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Kompanion App Review: Pros-Cons, Worth It? [2024]

Kompanion App Review: Pros-Cons, Worth It? [2024]

Kompanion App Review: Kompanion is a popular intermittent fasting app that keeps you motivated to reach your weight goals with intermittent fasting.

Though Kompanion offers various services like fitness and period, a lot of people want to know about its intermittent fasting service – Fasting Kompanion.

If you also want to know about the same, you’ve come to the correct place. In this article, we’ve given a detailed Kompanion app review that will comprise everything you want to know about the app.

What is Kompanion App?

Kompanion is a fitness and fasting app that helps you achieve your health and fitness goals by offering personalized workout plans depending on your fitness levels and goals.

From cardio to strength training, it comprises a variety of exercises to help you reach your goals.

With the Kompanion app, you’ll get support to get customized guidance, true motivation, and expert advice to help you succeed.

It includes a journal, timer, and a community of users to support you. And you can also track your progress and see how your body is changing over time.

Kompanion App review

How Does Kompanion App Work?

Get started with the Kompanion app by creating an account and setting your fitness goals. Once you do this, you’ll get a tailored workout plan based on your physiology, eating patterns, and requirements.

Then you can start tracking your workouts and progress in the app. It also has a fasting tracker to help you stay on track with your tracking schedule.

And when you follow the best suitable intermittent fasting plan, you’ll experience weight loss, improved digestion, anti-aging benefits, fat burn, higher metabolic rate, cardiovascular health, and a clearer mind.

Further, you can use the community forum to connect with other users and share tips and motivation.

Key Features

  • Customized Fasting Plans: Offers a tailored plan aligned to the needs of your body and personal goals.
  • Recipes and Meal Plans: It has a library of recipes and meal plans to help you eat healthily.
  • Motivation: Stay motivated with visuals showing changes in your body during fasting.
  • Weight Loss History: Ability to track the changes in your weight to follow your progress.
  • Fasting Tracker: It helps you stay on track with your fasting schedule by tracking your water intake, fasting time, and weight loss progress.
  • Learning Center: Improve your knowledge about intermittent fasting with exclusive blog articles.
  • Journal: Reflect on how you feel and review your overall process depending on mood graphs.


Kompanion offers a free membership option but with limited features. So, access the Premium Membership for $9.99 a month or $49.99 per year.

Its premium membership offers various benefits, including customizing your plan, tracking the changes in your body, getting useful science-based tips, and the ability to see your fasting analysis.

However, before deciding on the Premium Membership, you can access its free trial but remember to cancel your free trial before it ends.


  • Offers over 100 bodyweight workouts that you can do at home without any equipment.
  • It sends you special notifications on training days to help you stay on track.
  • Get tailored training plans for each user depending on your experience, fitness goals, and physiology.
  • It is easy to use and navigate.


  • The free version offers limited features like creating only one personalized workout plan and not having access to a community forum or the library of recipes and meal plans.
  • A lot of people have complained that it keeps on crashing, and it has a lot of glitches.

Is Kompanion App Worth It?

If you are looking for a fitness and fasting app that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, Kompanion can be a great option.

And it also offers a number of features like a timer and journal to track your fast and progress respectively, a library of articles and videos about intermittent fasting, and more.

However, a lot of users have complained that it doesn’t work as intended and there are several glitches. So, deciding whether Kompanion is worth it or not will totally depend on your needs.

We hope this article on the Kompanion app review has mentioned everything about the Kompanion app.


How much does the Kompanion app cost?

Though Kompanion app is completely free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store, its premium version costs $9.99 a month or $49.99 per year.

Can I use the fasting Kompanion for free?

Though you can access Kompanion for free, you won’t be able to access its premium features that offer you the best fasting experience.

Can I reset my fasting history or personal data?

Yes, you can reset your fasting history and personal data: Profile -> Edit Profile -> Reset Data.