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Medallion App Review: Performance, Legit? [2024]

Medallion App Review: Performance, Legit? [2024]

Medallion App Review – Are you wondering what is Medallion? Thinking what are its features? Do you want to know whether it is Legit or Scam? Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that! In this article, we’ll show you a simple Medallion app review which will let you know everything about Medallion app.

A Princess MedallionClass vacation provides the ultimate in seamless and personalized cruising. It starts with your OceanMedallion™, a quarter-sized, wearable device which lets everything from touch-free boarding to locating your friends and family anywhere on the ship, as well as improved service lie having whatever you required, delivered.

Medallion App Review: Let’s begin!

The all-in-one app interacts with your Medallion to put the MedallionClass digital experiences at your fingertips. You can also have the ability to access these experiences via your digital portals and stateroom TV across the ship. Its main is to offer an effortless guest experience, whether through ordering drinks, check-in or making tailor-made suggestion according to your likes and activities.

Interface and Performance

Medallion App

The MedallionClass replaces the room key completely and acts as your identity using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interactivity. It also stores all your interests and preferences, so staff are able to tailor suggestions depending on your likes and dislikes.


Here are some positive and negative reviews of Medallion app:

Medallion App Review

Is it Working Properly?

The MedallionClass app puts everything at your fingertips, including on-demand services, friends and family locator, ship navigation and much more. Nevertheless, several users have complained that their Medallion app is not working properly, and they are forcing everyone to register for a cruise and putting their information on the Medallion plus app.

So, we hope the above article on Medallion app review has helped you to know everything about Medallion app.


How much is Princess Medallion?

The Medallion, which is only used on Princess Cruises is completely free which serves as an access point to information about you.

Are Medallion classes free?

MedallionClass is presently on select ships and is expanding throughout the fleet, so you take advantage of this revolution in vacation travel and travel without paying any extra costs.