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Kryptex vs Nicehash: Which Is Better? [2024]

Kryptex vs Nicehash: Which Is Better? [2024]

Kryptex vs Nicehash: Are you thinking about starting crypto mining and wondering which platform is better? Or are you not able to decide between Kryptex and Nicehash?

Whatever your reason may be, your search is over! In this article, we’ll give you a detailed Nicehash and Kryptex comparison that will aid you to pick a service that meets your needs. 

Kryptex and Nicehash have emerged as one of the most innovative cryptocurrency trading services. Kryptex let you generate coins using mining software and on the other hand, NiceHash allows hash power exchanges. 

To know more about these services, keep on reading this article! 

Kryptex vs Nicehash: Overview 

What is Kryptex?

Kryptex vs Nicehash

Mining Cryptocurrency is hard, but Kryptex makes it easier. Kryptex is a popular mining pool and provider of mining software letting you create coins, using the computing power of your PC. 

The introduction video on Kryptex’s website explains that most altcoin pools pay less than assured. It solves computational tasks communicated by the server and executes mathematical tasks. 

And it permits the withdrawal of bitcoins and Russian rubles with the possibility of cashout to bank cards and two payment systems. 

All you need to do is to download the app, create an account, and use the browser and other apps while Kryptex is running in the background. This is how the miner’s income is produced. No special knowledge of mining and skill is needed. 

What is Nicehash?

Nicehash vs Kryptex

Nicehash is a global cryptocurrency hash power broker and cryptocurrency exchange. Unlike most of the services that are run by private enterprises with restrictive contracts, NiceHash marketplace is an open place. 

Nicehash connects sellers of hashing power using the sharing economy exchange. Its users are mostly video gamers who have powerful graphic cards (GPUs), which are suited to cryptocurrency mining. 

This helps in creating the desired hash rate to make altcoins and stablecoins. It also aids in mining BTC seamlessly with the support of computing power and graphical processing power of your device. 

The website is available in seven languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Russian, English, French, Spanish, and German. And it is worth noting that cryptocurrencies for mining based on over 30 algorithms are available on the site. 

Kryptex vs Nicehash: Features


  • Mining Calculator: It shows which GPUs are the best for your mining rig and what altcoins are the most profitable
  • Best Mining GPUs: Monitors hashrate and profitability of the GPUs available on the market and help you compare GPUs and choose the best GPU for mining
  • Profitable: Mines the best coin with maximum performance and then pays you in real-world money or bitcoins 
  • Mine Profitable Coin: It detects the most profitable coin and automatically switches between coins to maximize profitability
  • Convenient: User interface and functionality makes mining comfortable for both newbies and pros 
  • Detailed Real Time Statistics: Get all necessary info on the site, including temperature, power usage for each card, current performance, and fan speed 
  • Up-to-date Miners: Ensures that you are using the latest performant miners
  • Knowledge Base: Give you access to short videos, and other information regarding Kryptex 
  • Easy Payouts: Withdraw bitcoins or send money directly to a bank card


  • No Cloud Mining Restrictions: Doesn’t maintain its own hardware or have a closed partnership with mining tools and its marketplace brings buyers, sellers, and pools together
  • Profitability Calculator: Scans your system for the relevant hardware and calculates average profitability 
  • Crypto Wallets: Deposit or withdraw over 60 cryptocurrencies and check your wallet activities 
  • Notifications: Allow push notifications and get immediate info and updates regarding your NiceHash activities and significant news
  • Hashpower Marketplace: Easily place new orders, check the status of your hashpower orders, and manage or cancel existing orders
  • Rig Manager: Manage and monitor your mining rigs distantly and checkout temperatures, and change power settings seamlessly
  • Nicehash OS: Boots straight from a flash drive on Windows system and thus making it ideal for easily adding new rigs to large mining farms



Withdrawal Fees: It charges a withdrawal fee. All the information regarding the withdrawal fee is here.  


Unlike Kryptex, it charges different types of fees based on your usage. There are minimums and other limits associated with withdrawals, deposits, and trades. 

Service Fee for Buying Hashpower: It includes two types of service – a non-refundable new order fee, which is 0.00001 BTC, and the amount spent on orders for buying hashpower fee, which is 3%. 

Service Fee for Selling Hashpower: These are the service fees for miners selling their hashpower and the fee is 2% for payouts to Nicewallet. 

Selling ASIC Hashpower: It charges a progressive fee structure for ASIC miners that is per organization, per algorithm on algorithms like X11, Qubit, Eaglesong, Handshake, XX13, SHA256, SHA256 ASICBOOST, Lbry, Quark, and more. 

Withdrawals and Deposits Fees: Both these fees are subjected to vary depending on the coin that is being used. 

Withdrawal fees depend on the withdrawn amount and withdrawal option. You should also meet a minimum amount and remember that it is free to withdraw Euro balances to a minimum of 10 EUR. 

NiceHash adjusts the fees based on network conditions. Visit here to view the complete list of withdrawal fees for every currency. 

Likewise, the deposit fee depends on the deposited amount. It charges 0.00001 BTC for Bitcoin deposits between 0.00001 and 0.0005 BTC. 

Moreover, it has a simple structure for exchange fees depending on lifetime activity:

Lifetime Trade ValueMaker FeeTaker Fee
1,000,000,000,000 EUR0.01%0.03%
100,000,000,000 EUR0.02%0.04%
10,000,000,000 EUR0.03%0.05%
1000,000,000 EUR0.04%0.06%
10,000,0000 EUR0.05%0.08%
1,000,0000 EUR0.1%0.1%
1,000,000 EUR0.2%0.2%
100,000 EUR0.3%0.3%
10,000 EUR0.4%0.4%
1,000 EUR0.5%0.5%

Apart from all these fees, there are also administrative fees, which are as follows:

Minimum rates USDFunds Present 
Transaction history for closed account 100
Wrong blockchain 10010%
Unlock account 10
Wrong withdrawal address2010%
Transfer KYC data10
Wrong deposit address2010%
Reset KYC data10
Reject withdrawal2010%
Reset 2FA10
Account Email change by Admin10

Computational Power

Kryptex: Kryptex allows mining in the most effective way. You’ll just have to keep them running all time or have them paused rather than stopping. And it chooses a certain algorithm on your personal computer that defines how often your balance is updated. 

If you use Kryptex on a laptop, your mining income will be lower because the laptop uses its power to have a longer battery life instead of facilitating a calculating function. 

Nicehash: On the other hand, with Nicehash, you can purchase a huge amount of hash power for a shorter or longer than one day and mine in your favorite pool. 

All the options come with full GUI, and anyone can handle Nicehash setup without the requirement of technical skills. 

GPU Mining

Kryptex: GPU network represents cloud storage. There are several potential use cases, including speeding up the rendering of graphics, computations related to big data and AI, and training neural networks and progress in machine learning. 

One can rent a GPU from Kryptex and the monthly fee is $100.  Moreover, it helps you compare GPUs and give you the ability to choose the best GPU for mining. Visit here for information on Kryptex’s GPU mining.

Nicehash: It offers tools for solving hard math problems with GPU cards and for verifying electronic payments, users can make use of the GPU card.

Every GPU has the ability to perform calculations that can provide an enhanced result for the NiceHash crypto mining process. And depending on the device’s GPUs, you can execute similar and repetitive works immediately. 

Ease of Use

Kryptex is super easy to use and can be used by beginners. Set up your account instantly by creating a username and a password for signing up. It also has a user-friendly dashboard with numerous useful links about mining and managing your miners. 

Whereas Nicehash offers a unique way of testing the mining. Like Kryptex, it can also be a perfect choice for beginners to master crypto mining. And if you are an experienced miner, you can get the most out of the mining process. 

Moreover, Nicehash’s QuickMiner is the best and most secure way of mining cryptocurrencies. If you like Quickminer, you can start using NiceHash Miner as it is more advanced and yet easy to use.  

Summing Up: Kryptex vs Nicehash 

Now that you are aware of everything about Kryptex and Nicehash, it is up to you to decide. Both of these services are different from each other.

Though the choice about which platform is better for crypto mining, I’ll give my vote to Kryptex because with Kryptex, you can actually start mining on a pool unlike NiceHash, which sells hash power. 

And kryptex is easy to use and can be a perfect choice for those who just started their mining journey. Whereas with Nicehash, experienced miners can make the most money. 

Finally, consider your withdrawal options, and don’t forget to do your research and pick the one that meets your preferences and needs. 

Hopefully, this article on Nicehash vs Kryptex has let you know everything about them, including their fees and ease of use, and helped you choose the cryptocurrency mining platform. 


How much does Kryptex cost?

Kryptex Pro costs $264 a month and the Kryptex Miner costs $203 a month. 

Is Nicehash OS free?

Yes, Nicehash OS is free to use, and you can link an unlimited number of mining rigs. 

Does Kryptex mine Ethereum?

Yes. Kryptes is the best option for Ethereum mining. It also lets you choose to get your mining rewards in Bitcoin and send your funds to a Bitcoin wallet address. 

How do I start mining in Kryptex?

All you need to do is to download the app, create an account, and use the browser and other apps while Kryptex is running in the background. 

How do I cash out Nicehash?

Log in to your Nicehash account and navigate to Wallet in your dashboard and then click Withdraw on the left below the available balance.