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Renasant Bank App Not Working? Here’s How to Fix [2024]

Renasant Bank App Not Working? Here’s How to Fix [2024]

Renasant Bank App Not Working: Renasant Bank is a well-known commercial Banking company from the US – a regional commercial financial institution that seems to be offering good Banking solutions. 

Along with many services, the Renasant Bank also offers services through digital and mobile Banking through the Renasant card app, which, for some reason, seems to be showing issues and glitches for many users.

So, is the Renasant Bank app not working for you too? If yes, then don’t worry anymore because the article mentioned below has brought you all the troubleshooting methods that can help you solve the problem. 

Why is the Renasant Bank App Not Working?

Is the Renasant App Down?

As soon as the app started showing issues, the very first thing that comes to mind is – is the Renasant app down? 

To check if it is down or not, you can visit some websites like Justuseapp, where other users report the issues and you’ll come to know if it’s only you who’s facing the problem or not.

Check Twitter and Forums

In case you weren’t able to find anything on the aforementioned website, then the next thing you should do is check Twitter or any other social media where you think Renasant will have an account.

If not social media, then you can try visiting some public forums like Quora or Reddit, where other users, if any, facing the same problem as you, might be discussing the issue.

How to Fix: Renasant Bank App Not Working

Clear Cache

Clearing the cache of the app comes first because, initially, if any app is not working for you then the main cause can be the unwanted data and cache stored in it. So, to clear the app cache, follow the simple instructions given below,

For iOS, 

  1. Open Settings and search for the General option, available on the left side main menu.
  2. Select the iPhone Storage option, then search for the Renasant app.
  3. Click on it once found, then tap on the Offload App option at the bottom.
  4. Lastly, Reinstall the Renasant app.

For Android, 

  1. Open Settings and go to the page where all the apps are located.
  2. Search for the Renasant app and tap on it once located. 
  3. Tap on the Clear Cache option at the bottom of the screen.
  4. In case you receive 2 options or a confirmation pop-up box, then select the relevant option. 

Update the Renasant App

If Renasant has updated a new update, but you are yet to update your app, then it’s prone to show issues and glitches.

Therefore, check if the Renasant app needs an update, and if you find any, then update the app right away.

Also, for saving time, you can switch on the auto-update feature from the Settings app. 

Reinstall the Renasant App

In case your Renasant app is updated and still showing issues, then that might be because of a small glitch or bug somewhere in the system.

To solve this problem, you can simply uninstall the Renasant app and reinstall it back after some time.

Restart the Device

If reinstalling the Renasant app didn’t work, then it’s safe to assume that your device is at fault.

However, you can get rid of small bugs and glitches on your device by restarting the device.

Contact Renasant Customer Care

In case none of the troubleshooting methods mentioned above were helpful to you, then, the only option left is to contact customer care services.

The best way to contact Renasant customer care is by calling 877-367-5371.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my Renasant Bank app?

To update your Renasant Bank app, you can simply go to the Google Play Store or App Store, type in the Renasant Bank app in the search bar, and when the app comes in results, you can click on the coloured ‘Updates’ option mentioned in place of install.