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Permission Slip App Review: Real or Fake? [2024]

Permission Slip App Review: Real or Fake? [2024]

Permission Slip App Review: If you are someone who often shops online, then you might have also come across people who have been scammed and had their information used for the wrong means by brands.

Indeed, it is truly terrifying to wake up one day and see your details being used in crimes, and it doesn’t end there. For the same, we have quite a few apps that help you delete all your data that you have unwantedly left behind on websites and apps.

However, are these platforms worth it? We have one, named PS, which is new in the market, and people are curious to know if it actually works. Talking about you, are you here for the same? If yes, then continue reading because the article below contains an unbiased Permission Slip App review.

What is the Permission Slip App?

The app is here to help you control the information brands have about you. There are many brands collecting, buying, and selling your information without you knowing, and with this app, you can hide your data from such companies.

Moreover, it will show you what type of data the companies collect, so you can stop that and decide who can access your data and who can't. Overall, on your behalf, it acts as an agent and demands the removal of your data, while you can also prevent your data from being bought and sold. 

Permission Slip App review

How Does the Permission App Work?

The working of the Permission Slip App is simple, and you can start by signing in with your email. 

After you enter the app, it will show you the list of apps that might have your information, and then you can decide if you want to hide your information from them or allow them to access it whenever they wish. 

Moreover, depending on the brand and the state you live in, you might also have the option to prohibit companies from selling your information – and you always have the option of deleting your account. 

Key Highlights 

File Requests 

You can file as many requests as you want through this app and order companies to stop using your personal information for their own gains.

Delete Your Data

With just one tap, you can delete your information from a company’s database – with no confrontation with them at all.

Auto-request Tool

The app comes with an auto-request tool where, after setting it once, you can forget about it and the app will reach out to all the companies using your data, and ask them to stop the act. 

Does it Really Delete Your Data Online?

To be honest with you, we have come across multiple articles saying that the working of this app is good and that the Permission Slip App actually deletes your data online.

However, when we had a look at the reviews and opinions people had on the Google Play Store and App Store, we were certain that the app is not what it looks like — it doesn’t delete your data online or does a good job overall in most cases.

To justify the above-mentioned statement, we have below-average ratings and reviews on both the app stores, and we have also seen people complaining about the same on popular forums.

Final Words 

After reviewing all the points mentioned in this article, we think that the app is not worth a try, and if you are in a hurry to delete your data online, then there are enough options available in the market.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and hope our Permission Slip App review was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Permission Slip App for Android?

Yes, the Permission Slip App is available for Android and you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.