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Legends of Runeterra Error 32000 [How to Fix]

Legends of Runeterra Error 32000 [How to Fix]

Legends of Runeterra Error 32000: Legends of Runeterra is a popular non-digital collectible card game. It was inspired by a physical collectible card game where you can choose your favorite cards, use your brain for strategies, and become legendary in the game. 

Additionally, there are many more fun things about this game. Yet, let us not forget that every game comes with bugs and glitches, and the same is happening with Legends of Runeterra currently – where the players are facing the Legends of Runeterra error 32000.

Unfortunately, there is no official cause or solution for this error right now. So, what is this Legends of Runeterra error 32000? How to solve it? If you want some really helpful troubleshooting solutions for the same, then continue reading this article. 

What is the Legends of Runeterra Error 32000?

The Legends of Runeterra error 32000 seems like a general code with no official announcement, warning, cause, or solution. 

According to our research, once you see it, you will continuously see it at different parts of the game, and it won’t allow you to do anything or move ahead from anywhere.

Legends of Runeterra Error 32000

How to Fix: Legends of Runeterra Error 32000

Check Your Internet Connection 

Right after facing this error problem, the first predicted cause that comes to mind is a poor or unstable Internet connection.

Therefore, we ask you to check your Internet connection — and if it isn’t, then you can try switching it off and on, restarting your device, or you will simply have to swap with another network source. 

Update The Legends of Runeterra App

Since this error will appear on different parts of the app, it is safe to think that the app has updates pending.

So, check for the update, and if you have any, then don’t take any more time to update.

Clear Cache

If you haven’t cleared the unwanted data and cache of your device apps recently, then they will slowly start to glitch and show errors, including the game apps. So, to help you with that, we have provided simple guides below:

For iOS devices, 

  1. Go to the Settings app and choose General.
  2. Select iPhone Storage, then go down till you see the Legends of Runeterra app.
  3. Choose Offload App from the bottom.
  4. Download the Legends of Runeterra app from the App Store.

For Android devices, 

  1. Open Settings and go to the apps’ page.
  2. Search for the Legends of Runeterra app.
  3. After you find it, choose it, and lastly, select the Clear Cache option.

Contact Legends of Runeterra Support

If you are here, then it means that none of the troubleshooting methods have helped you. But, don’t worry, this last option will surely do because you will directly be contacting the support services of Legends of Runeterra.

So, to contact its support team, you will have to visit its Support Page. It will first show you the categories it can help you with, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, then scroll down on the page and tap on the red button that says — Submit a Ticket.

After you press on it, you will be taken to another page and you have to start by selecting the ticket topic. But, before you submit a ticket, you will have to log in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the server error in Runeterra?

As of September 2024, the latest server error, after the big update, is the Legends of Runeterra error 32000, which seems to be arising constantly while playing the game, and it isn’t allowing players to move ahead with anything at all.

How to solve the Legends of Runeterra error 32000?

To solve the Legends of Runeterra error 32000, you must make sure your Internet connection is working properly, the game is updated, and you have recently cleared the cache and unwanted data.