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Pax Web App Not Working? [Fix 2024]

Pax Web App Not Working? [Fix 2024]

Pax Web App Not Working: Pax is an app that provides amazing vape experiences by letting you access temperature, and flavor options, create custom sessions, vapor, and much more.

However, recently a lot of people have complained that the Pax Web app is not working for them, and it is just showing a black screen.

So, if you are also experiencing a black screen and want to know how to fix it, you’re at the right place. Keep on reading the article where we have mentioned how you can fix the Pax web app not working issue.

Why is Pax Web App Not Working?

As there is no official information yet, we assume that this issue can be due to the following reasons – server issues, network problems, device issues, maintenance issues or updates, etc.

Since all these problems are temporary issues, you can easily fix them by following the below troubleshooting solutions.

Pax Web App Not Working

How to Fix The Pax Web App Not Working Issue?

Check Server

One of the first things you should check if you face the Pax web app not working issue is its server. Check if everyone is facing the same issue or if it is only you, if you see all are facing the same problem, then the issue is at Pax’s end. In this case, all you need to do is wait till the issue is fixed at the Pax’s end.  

Check Your Internet Connection

Secondly, ensure that you’ve got a stable internet connection. Because a poor connection might cause loading issues and prevent the app from working properly.

Therefore, perform a speed test, or switch your Wi-Fi network, or you can also restart your router and modem and see if this helps.

Temporary Bug/Black Screen

As a lot of people have mentioned that they are experiencing a black screen, we can say that it can be due to temporary glitches or bugs that the Pax web app might have. So, you can close the app, wait for 10-15 seconds, and reopen it again and see if this fixes the issue.

Refresh Your Browser

Refreshing the browser, you are currently using the Pax web app can help you fix the issue. Therefore, refresh your browser by pressing Ctrl+F5.

Change Password

If you see that the issue can be related to your login credentials, you can try changing your password. Also, check if your account is deactivated or banned.

Restart Your Device

Sometimes, the Pax web app not working problem can be related to the device you are currently using the Pax web app on. Therefore, hold the power button for a few seconds to restart your device.

Clear Your Browser’s Cache

Most of the time, the app’s data stored on your device can get corrupted. This corrupted data can prevent the app from working properly. Therefore, clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Contact Customer Support

Even after trying all the above solutions, if the issue persists, all you can do is get in touch with the Pax web app’s customer support. You can either email them at or call them at (887) 859-0099. You can also access its FAQs and video tutorials.

Final Words

We hope all the solutions mentioned above have helped you get rid of the Pax web app not working issue.  


Why is the Pax web app not working?

It can be due to a temporary service outage, a poor internet connection, device issue, browser issue, or corrupted cache.

How do I fix my Pax web app?

You can follow all the troubleshooting solutions listed above in this article to fix the issue you are currently facing.

What does the Pax app do?

It can regulate temperature, flavor options, custom sessions, and vapor.