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Privacy Hawk Review: Legit or Scam? [2024]

Privacy Hawk Review: Legit or Scam? [2024]

You might not take multiple apps collecting your personal information as something big, but if only you knew how many users get scammed daily because their personal information was sold to hackers, then you would also need some apps like Privacy Hawk. 

Also, you might have not heard about many apps that tell you about what apps and websites are collecting your private information and doing what with it, but there are a few trusted ones with good ratings and reviews like Privacy Hawk.

However, it also seems to be asking for multiple permissions before starting the process, which has got many wondering if it itself is safe or not — but if you are one of them, then all you have to do is have a look at our Privacy Hawk review below to know if it is good or not. 

What is Privacy Hawk?

Privacy Hawk is a privacy protection app, available for only iOS devices. It allows you to protect your privacy from so-called popular and trusted apps that secretly sell your private information to third parties.

Moreover, the app allows you to do a bunch of things like managing your information, controlling who can collect it, and deleting the data from the apps that are dangerous.

Privacy Hawk

How Does it Work?

The working of the Privacy Hawk app is straightforward, where it starts with reviewing all the apps and the information they have of yours.

Next, you can delete the information from spam databases and stop big companies from selling your private information to others.

Furthermore, you might have also come across spam emails, and to help you get rid of them – the app helps you unsubscribe these spam emails without getting redirected to any third-party website. 

Key Features

Safety from Hackers

Privacy Hawk works in a way that will automatically reduce the risks of your device or personal information being hacked by scammers, spammers, identity theft, and such issues. 

Reduced Workload

Privacy Hawk will control your privacy on your behalf, like unsubscribing to marketing emails, or the ones you have not signed up for, making ‘do not sell’ requests for private data, and such.


Fortunately, the Privacy Hawk app is free to scan and search for personal data exposures, while you also get 10 opt-outs for free at the start.

However, if you are interested in upgrading your experience, then you can do so for $74.99 per year. 

Is Privacy Hawk Legit?

For starters, it has received a good 4.5/5 rating on the App Store, with hundreds of positive reviews. 

The above-mentioned rating clearly states that the majority of the reviews received by the app are positive, and the main reason why people suspect it is because it collects a lot of permissions at the start.

Now, we do know that every app does this and you are supposed to not allow all permissions each time, but this privacy protector app is asking for permissions to review the oversight of your device, which will only help it do better.

Apart from that issue, the app seems to be working perfectly fine for both the free and paid users and actually helps you save your private information from going into the wrong hands. 

Final Words 

As you might have already read, the Privacy Hawk app is a good app for you and does a good and easy job of making sure your private information stays safe on your device.

With that, we have reached the end of the article and hope our Privacy Hawk review was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Privacy Hawk safe?

Yes, the Privacy Hawk app is safe, and helps you take control of your private information against scammers and fraudsters. 

Is Privacy Hawk a legitimate app?

Yes, the Privacy Hawk app is a legitimate app and actually helps you keep your private information safe on your device, and away from scammers and hackers.