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Mike Flanagan Wife: Everything You Need to Know About Her [2024]

Mike Flanagan Wife: Everything You Need to Know About Her [2024]

In the realm of filmmaking, Mike Flanagan stands as a notable figure, recognized for his contributions to the horror genre with works like “The Haunting of Hill House” and “Doctor Sleep.”

Beyond the spotlight, a significant part of Mike Flanagan's life and professional journey involves his collaboration with his wife, Kate Siegel. She is an American actress and screenwriter.

Many wish to know more about the life of Mike Flanagan and his wife, Kate Siegel. The desire to know more leads to queries such as – Who is Mike Flanagan's wife? And Is Mike Flanagan still married to Kate Siegel?

If you're one of those curious minds seeking insights into the personal and professional lives of this creative duo, this article aims to provide a deeper understanding of Mike Flanagan's wife and the dynamics of their relationship.

Mike Flanagan Wife

Who is Mike Flanagan's Wife?

Mike Flanagan's wife is indeed Kate Siegel. Kate Siegel, whose real name is Kate Gordon Siegelbaum, is an American playwright and actor.

They've been married since 2016 and have worked together on numerous projects, from the chilling film “Oculus” to the haunting Netflix series “The Haunting of Hill House” and “Midnight Mass.”

Siegel doesn't just grace the screen with her mesmerizing performances; she co-wrote the screenplay for “Hush” with Flanagan, proving their artistic synergy goes beyond shared love.

Mike Flanagan Wife Kate Siegel

Who is Mike Flanagan?

Mike Flanagan is an American filmmaker and director known for his work in the horror genre. Born on May 20, 1978, in Salem, Massachusetts, Flanagan has become a prominent figure in the film and television industry.

Known for his storytelling prowess, Flanagan has directed and written several successful horror projects that have garnered both critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. Flanagan has gained recognition for directing and writing projects such as “The Haunting of Hill House,” “Doctor Sleep,” and “Gerald's Game.”

He is acclaimed for his storytelling skills and ability to create atmospheric and suspenseful narratives in the horror genre.

Flanagan often collaborates with his wife, actress and screenwriter Kate Siegel, on various projects. His contributions to the horror genre have solidified his place as a notable figure in contemporary filmmaking.

Is Mike Flanagan Still Married to Kate Siegel?

Yes! Mike Flanagan still Married Kate Siegel. They tied the knot in 2016 and have been a creative powerhouse couple ever since. Their love story is just as captivating as the worlds they create on screen.

They seem to be going strong, often expressing admiration for each other in interviews and sharing glimpses of their happy life on social media. So, the answer is a resounding yes: Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel are still happily married.


Who is Mike Flanagan's wife?

Mike Flanagan's wife is Kate Siegel, an American actress and screenwriter.

What is Kate Siegel known for?

Kate Siegel is known for her work as an actress and screenwriter, particularly her collaborations with Mike Flanagan in the horror genre.

Are Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel still together?

Yes! They are still together and their relationship appears to be strong and encouraging.