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Is Legit? Here’s What You Need to Know [2024]

Is Legit? Here’s What You Need to Know [2024]

You never know when the time comes when you would need information for a car, but you don’t have it. At times like these, when you search for a solution on the Internet, one of its results comes with some websites like VinHistoryUSA.

VinHistoryUSA, as the name suggests, is a platform where you can check history and get a report by VIN. But, not all these websites are guaranteed to be safe to use, and since most of them charge you, there is no chance to turn a blind eye on negative comments. 

Similarly, we have many questions like – is VinHistoryUSA legit? How does VinHistoryUSA work? And if you are also interested to know the answers to these questions, then cheer up, because all you have to do is continue reading this article. 

What is VinHistoryUSA?

VinHistoryUSA is a website that gives you vehicle history reports. These reports can be useful for many reasons, like wanting to know everything about a car before purchasing, and such.

At VinHistoryUSA, it claims to offer you a detailed report almost instantly, and all you have to do is enter VIN and search for the information with more than 22 billion auto records available.

How Does VinHistoryUSA Work?

The working of VinHistoryUSA is not complicated, and you have to follow a simple few steps to get the job done. 

You can start by visiting its website, having a look around, creating an account, paying for a subscription or any other fees that are required, and entering the VIN to search for the car.

You will get the detailed history record sent to your registered email, including details like brand, salvage, theft records, and more. 

Key Features


VinHistoryUSA is an independent website and provides only public record vehicle history data with no affiliations or connections with government services and sectors at all. 


The reports give a thorough idea of what exactly the vehicle is, including all the problems it has, its accident history, servicing history, and more. 

How Much Does VinHistoryUSA Cost?

At VinHistoryUSA, you have to pay a subscription of $29.95 for two weeks, which includes a bunch of benefits like – 19 lookups per month, full-service Lien check, over 120 other service checks, 30 reports bi-week, and all past owners' reports. 

Is Legit?

After reading all the highlights and information mentioned above, we also thought at the start that VinHistoryUSA is a trusted and helpful platform.

Yet, almost all the scores and ratings on the Internet for the platform say otherwise – you don’t get the type of report you expect, and the amount of subscription is too much for a small report, especially when you don’t have tens of vehicles to search about.

Additionally, the forums and other platforms had similar views where they directly called VinHistoryUSA a scam — because of poor customer service, incomplete reports, outdated information, and more similar factors. 

Final Words 

The ending decision lies in your hands, but if you ask us – we will surely suggest you try another authentic and actually trusted platform instead of VinHistoryUSA. 

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and hope you now know the perfect answer to your question – is VinHistoryUSA legit?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is VinHistoryUSA a legit website?

Honestly, we can’t give a definite answer, but we will surely suggest you not risk your money, time, and effort for a website that has hundreds of negative reviews. 

Is VinHistoryUSA a scam?

Although it is not confirmed that VinHistoryUSA is a scam, the platform has too many negative comments and bad ratings on the Internet to think it can be worth it.