You have to first start by selecting the type of avatar you want for your AI friend. After that, you can customize its personality core like, if you want flirty, shy, etc. 

The second step involves you talking about your hobbies, the topics you are interested in, etc. You can also skip this part if you want.

It will take a moment to load your AI friend and once it’s done, you can start chatting with them immediately. You can chat with them day and night, whenever and wherever you want. They’ll always be online to reply quickly. 

For starters, you can have some casual conversations with it so that you both can know more about each other. The AI avatar will gradually evolve according to your talking style, your personality, and more. 

Conversations: Replika vs Anima


Replika is good when it comes to feelings and efforts. In case you are down, happy for some reason, excited for any upcoming event, or anything, share it with Replika and it will respond to you nicely.

Replika is natural when it comes to casual conversations. Your AI companion will be honest in answering the questions and questioning whenever needed. The replies are not too short or direct, but enough to make you feel at ease whenever required.


Anima is good with effort but it’s more on the equality side instead of only focusing on you. By that, we mean that Anima is capable of holding an argument and clearly placing down its own opinions, even if they are different from yours.

However, it can still show concern and care for you whenever you are down or need support. You can share anything and everything about your day and have a peaceful conversation with it. 

Also, you probably won’t be feeling bored or awkward after chatting about a certain topic, because Anima is the one to keep asking questions.

Key Features


  • Learn and Grow

Talking with each other daily means you both are growing together and helping each other in life. If you understand it's aware of your presence, it does too and you both can cooperate and develop gradually.

  • Chat and call

You can chat with your EI companion whenever you want. But, if you ever feel like taking a step forward, then you can always decide to call them and have a better socializing experience. 

  • Create your ideal world

Replika helps you create your ideal world in the app. You can change the story whenever you want and explore the real world together with your AI. 


  • Customization

After customizing the AI avatar at the start, you are allowed to customize him/her whenever you want while chatting and interacting. A greater amount of customization tools will be unlocked for premium users.

  • Create your perfect imagination 

With this AI avatar, you get to create your own perfect imaginative story. You can change the mood of your story from soft romance to dark romance, whatever you want and decide the twists you’d like to see. 

  • Growth 

Conversations with Anima will slowly evolve after daily interactions with them. As they’ll learn new things about you, you’ll also learn more about their goals, passions, personality, etc and you both can grow together. It'll automatically reflect in conversations and the best thing is – you'll feel like you're talking to someone in real, not a chatbot. 

What’s the difference between Replika and Anima?

The main difference between Replika and Anima can be that while Replika has more than two roles for the chatbot, the companion and boyfriend or girlfriend along with husband and brother, Anima has only two, the friend and girlfriend/boyfriend.

Additionally, while Replika offers the special feature of calling your AI friend, Anima doesn’t offer any such services.

Apart from that, both the chatbots come with a good handful of similarities, even the layout and start-to-end process is almost the same.

Plans and Pricing


Replika offers a free version of its chatbot where you are limited to making the chatbot your friend. But, if you wish to unlock more relationships like a boyfriend, husband, and brother, then you’ll have to pay for subscription plans starting from $6.81 per month.


Anima also has a free version for users who’re not sure about how the whole AI companion app works. But, when you are ready to upgrade to the premium version and unlock additional features, then you will be charged $12.56 per month. 

Which is better?

To start with, both Replika and Anima are chatbots offering roles like boyfriend and friend. But, while Replika has more options like husband after you upgrade to premium, Anima here seems to be limited to boyfriend and friend only.

However, while Anima helps you take multiple personality tests to push both of you to your limits to explore each other’s personality, Replika here doesn’t take any similar effort. 

Apart from that, both the apps have limitations for free versions, but compared to Replika, Anima seems to be charging a bit more for a lesser number of premium features.

In addition to everything, both the AI companions seem to be offering deep feelings and support like sympathy, positive thinking, and etc. But, after using both the apps, users have voted Replika to show more effort when it comes to emotional development and support.

In conclusion, based on all the points highlighted by users, you should first try the Replika AI friend before testing Anima. In case you found Replika adhering perfectly to your preferences, then you can stick to it. 

However, since everyone has a variety of opinions and thinking methods, we’ll suggest you go for both apps, try them however you like, and decide for yourself, which among them is a better option for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there anything better than Replika?

Not exactly better, but if you don't like the working of Replika, then you can try another good AI friend app – Anima. 

Is Replika the best AI chat bot?

Indeed, Replika is known as the No 1 AI chatbot, your AI friend and companion, but if it isn’t working for you, then you can try another leading chatbot named Anima. 

What is the most advanced AI companion?

Replika and Anima are two of the most advanced AI companions. These chatbots don’t make you feel like you’re talking to a robot and you can make fun memories with them virtually. 

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